Name: Martin Berka [2017-10-14] Confirmed
Country: Czech Republic Exchange
Want: used stamps from Channel Islands
Offer: used stamps from Australia,India,South Africa,the UK,Czech Republic,Slovakia,Canada,USA,
Note: I use scans

Name: Peter Morhaye [2017-10-14] Advanced
Country: Belgium Exchange Sell
Want: WW used commemorative stamps outside Europe 2005-2017
Offer: european used commemorative stamps 2005-2017

Name: Henning Hansen [2017-10-14] Advanced
Country: Denmark Exchange
Want: Spain 1968-1980, Sovjet 1941-1950, Rumania 1858-1956 - fine cancelations
Offer: Used Denmark - fine cancelations
Note: 100 or 200 with fine cancelations for the same from me

Name: Alan Forester [2017-10-14] Confirmed
Country: Australia Exchange
Want: 100 different used stamps Finland 2012-2016
Offer: 100 different used stamps Australia 2012-2016
Note: No cto"s, wantlists or scans

Name: Maurice Wang [2017-10-14] Expert
Country: Taiwan Exchange
Want: Used Surtaxe-Airmail-blocks
Offer: Mint Taiwan sets &blocks/Used Taiwan Blocks/Honngkong-blocks/airmail from New caledonia/Nepal/Faeroe/AAT/Slovenia from 1990s-2000s/
Note: Michel catalogue/or agreement/No 1:1/Send your want list FIRSTand your OFFER

Name: Richard Pawlik [2017-10-14] Advanced
Country: Sweden Exchange
Want: Estonia 1992 and forward, Finland, Singapore. I want used stamps by wantlist.
Offer: Used Sweden 1855-2016, Nordic countries, FDC, Br. Colonies, Fr colonies
Note: I use Michel, Scott and Stanley Gibbons cat. IF YOU NEED SWEDEN I HAVE A LOT

Name: Petrescu Marian Florin [2017-10-14] Advanced
Country: Romania Exchange
Want: Recent mint issues from whole world countries with the topicals Fauna, Transports, Flora, Minerals, Painting,Walt Disney
Offer: Mint or used Romania years 1960-2017, Moldova 2005-2017,Hungary 1960-1990. Also have more topicals from whole world
Note: Exchange basiss: catalogue "Michel"

Name: Raymond Kerstetter [2017-10-14] Advanced
Country: USA Exchange
Want: used stamps from the world over
Offer: older used USA large and small
Note: newer USA when available but are on paper

Name: François Lacasse [2017-10-14] Advanced
Country: Canada Exchange
Want: You can send me some of your doubles if you want
Offer: For FREE, 200 used stamps WW with 50 % of Canada
Note: In your email please mention "FOR FREE STAMPS"

Name: Igor Rudnyk [2017-10-13] Confirmed
Country: Ukraine Exchange Sell
Want: MNH world-wide
Offer: MNH Ukraine
Note: Michel catalogue

Name: Mack Strathdee [2017-10-13] Advanced
Country: Canada Exchange
Want: 4 ore bicolor lots - 1875 danmark
Offer: scandinavia, germany used

Name: Jacques Behin [2017-10-12] Advanced
Country: France Exchange
Want: austria,italia ireland,central europa,chypre, central america, usa, egypte,africa, asia
Offer: used urss,polska, italia, spain, england,deutchland,france, usa, africa, asia ....
Note: change 1 c.1, nolist , no CTO no curent stamps

Name: João Vicente Marçal Nogueira [2017-10-11] Confirmed
Country: Brazil Exchange
Want: Exchange new stamps and letters with philatelists from Africa, South and Central America, the Caribbean and Asia.
Offer: I have to offer new stamps and blocks (years 2016 and 2017) from Brazil and other countries and themes.
Note: I"m a serious philatelist. Resetting all messages. I never send the first letter.

Name: Ramana Irukula [2017-10-11] Confirmed
Country: India Exchange
Want: Used stamps from African countries , South America , Small island countries , India , Bangladesh , Australia , Azerbaijan , Belarus , Kyrgyzstan , Uzbekistan , Tajikistan, Kazakhstan , Ukraine , Tha
Offer: As above
Note: Reply to all

Name: Dario Domović [2017-10-10] Confirmed
Country: Croatia Exchange
Want: I prefer used stamps from European countries, except(NO) DDR, CCCP, Czechoslovakia, Romania,Bulgaria, Poland and Hungary.
Offer: The same or used ww stamps
Note: Put on the letter mini sheet stamp(Block stamp) and I will do the same.

Name: Daniel Novotny [2017-10-10] Advanced
Country: Czech Republic Exchange
Want: used United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria 2004 to 2017,
Offer: used Czech republic 2004 to 2017
Note: 50 for 50 or more

Name: Abhay Shenoy [2017-10-10] Expert
Country: India Exchange
Want: Stamps from Antarctic colonies of Britain
Offer: Stamps all over the world
Note: Exchange 1:1. Response only by serious people amd you will have to send first

Name: Zhang Jia Ming [2017-10-10] Advanced
Country: China Exchange
Want: mint stamps on topic of butterflies folk costumes flora birds etc
Offer: Mint stamps new issue from China
Note: No used stamps

Name: Ram Shalev [2017-10-10] Confirmed
Country: Israel Exchange
Want: Stamps from burning, jamaica, malawi, Egypt, Laos, tahiti and dominican republic
Offer: I can offer stamps from all over the world and especially from israel
Note: I hope to established a long term exchange relashionship

Name: Adrian Lopez Scutary [2017-10-10] 3
Country: USA Exchange
Want: I"m looking for complete collections of music, musical instruments and composers from any country !! also complete series of countries like Brazil, USA, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Australia,
Offer: I offer in return complete mint collections of Cuba between the years 2000-2017.
Note: Hablo Español, soy Cubano y vivo en Miami FL.

Name: Raimund Lung [2017-10-09] Confirmed
Country: Germany Exchange
Want: Western Europe commems used, USA used, no stamps from socialistic aera in Eastern Europe
Offer: Germany and USA
Note: Piece exchange 100:100; also after wantlist (Michel cat.)

Name: Guilhem Pouillevet [2017-10-09] Confirmed
Country: France Exchange
Want: Used stamps from Africa by scans, no CTOs
Offer: Used stamps from Africa by scans, no CTOs
Note: exchange 1/1, no wantlist

Name: Boris Litvinov [2017-10-09] Expert
Country: Russia Exchange Buy Sell
Want: mint thematics
Offer: mint thematics, used and mint WW
Note: Also have any collecting material

Name: Remi Sueur [2017-10-08] Advanced
Country: France Exchange
Want: Used stamps from UK Austria Italia years 2010"
Offer: Used japanese stamps years 2010"
Note: 1 for 1 lot of 50 or 75

Name: Jose Augusto Corrales [2017-10-08] Expert
Country: Spain Exchange Buy
Want: Spain, France, Germany, UK, Russia, DDR, USSR, CEPT, Australia, New Zealand, (other countries please check)
Offer: Spain and DDR mainly
Note: Always answer. 46 years old (only serious people please). With want list (Michel catalogue) or 1x1 (at least 200 stamps)

Name: Frank Brady [2017-10-07] Advanced
Country: Ireland Exchange
Want: belgium denmark finland greece italy sweden
Offer: the same countries plus austria and switzerland
Note: 50-50......100-100 or want-lists for switzerland

Name: Vladimir Kachan [2017-10-07] Advanced
Country: Belarus No-Exchange Sell
Want: payment
Offer: Philatelic materials of the world with butterflies and other insects - postal stationeries, FDCs, special cancels, meter mark. I help in creation of serious philatelic exhibit with butterflies and mot
Note: I can send photos of philatelic materials from my propose. Propose also mint set stamps, FDCs of USSR 1980-1991, Belarus

Name: Pritam Vachani [2017-10-07] Confirmed
Country: India Exchange
Want: Postafge Stamps from Armenia, Azerbiajan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhistan, Kyrgystan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikstan, Tuekmanistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan
Offer: India, Nepal, USA, UK, Germany, Cyprus, Belgium, France and Netherlands
Note: Exchange in lots of 10 or more

Name: Achim Kirchner [2017-10-07] Confirmed
Country: Germany Exchange
Offer: 50 germany and 50 ww stamps or only 50 germany or only 50 ww
Note: your country

Name: Paolo Gisolo [2017-10-06] Expert
Country: Italy Exchange
Want: USA, Iceland, France, Andorra, Belgium, Greece mint
Offer: Italy, Vatican and San Marino mint
Note: Mint stamps

Name: Blanca Ibañez [2017-10-06] Advanced
Country: Spain Exchange

Name: David Dewil [2017-10-06] Confirmed
Country: Belgium Exchange
Want: Belgium- USA-Canada-Australia-New Zealand-AAT-Cocos-Christmas Isl.
Offer: Belgium- USA-Canada-Australia-New Zealand-AAT-Cocos-Christmas Isl. + different countries WW
Note: 1 for 1 except very expensive stamps. By scan/website

Name: Bruce Haas [2017-10-05] Advanced
Country: USA Exchange
Want: Used Germany, Berlin, DDR
Offer: Used Japan, USA or Canada.
Note: Trade 100 for 100

Name: Phil Hode [2017-10-04] Beginner
Country: United Kingdom Exchange
Want: Australia new zealand s africa antartica
Offer: GB
Note: Would like to swop 100, i do my best to send nice neat stamps

Name: Arrigoni Alberto [2017-10-04] Advanced
Country: Italy Exchange
Want: Used stamps of all countries of Africa Asia Islands America Oceania, Europe only by want-list
Offer: Used stamps of Italy Austria Germany Grece...Japan Australia...Europe world 300.000 duplicates Mint only Ialy Slovenija few sets Vatican S:Marino
Note: I use Yvert Michel on line stampworld catlogue

Name: Tan Ed Tl [2017-10-04] Confirmed
Country: Singapore Exchange
Want: used China and Asia ......theme wild animals, zodiac year, birds butterflies. Also collects all things Coca cola.
Offer: used w/w
Note: used phonecards are offered for your used stamps too

Name: Khawaja Assad [2017-10-04] Confirmed
Country: Pakistan Exchange Sell
Want: Asian,Arabian,African,Recents European, Countries & WW Small Island Stamps,
Offer: European,Asian,African Countries Nice Stamps.
Note: No CTO,No Small stamps please.

Name: Victor Makarenko [2017-10-04] Advanced
Country: Ukraine Exchange
Want: thematic mint stamps worldwide underwater fauna
Offer: mint stamps of neighboring countries of mine
Note: Michel, Ywert

Name: Senaka Tikiri Bandara [2017-10-04] Advanced
Country: Sri Lanka Exchange
Want: mint & used Stamps, Souvenir Sheets, miniature sheets, stamp sheetlets, stamp Booklets, FDC, MAXI-Cards, and Bank Notes
Offer: Same
Note: I reply all the mails

Name: Vasil Popov [2017-10-04] Advanced
Country: Bulgaria Exchange Sell
Want: Germany,Canada,USA,Wide world MNH complet sets
Offer: Bulgaria,Russia,Ukraina,Moldova,Kasahstan,Uzbekistan,others
Note: exchange,sell is possible

Name: Alexander Neuwirt [2017-10-03] Advanced
Country: Russia Exchange Buy
Want: Mint new stamps (fauna, lighthouses and other topic)from Asia, America
Offer: Mint stamps Russia, Asia countries preferably
Note: I prefere calculation according to face value (or MICHEL catalogue for old)

Name: Victor Sibirschi [2017-10-03] Advanced
Country: Moldova Exchange
Want: Reich,Germany territories & colonies, Europa
Offer: Mint and used Moldova,USSR,Russia
Note: only registred letter

Name: Patrik Jevcak [2017-10-02] Confirmed
Country: Slovakia Exchange
Want: Any stamps I do not have. For giving away rare countries like Kosova, Abu Dhabi, Leeward Islands, New Hebrides, Aruba, etc., I prefer to get rare countries in return, too.
Offer: Mainly used stamps from Czechoslovakia, Colombia, Germany, USA, Spain, Cuba, Argentina, France, Argentina, Brasil...but also other countries worldwide of smaller quantities.
Note: I do not mind using scans or photos of stamps.

Name: Johnny Lowis [2017-10-02] Advanced
Country: Singapore Exchange
Want: White C6 Cover with nice stamps on it, in return I can sent you 30 Used Singapore Stamps.
Offer: 30 Used Singapore Stamps.
Note: Will reply immediately

Name: Phuong Thao [2017-10-02] Advanced
Country: Vietnam Exchange
Want: wwf and fauna mint mini sheet stamp ( want stamp set if it is the stamp isuue i really like)
Offer: vietnam fauna and some other topic mint stamp
Note: Please sent me scan off your offer and your offer list with year, name of issue, mitchell catalogue number and price

Name: Imre Mester [2017-10-02] Advanced
Country: Hungary Exchange Sell
Want: ww used stamps in good condition
Offer: ww used stamps some mnh old(hina,Germany,Hong-Kong)plus offer banknotes 1 banknotes 25 ww used stamps
Note: only serious correct collector

Name: Alain Pierron [2017-10-01] Advanced
Country: France No-Exchange Sell
Want: To sale stamp packets
Offer: French Polynesia - France - New Caledonia - Wallis - mint and used stamps for sale
Note: Feel free to contact me.

Name: Natasha Minnikova [2017-10-01] Advanced
Country: Ukraine Exchange
Want: Old postcards and photos (please,tell their years)
Offer: Stamps from XIX century till 2017, mostly Europe (no scan,but can give detailed description)
Note: I don"t send first nor you do-I only accept sending together

Name: Scola Davide [2017-10-01] Confirmed
Country: Italy Exchange
Want: Used Trieste A.M.G.V.G., Trieste zona A, Trieste zona B, Italian colonies, Italian Occupations, Italian post Office abroad, Italian States
Offer: All Mint Italy period 2015-2017 and a collection of 520 old and rare phonecards all different
Note: Have a nice day

Name: Daniele Isaia [2017-10-01] Confirmed
Country: Netherlands Exchange
Want: italy
Offer: world
Note: 100 lire democratica see image

Name: Benno Heije [2017-10-01] Confirmed
Country: Netherlands Exchange
Want: 50 COMMEMORATIVE stamps of your country 2000-2017
Offer: 200 world wide small sized ( DEFINITIVE) stamps
Note: 100 is possible too. please mail me first

Name: Bram Tolenaars [2017-09-30] Advanced
Country: Netherlands Exchange
Want: canada-france -spain-bermuda-
Offer: nederland-france-Germany-Italia Greec australia
Note: want to trade with scans

Name: Ksenia Andreeva [2017-09-30] Confirmed
Country: Uzbekistan Exchange Sell
Want: mnh China,Iraq,Afganstn,Georgia,NKorea,S.Korea,Azerbadjn,Armenia,Mongolia and WW
Offer: MNH Germany,Uzbekistan,Iran,Tadjikistan,Russia andWWF
Note: Michel catalogue

Name: Alessandro Zefilippo [2017-09-30] Advanced
Country: Brazil Exchange
Want: Europe usa australia n.zeland used
Offer: Europe japan colombia nicaragua...mix
Note: 50/50 70/70 100/100

Name: Zoran Pavićević [2017-09-30] Expert
Country: Serbia Exchange Sell

Name: Helen Damine [2017-09-30] Expert
Country: USA Exchange Buy Sell
Offer: Printable Stamps Album Pages
Note: Stamp Albums

Name: Pieter Schepers [2017-09-30] Confirmed
Country: Netherlands Exchange
Want: Used stamps period 2000-2017
Offer: about 1000 different MINT stamps Nethelands per. 1960-2000
Note: on equalbase

Name: Mohammed Luthfor Rahman [2017-09-30] Advanced
Country: Bangladesh Exchange Sell
Want: For buy worldwide stamps, specially WWF, Scout, Flag, Mosque, Personality etc
Offer: For sale Worldwide stamps, coins, banknotes
Note: wholesale buy / sell , interest people please contact.

Name: Monica Krebs [2017-09-29] Advanced
Country: Israel Exchange
Want: Fine used world-wide on many different topics using scanned images
Offer: Fine used world-wide on many different topics using scanned images
Note: Show me your stamps and I will show you mine, so as to choose just what we need

Name: Yurij Danilov [2017-09-29] Advanced
Country: Ukraine Exchange
Want: stamps,s/s MNH from Malta after 2014 years
Offer: stamps,s/s MNH from Ukraine,some Russia,Moldova.
Note: Your offer

Name: Pierre Drolet [2017-09-29] Confirmed
Country: Canada Exchange
Want: Used from France, Canada and USA
Offer: The world. The country you want.
Note: No scan, no wantlist. Prefer to exchange 100 for 100. I also collect old papers (old letters, bills, judical documents,

Name: Meroni Maurizio [2017-09-28] Advanced
Country: Italy Exchange
Want: Used stamps from EUROPE CEPT
Offer: used stamps from west Europe-Japan
Note: I trade only according wantlist

Name: Jaewoo Choi [2017-09-28] Confirmed
Country: Japan Exchange
Want: IRC(International Reply Coupon) of your country
Offer: New IRC(International Reply Coupon) of Japan
Note: 1 up to 5 exchanges for same

Name: Christian Goetz [2017-09-28] Expert
Country: France Exchange
Want: 100 stamps of your country
Offer: 100 stamps of Western Europe
Note: Great exchange

Name: Joe Camilleri [2017-09-28] Advanced
Country: Malta Exchange
Want: worldwide
Offer: worldwide
Note: No catalogue. send a number of stamps and get same number as equal quality.

Name: Ali Abrar Syed [2017-09-28] Confirmed
Country: Pakistan Exchange Buy Sell
Want: new and old coins,stamps,banknotes
Offer: my country banknotes,stamps and coins
Note: sell and purchase and exchange

Name: Jurij Danilov [2017-09-28] Advanced
Country: Ukraine Exchange
Want: MNH new stamps, s/sheets on wantlist from India,Indonesia,Malaysia,Singapur 2000 - 2017 years
Offer: MNH stamps,s/sheets from Ukraine,Russia,Moldova
Note: your offer

Name: Jafar Alomari [2017-09-28] Advanced
Country: Jordan Exchange
Want: CEPT 2007-20017 , mother Teresa , Gagarin 50th Anv. , Louis brill , UN Anv. ,WWII Anv. , X-USSR ,Europe countries, Isr
Offer: jordan 2013-2017, some of 2007-2012, Palestinian Authority 2014-2016 , UAE 2014-2016
Note: all mint & complete and Exchange as face value

Name: Ganesh Ganesan [2017-09-28] Confirmed
Country: India Exchange
Want: Italy definitive, full set or mixture of 100 Stamps
Offer: Definitives - India or worldwide mixture
Note: Please email for mutual agreement before swapping

Name: Ervin Piedra Chavez [2017-09-27] Advanced
Country: Cuba Exchange
Want: Mint complete sets thematics all countries from years 2015-2017
Offer: Mint complete sets from Cuba
Note: I use the catalogue Yvert or Michel.Letters by registered air mail only

Name: Mykola Kondratuyk [2017-09-27] Confirmed
Country: Ukraine Exchange
Offer: used stamps USSR 1961-1991
Note: 100:100 200:200

Name: Zhang Changan [2017-09-27] Beginner
Country: China Exchange
Want: Worldwide MNH and used stamps
Offer: Worldwide MNH and used stamps
Note: used stamps exchange 1:1

Name: Humberto Broitman [2017-09-26] Advanced
Country: Chile Exchange
Want: UNUSUAL STAMPS, topicals like costumes, maps, musical instruments
Offer: Worldwide use, MNH, series, etc
Note: I answer all emal

Name: Marc Vrancken [2017-09-26] Advanced
Country: Belgium Exchange
Want: 200 different GB after year 2000
Offer: 500 different Belgium all years
Note: Give 500 Belgium and want 200 recent GB

Name: Dave Rodrigues [2017-09-26] Advanced
Country: India Exchange Sell
Want: Countries from South America, Africa, Oceania (not including Australia)
Offer: Commemorative stamps from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal
Note: No CTOs and/or definitives please. Do not operate with wishlists or scans. Only serious collectors please contact.

Name: Anna Doyle [2017-09-25] Confirmed
Country: Canada Exchange
Want: Thematic: bird stamps, preferably those issued since 2000
Offer: bird stamps
Note: Prefer to exchange one for one; no registerer mail since it is too expensive

Name: Filip Uzunov [2017-09-25] Confirmed
Country: Bulgaria Exchange
Want: MNH Space/astronomy, mythology/legends/folklore stories, vikings stamps
Offer: MNH stamps from Bulgaria (all years and topics), WW space stamps including USSR, Niger, DDR, France, Canada
Note: Michel catalogue

Name: Petri Haapala [2017-09-24] Advanced
Country: Finland Exchange
Want: 5 different worldwide banknotes
Offer: 250 different used large size stamps worldwide
Note: I have used stamps from many countries!

Name: Drazen Kladar [2017-09-24] Advanced
Country: Bosnia & Herzegovina Exchange
Want: Mint - Mexico,Nepal,Chile,Belgium,Spain,Algeria,Guyana,Egypt,Yemen,Sudan,Gibraltar,Sri Lanka,Peru,Brunei,Malaysia etc
Offer: WW Mint , FDC all kind of topics-butterflies,birds,marine life,WWF,lighthouses,railways,Olympics,football,Europe cept...
Note: I reply to all

Name: Marko Simonič [2017-09-24] Confirmed
Country: Slovenia Exchange
Want: used stamps from small exotic islands/countries from all the world
Offer: used w.w.stamps---no wantlist,no themes
Note: welcome are pals out of Europe

Name: Siamak Farazmehr [2017-09-24] Expert
Country: Iran Exchange Sell
Want: WW mint stamps by wishlist.
Offer: MNH from Iran and a few from WW.
Note: Based on Catalog.

Name: Toivo Vetik [2017-09-24] Advanced
Country: Estonia Exchange Sell
Want: France, Monaco, USA. All mint. Animals and birds worldwide.
Offer: USSR mint and CTO, unused envelopes and postal stationeries. Estonia MNH since 1991 and world.
Note: serious exchange

Name: Francis Takasch [2017-09-24] Beginner
Country: USA Exchange
Want: Used Stamps from South America, Africa, Asia and some Europe
Offer: Used US
Note: 125 up to 150 exchanges for same, CTO"s ok

Name: Hugo Mees [2017-09-23] Confirmed
Country: Belgium Exchange
Want: Search Europe CEPT Stamps, Stamped, Single Swap.
Offer: Offer as exchange material: my double CEPT, most western European countries, with numbers according to Yvert or Michel. Other countries with scan. I also want to trade by theme
Note: single Swap

Name: David Bembic [2017-09-23] Confirmed
Country: Slovenia Exchange
Want: Used Czechoslovakia, Australia, France, G.Britain, Germany, USA, Canada, Spain, Italy
Offer: Used Slovenia and world wide
Note: Prefer to trade in packets of 50 or more

Name: Miklos Prekop [2017-09-23] Advanced
Country: United Kingdom Exchange
Want: I want 150 different stamps from one country like (Venezuela Peru Bolivia Costa Rica Columbia Chile Uruguay Ecuador Honduras Guatemala)
Offer: I give 150 stamps from Great Britain or Ireland
Note: No registered letter! Mail first please.

Name: Pascale Desvignes [2017-09-22] Advanced
Country: France Exchange
Want: United Kingdom, France, Italy, Scandinavia, Spain, Belgium, Channel Islands, Netherlands
Offer: The rest of the World ! :)
Note: Only used, no scan, no picture, no wantlist

Name: Mohammed Al-shirwani [2017-09-20] Advanced
Country: Iraq Exchange Buy Sell
Want: Germany, Switzerland, France, Lichtenstein, Denmark, Norway, Finland, CEPT Europe & Greece
Offer: Iraq
Note: I may also offer from my other stamps stock

Name: Davor Gradinski [2017-09-19] Confirmed
Country: Croatia Exchange
Want: West Europa countries including Ex YU countries,Turkey,Cyprus, Malta....
Offer: Croatia (inc.very recent cancelled stamps), Bosnia(all three)...West Europa, Australia,Canada.
Note: Swapping through wantlists please

Name: Rade Skaro [2017-09-19] Advanced
Country: Croatia Exchange
Want: Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, DDR, USSR, Poland and Yugoslavia Stamps mint or used, FDCs and BLOCKS, all until 1990.
Offer: The same, plus stamps mainly from West Europa and USA. From modern human liberal capitalism countries.
Note: Michel catalog, or scans, or you can suggest something. Happy collecting.

Name: Shiu Fai Tang [2017-09-19] Confirmed
Country: Canada Exchange
Want: Used stamps from West Europe countries, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, British Commonwealth, Asia and Far East
Offer: Worldwide in good condition
Note: Prefer to trade 225-450 per letter, no CTO,wantlist and scan

Name: Ismail Toksabay [2017-09-19] Advanced
Country: Turkey Exchange Buy Sell
Want: recent stamps of western european countries
Offer: recent stamps of western europe countries
Note: i exchange on Michel cat for all europe countries except for france i use yvert.

Name: Eldrin Daniels [2017-09-19] Confirmed
Country: India No-Exchange Sell
Offer: 1100 stamps of around 50 countries
Note: offers/ quotations would not bind or oblige us (sellers) as to any commitment in any way whatsoever

Name: Ricardo Kamerling [2017-09-18] Confirmed
Country: Argentina Exchange
Want: mint (mnh) by want lists from Belgium,Caribean Is.,jugoslavia and Spain.
Offer: mint (mnh) from Argentina.
Note: Only by registered letters.

Name: Thomas Menter [2017-09-18] Advanced
Country: Germany Exchange
Want: Used stamps from Argentina, Chile, South Africa
Offer: Used stamps from Germany (BRD up to 2017, DDR, Berlin), Austria and Switzerland (up to 2010)
Note: I prefer to exchange by catalogue-based wantlist (Argentina, South Africa), for Chile 1x1 would be possible

Name: Carlos A Reis [2017-09-17] Confirmed
Country: Brazil Exchange
Want: South Africa Mint stamps 2010-2017
Offer: Brazil and WW topical
Note: want serious exchange

Name: Olexandre Myxap [2017-09-17] Advanced
Country: Ukraine Exchange
Want: mint thematics Europe, Asia, America, Africa, Oceania, look for friends-collectors in any countries
Offer: mint Ukraine 2015-2017 and some other countries
Note: exchange by Michel-catalogue

Name: Ludmila Smirnova [2017-09-17] Advanced
Country: United Kingdom Exchange
Want: 50 stamps from Scandinavian Countries, Greece, Baltic, Bosnia, some other countries by agreement. from 2010 - to current Please no CTO, FDC. 80 Christmas stamps from your country 2000 till current
Offer: 100 stamps from GB up 2000. 80 Christmas stamps till current.
Note: Only USED, no MINT, CTO, FDC

Name: Winifred Kwan [2017-09-17] Confirmed
Country: Hong Kong Exchange
Want: Finland, Sweden, Macau, Portugal, Germany
Offer: Finland, Germany, Australia
Note: i like to get used stamps, no wantlist

Name: Nikos Gousgounis [2017-09-17] Advanced
Country: Greece Exchange
Want: Sports, labor, education,medicine, military, cars, ships, trains,fauna
Offer: Recent Greek stamps after the year 2000
Note: Exchange in 100/100 basis. No wantlists, possible scans

Name: Aldo Lo Giudice [2017-09-16] Confirmed
Country: Italy Exchange
Want: 150 head queen GB definitives
Offer: 50 LARGE commemorative ITALY

Name: Adriano Bearzatto [2017-09-16] Beginner
Country: Italy No-Exchange Sell
Want: 25 euro
Offer: 1000 used italy stamps
Note: only sell

Name: Robert Delacroix [2017-09-16] Confirmed
Country: France Exchange
Want: 100 Used large stamps from South America
Offer: 100 Used large stamps from Western Europe
Note: No CTO, PLease. No Wantlist. Only large stamps. Thanks.

Name: Juan Schnyder [2017-09-16] Beginner
Country: Uruguay Exchange
Want: World wide, 100 or 200
Offer: World wide, 100 or 200
Note: No wantlista no catalogues, no tematic

Name: Cristin Ballad [2017-09-15] Beginner
Country: Philippines No-Exchange Sell
Want: Philippines
Offer: More stamp
Note: I have more stamp and i want to sell it .if your interrested just message me in my fb acount . Thank you . Cristinballad

Name: Tharanga Wanigaarachchi [2017-09-15] Beginner
Country: Sri Lanka No-Exchange Sell
Want: sell
Offer: used sri lanka stamps
Note: 50 stamps = 5 USD

Name: Joseph Koebel [2017-09-15] Confirmed
Country: USA Exchange
Want: South america, China, Japan, World Wide
Offer: USA, Germany, Russia, World wide
Note: Prefer to trade 100 or 200 per trade.

Name: Lee Wilson [2017-09-14] Advanced
Country: USA Exchange
Want: MNH Cmplt sets Br Colonies, W Europe, Islands, Africa, S Amer +.Asia No Souvenir Shts
Offer: Same CV for CV $100 -$200
Note: I can offer US ,FSAT, Disney, British Colonies, Vatican + same wanted

Name: Victor Iljin [2017-09-14] Confirmed
Country: Russia Exchange
Want: Mint stamps fauna, football
Offer: Mint stamps from Russia and ww. Also used stamps.
Note: Exchange on catalogue

Name: Joseph Farrugia [2017-09-14] Confirmed
Country: Malta Exchange
Want: World used stamps in lots of 200-400 with duplicates,large format, no CTO
Offer: Malta used stamps in lots of 200-400 with duplicates, large format.
Note: Do not hesitate to contact me, I will send first to serious collectors.

Name: Jef De Smet [2017-09-13] Advanced
Country: Belgium Exchange
Want: 200 or more used large stamps from your country ( all different ) issued after the year 2000
Offer: used stamps from Belium issued before the year 2000 ( all different )
Note: I give 2 stamps for each stamps you can send me

Name: Alf Lambertsen [2017-09-13] Advanced
Country: France Exchange
Want: Ceska Rpb.-Slowakei-Slovenien-Kroatien-Malta-Serbien-Ungarn-Italien-Montenegro
Offer: France-Danmark-Germany-Holland-Sweden mm.
Note: Like to used wantlist or scan

Name: David Rouffin [2017-09-13] Expert
Country: Belgium Exchange
Want: Your country
Offer: Belgium 1960-1999
Note: 100/100 or manco yvert et tellier

Name: Oleg Pavlov [2017-09-12] Advanced
Country: Ukraine Exchange
Want: mint thematic stamps WW
Offer: philatelic materials, from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and from other new republics of ex-USSR and thematic stamps WW
Note: exchange on the base Michel catalogue

Name: Luca Ragazzoni [2017-09-12] Confirmed
Country: Italy Exchange Sell
Want: MNH and used Japan and Italy
Offer: MNH Japan (many sheets)
Note: answer to all

Name: Marnix Bouckaert [2017-09-12] Advanced
Country: Belgium Exchange
Want: looking for exchange partners to trade , only used large size stamps
Offer: mostly European countries , also ww
Note: please no wantlists ,scans posible , who ask for trade send first

Name: Julian Guzman [2017-09-11] Beginner
Country: Chile Exchange
Want: w.w. used stamps 100 x 100 GF and cover FDC
Offer: used ww stamps high quality all perfect state
Note: I answer all messages but I do not sell or buy

Name: Valera Mucha [2017-09-10] Confirmed
Country: Ukraine Exchange
Want: world used stamps fauna sport..lighthouses.Christmas cover olimpiks Moskva-80
Offer: used stamps world 100-300 cover FDC Ukraine
Note: j am loking for permanent partners for swaping

Name: Stjepan Smernić [2017-09-10] Advanced
Country: Croatia Exchange
Want: Used stamps from Romania 2009-2014, Brasil 2010-2014, Greece, Italia, Sweden,Serbia, Bosnia, Slovakia, Czech
Offer: Used stamps from Croatia, Slovenia, Channel islands, Yugoslavia, Argentina, Sweden, ...
Note: Basa of exchange face for face Michel

Name: Ulrich Gerber [2017-09-10] Advanced
Country: Germany Exchange
Want: Africa
Offer: Afrika, Germany, Scandinavia
Note: Searching for used african stamps since aprox. 1975 (Colonies prefered)

Name: Ivan Topas [2017-09-10] Expert
Country: Croatia Exchange
Want: Ukraine - Chernivtsi, Bukovina local 1993-1994 Fauna issue, mint and used (ONLY THIS ISSUE)
Offer: Croatia all issued, mint and used
Note: I am only interested in Ukraine - Chernivtsi, Bukovina local 1993-1994 Fauna issue

Name: Jared Heyde [2017-09-10] Expert
Country: USA Exchange Sell
Want: Used worldwide after 2001 No USA or Canada
Offer: Used world wide No USA or Canada
Note: no small stamps or old stamps I have mint stamp sets for sale please email if interested in buying stamps

Name: Rajen Parikh [2017-09-09] Confirmed
Country: Belgium Exchange
Want: Singapore Hong Kong G B and Belgium after 2005
Offer: Germany U K Belgium before 2004
Note: Minimum 100 used stamps at a time

Name: Antonio Martinez [2017-09-09] Advanced
Country: Spain Exchange
Want: Recent stamps ww. stamps from Africa, Asia and South and Central america
Offer: Recent stamps ww. ols Spanish Colonies
Note: No wantlist

Name: Mário Ramos [2017-09-09] Confirmed
Country: Portugal Exchange
Want: mint sets of Sports and Olympics of India, Bangladesh, Indonésia and other asiatic countries.
Offer: Portugal, Azores and Madére in mint condiction
Note: I don´t send first, but I´m an honest person.

Name: Jan Van Voorst [2017-09-09] Advanced
Country: Canada Exchange
Want: Spain, Russia (MNH); Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Italy (used)
Offer: Spain, Russia, Andorra fr. esp., Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Canada
Note: At face value or catalogue

Name: Nicola Cavallari [2017-09-09] Confirmed
Country: Italy Exchange
Want: Used stamps from France, Germany, Poland, USA, Greece, Swiss, Spain, Austria, Israel, Malta, Denmark, New Zealand, Australia
Offer: WW Used stamps in good condition
Note: 50x50, 100x100, 200x200. Only used and good quality (no CTOs). All my stamps are checked carefully. Please send me first

Name: Alexander Belousov [2017-09-09] Advanced
Country: Russia Exchange Sell
Want: mint recent thematic stamps of your own country,used stamps w/w,coins before 1945
Offer: mint recent stamps of Russia and Uzbekistan. Year pack Uzbekistan 2013-16-mint.Used USSR 1970-1990.
Note: Base-Michel or face value,no want lists please

Name: Enver Baker [2017-09-08] Beginner
Country: South Africa Exchange Sell
Want: Want to trade in bulk older RSA used stamps for what have you.
Offer: Also mnh modern CANADA comms for sale @ 60% of face + free extras.
Note: Also RSA,SWA/Namibia,Homelands mint to swap for mint USA, Euro, Aus/NZ on cat value basis

Name: Abdeljabbar Chakroun [2017-09-07] Confirmed
Country: Tunisia Exchange
Want: stamps of flora and maine fauna
Offer: stamps of the world
Note: stamps having relationship with sea

Name: Roger Willis [2017-09-07] Advanced
Country: United Kingdom Exchange Sell
Offer: Sale only, mint 1984-2012 Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Faroes,France, Germany, Greeland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland, Early France, Germany, details of world collection
Note: Besides above mint I have GB mint to 2012 and accumulations of rest of world and Commonwealth, details on request.

Name: Tanvir Alam Khan [2017-09-07] Expert
Country: Bangladesh Exchange
Want: used stamps
Offer: used stamps
Note: fine quality only

Name: Rob Sefton [2017-09-07] Confirmed
Country: United Kingdom Exchange
Want: British Commenwealth
Offer: South Africa used
Note: al different used 100 for 100

Name: Mitry Haprik [2017-09-07] Advanced
Country: Ukraine Exchange
Want: mint stamps ZOO gardens world wide
Offer: mint stamps Moldova and Ukraine
Note: base discused

Name: Lior Eilon [2017-09-07] Advanced
Country: Israel Exchange
Want: recent stamps from all over the world
Offer: stamps from israel and swizerland
Note: only commemorative stamps

Name: Jerry Weng [2017-09-07] Confirmed
Country: Taiwan Exchange
Want: maxicards from worldwide, only complete (full) set
Offer: Offer maxicards from Taiwan, complete (full) set
Note: stamps exchange also welcome

Name: Leialoha Perry [2017-09-07] Confirmed
Country: USA No-Exchange Sell
Want: Wanted any stamp Wishlist / Buyers
Offer: I have stamps from many different country"s.
Note: I recently inherited my grandparents world stamp collection. They were traveling doctors from the 1920"s

Name: Gerald Limmer [2017-09-06] Advanced
Country: Austria Exchange
Want: MNH Switzerland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand
Offer: MNH Austria 1955 - 2001
Note: Piece by piece or catalogue, you send first

Name: Michel HUBERT [2017-09-05] Advanced
Country: France Exchange
Offer: FRANCE West Europa RUSSIA, AUSTRALIA N ZELANDE and many others countries
Note: GOOD partner , many duplicates

Name: Claudiu Andrei [2017-09-05] Beginner
Country: USA Exchange
Want: Large WW mint, used or CTO stamps
Offer: Small/Large WW used and CTO stamps
Note: Exchange 100:100. I don"t send first anymore.

Name: Ali Rikhtegar [2017-09-04] Advanced
Country: Iran Exchange Sell
Want: UNC Banknotes from your Country
Offer: I can swap or sell UNC Banknotes from Iran and Iraq and Lebanon
Note: I went to swap or sell

Name: Mihai Manea [2017-09-04] Advanced
Country: Romania Exchange Buy
Want: Novelties mint CEPT,fauna ,train
Offer: mint fauna,butterflay ,CEPTall the world. Romania ,Moldova and Moldova I can send used ,mint
Note: Exchange by Michel,lettre only Reccomande

Name: Zeljina Skoric [2017-09-03] Confirmed
Country: Bosnia & Herzegovina Exchange
Want: used stamps ww EUROPA CEPT

Name: Sergiusz Kojło [2017-09-03] Advanced
Country: Poland Exchange
Want: Mint stamps, complete series of your country
Offer: Mint stamps Poland from the years 1963-1989.
Note: catalogue Michel.

Name: M. Yusuf Haroon Fulwala [2017-09-03] Confirmed
Country: India Exchange Sell

Name: Roger Steven [2017-09-02] Advanced
Country: Belgium Exchange
Want: used stamps from all EU countries including ex YU countries, cyprus, malta, luxembourg, faroar islands, greenland, madera,.... even in small quantities
Offer: EU countries, especially Belgium, Germany, france, Luxembourg, Austria....

Name: Jimmy Keek [2017-09-02] Advanced
Country: Malaysia Exchange Sell
Want: Austria, Portugal, Ireland or other country ATM label Stamp
Offer: Malaysia, Singapore, Macau, China Stamp
Note: All welcome

Name: Jacob Goldstein [2017-09-01] Advanced
Country: Israel Exchange
Want: mint thematic complete sets worldwide
Offer: mint and used stamps

Name: Farooq Iqbal [2017-09-01] Confirmed
Country: Pakistan Exchange
Want: Used and mint stamps , mint joint issues, postcards
Offer: Used and mint stamps , mint joint issues, postcards
Note: Send me 25 used large size stamps or 5 mint large size stamps of your country and in return receive 1 postcard or 1 FDC.

Name: John Shidler [2017-08-31] Advanced
Country: USA Exchange
Want: 1990 to 2017 Used Great Britain and Germany.
Offer: US Mint and Used
Note: I"m not quite Advanced but getting there

Name: Mitja Mihelic [2017-08-31] Advanced
Country: Slovenia Exchange
Want: Mint stamps -denmark, Sweden, Austria, Spain, Finland, Vaticano, France, Niederland, Canada, and other european countrie
Offer: Mint and used - Slovenia,Jugoslavia, Trieste zona B, mint- Croatia, Bosnia- allthree parts, Makedonia, Serbia, Montene
Note: advenser

Name: John Gill [2017-08-30] Confirmed
Country: France Exchange
Want: Serbia recent, Bosnia recent (all 3), Montenegro, Georgia, Armenia, Tajikistan, Puerto Rico, Mozambique, Uganda
Offer: 2 used WW definitives for 1 stamp from the above countries (must be minimum 5 different countries). I give 50 for 25.
Note: no scans please

Name: Mirko Armbrust [2017-08-30] Confirmed
Country: Croatia Exchange

Name: Yannick Depredurand [2017-08-29] Confirmed
Country: France Exchange
Want: Algerian / Morroco / Tunisia // only used stamps all periods (definitives and commemoratifs) these countries
Offer: France 2010-2017 (or possibility Germany and Scandinavian countries)
Note: One to one, no wantlist, by 50, 100 or 150 with someone serious in each countries (Algerian, Morroco and Tunisia)

Name: Gabriel Lopes [2017-08-28] Confirmed
Country: Portugal Exchange
Want: A friend in each member country of the Euromed Postal Union for annual exchange of each issue.
Offer: The issue of my country.
Note: I prefer mint issues. The exchange can be in mint or used.

Name: Tarik Çakin [2017-08-27] Advanced
Country: Turkey Exchange Sell
Offer: mınt sets used sets FDC blocks airmail sets from Türkey and Cyprus Türk also packet materials telephone cards lottary t
Note: bASE MICHEL all letters regıstered bıg exchange ı prefare I can also offer telephone cards bus tıckets coıns b

Name: Jiri Zikes [2017-08-27] Advanced
Country: Czech Republic Exchange
Want: Used Canada (up to 2000), Germany&Reich (up to 2000), Slovakia (Sk values), Belgie (before 1970), UK before 1980
Offer: Used Czech Republic & Czechoslovakia, New Zealand, WW
Note: By wish list (Michel or pictures) or by scans

Name: Gerhard Marscholik [2017-08-27] Confirmed
Country: Germany Exchange
Want: French colonies used, UNO issues Genf, N.Y., Wien mint or used, Antartica used, A, CH used
Offer: Germany (BRD), Berlin used, FDC"s CH and FL
Note: Exchange basis Michel catalog

Name: Shaik Mansoor [2017-08-27] Beginner
Country: India Exchange
Want: online Copy Paste Jobs - Work form Home at your Free time
Offer: jobs

Name: Keii Ngan [2017-08-26] Confirmed
Country: Macau Exchange
Want: Used large size single stamps, w.w.
Offer: Some stamps of Macau.
Note: NO CTOs.

Name: Nuno Pimentel [2017-08-25] Confirmed
Country: Portugal Exchange
Want: Used Croatia, Slovenia, Albania, Cyprus, Vatican, Monaco, Channel Islands, Belarus, Latvia,
Offer: Used Denmark
Note: 100x100, 300x300, 500x500, no wantlists

Name: Isabel Effendi [2017-08-25] Confirmed
Country: South Africa Exchange Sell
Want: 100 diff used world comms after 2000 or else send me a 5 Euro banknote.
Offer: 250 stamps: commems= 50 older RSA, 50 diff older GB, 50 diff older Aussie, 50 Spain Euro denomination + 50 mixed defs

Name: Anna Kerlova [2017-08-25] Advanced
Country: Russia No-Exchange Sell
Offer: Rare stamps of Imperial Russia and USSR, some other countries
Note: Don"t be shy to ask any details

Name: Mehdi Yarahmadi [2017-08-25] Expert
Country: Iran Exchange
Offer: IRAN MINT .
Note: Exchang mint:mint 1:1 , mint:used 1:4 . For some country , I send my album page to show what I have to send me what I ha

Name: Butuc Doru [2017-08-23] Beginner
Country: Romania Exchange
Want: South America
Offer: Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary
Note: exchange used stamps, 100 pieces each time.

Name: Manuel Correia [2017-08-20] Advanced
Country: Portugal Exchange Sell
Want: Stamps set, souvenir sheet & mini sheet from Denmark, Greenland, Feroe & Aland.
Offer: Portugal, Azores, Madeira, Macau (mint set stamps, mini sheets& souvenir sheets from issues 1990-2014) , Mozambique (min
Note: I have much more stamps. Pls send your want list of your needs.

Name: Cristóbal Feldman Veneziani [2017-08-20] Advanced
Country: Argentina Exchange
Want: sports stamps, used Australia , british colonies, France, Finland, Usa, Spain, etc.
Offer: argentina, uruguay , brasil and topics. have malvinas for sell and british colonies
Note: mint and used stamps.

Name: Heinz Schindler [2017-08-19] Advanced
Country: Germany Exchange
Want: used stamps France,Itali, Greece,Scandinavien, Swiss, Austria,Portugal,Slovensko,Czech Rep. Yugosl. South America
Offer: All Europa from 1950
Note: not small stamps, 100/100 exchange, not list or scan

Name: Rafat Murad [2017-08-19] Advanced
Country: Pakistan Exchange
Want: Australia, Great Britain, Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Malta, Canada, Churchill, Princess Diana
Offer: Pakistan, WW
Note: exchange 1x1 or on basis of catalog

Name: Vladimir Shnitman [2017-08-19] Advanced
Country: Israel Exchange Sell
Want: WWF, FAUNA - all mint
Offer: Mint fauna,wwf. Russia. CTO Burundi rar fauna. FDC WWF, BELARUS.
Note: Michel catalogue

Name: William Anderson [2017-08-19] Advanced
Country: Canada No-Exchange Sell
Offer: World Large
Note: 100 different world large,$5.00 US Postpaid-no CTOs

Name: Kamran Samad [2017-08-18] Expert
Country: UAE No-Exchange Sell

Name: Hajo Neustadt [2017-08-16] Confirmed
Country: Germany Exchange
Want: used stamps from Sweden, period: 2004 - 2017
Offer: used stamps fom Germany, period: 2004 - 2017 or used GDR
Note: 100:100, no damaged ones, no want list

Name: Meindert Mossel [2017-08-16] Confirmed
Country: Netherlands Exchange
Want: Used stamps from Commonwealth countries from the last 7 years (no India and Pakistan).
Offer: Used stamps from Canada also recent ones, Usa and The Netherlands.
Note: Send nice stamps, receive nice stamps

Name: Vangelis Tosilianis [2017-08-16] Confirmed
Country: Greece Exchange
Want: Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Azerbajtzan, FYROMacedonia, Georgia, Gibraltar, Kosovo and Montenegro
Offer: Greek stamps.
Note: Please only used, really postall stamps, with scans. No cto"s, No wantlists.

Name: Fernando Rodrigues [2017-08-16] Beginner
Country: Portugal Exchange
Want: Stamps of Birds and WWF (MNH)
Offer: (MNH) Portugal, Madeira and Azores stamps
Note: Based through the catalog Michel and please no damaged Stamps

Name: Efrat Kaplan [2017-08-15] Advanced
Country: Israel Exchange
Want: WW used stamps
Offer: WW used stamps
Note: WW used stamps

Name: Rishu Johnson [2017-08-14] Confirmed
Country: Nauru Exchange
Want: Croatia Paraguay Moldova Phillipines Russia China Slovakia
Offer: Nauru
Note: Not send first

Name: Ji Peng Nian Jyton [2017-08-14] Confirmed
Country: China Exchange
Want: France used stamps by my want list
Offer: China and Japan used stamps by your want list.
Note: 100:100 or more

Name: Cees Vriends [2017-08-13] Advanced
Country: Netherlands Exchange
Want: mint/ussed/sheets no c.t.o
Offer: mint/ussed/sheets
Note: i answere all e mail s

Name: Bert Van Den Boogaard [2017-08-12] Advanced
Country: Netherlands Exchange
Want: Exchange against an other country. Do an offer I can"t refuse
Offer: Package of 190 commems of DDR (Just one package available)
Note: The best offer on the last day of this month will have it.

Name: Mariano Barbieri [2017-08-12] Confirmed
Country: Argentina Exchange
Want: MNH stamps Germany, Italy, Europa CEPT, France, Portugal, Great Britain, Spain, Austria and South American countries.
Offer: MNH stamps of Argentina, Uruguay and Brasil
Note: I use catalogue Yvert / Michel

Name: Vasiliy Legotin [2017-08-11] Advanced
Country: Russia Exchange
Want: Fauna,flora, Olympic games all the world MINT
Offer: Russia, USSR, Moldova, Belarus, ex-USSR countries
Note: I can offer for exchange mint stamps of USSR (1970-1991), Russia (1992- ), Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine (2008- ); and new i

Name: Lee Ashley [2017-08-11] Confirmed
Country: Malaysia Exchange
Want: Mint stamps or mini sheets from any countries (in nice condition)
Offer: Malaysia FDC, mini sheets and mint or used stamps

Name: John Smith [2017-08-11] Advanced
Country: Spain Exchange
Want: Used/CTO stamps of worldwide birds
Offer: Used/CTO stamps of football. Not complete sets
Note: 1:1 Exchange. Prefer to exchange with scans

Name: Dmytro Dmitriy [2017-08-10] Advanced
Country: Ukraine Exchange Sell
Want: MNH recent Europe, Africa, Commonwealth, America, Scandinavia, Oceania, Japan and world
Offer: MNH, CTO, FDC Ukraine recent and many previous years. MNH Moldova, Belarus, Russia etc
Note: Exchange or sell. Preferably Registered letters, will do nice franking stamps

Name: John De Ruiter [2017-08-10] Advanced
Country: Canada Exchange Buy Sell
Want: wanted peru mint and used by scott # have want list
Offer: peru mint and used by scott #
Note: been collecting peru for fourty years just need to fill some spaces I collect mint and used

Name: Jaime Baldoma [2017-08-09] Advanced
Country: Argentina Exchange
Want: Space, Astronautic, Militar costumes used or MINT stamps
Offer: WW used or MINT stamps
Note: Make your offer. Answer ALL e-mails.

Name: Laurent Bossard [2017-08-09] Confirmed
Country: France Exchange
Want: used large world wide last 5 years
Offer: used large France last 5 years (mainly self adhesives in complete sets)
Note: I do not send first anymore

Name: Rodrigo Araoz [2017-08-08] Advanced
Country: Argentina No-Exchange Sell
Want: Sell ARGENTINA stamps,blocks and sheets
Offer: All times but specially from 2000-2015
Note: Ask for stock list

Name: Walter Schmidli [2017-08-08] Confirmed
Country: Sweden Exchange

Name: Michael Zimpfer [2017-08-07] Advanced
Country: USA Exchange Buy Sell
Want: mint u.s. after 2009 at face value in $50 and $100 lots
Offer: mint u.s. sheets,plate blocks, singles at face in trade $50 to $100 per lot 3cent to 34 cent values
Note: trying to fill in gaps in my collection after 2009

Name: Shlomo Benzaquen [2017-08-06] Advanced
Country: Israel Exchange
Want: interested in used stamps from all over the world from the themes fauna,transport archeology and ships
Offer: stamps of Israel from differents years.
Note: write spanish and english

Name: Gennady Berlin [2017-08-06] Advanced
Country: Russia Exchange Sell
Want: mint fauna ( first of all- old and (or) expensive editions ) and another topicks
Offer: mint and used stamps, blocks, KLB from many countries and many topicks
Note: I use Michel. Only registered letters

Name: Declercq Francois [2017-08-05] Confirmed
Country: France Exchange
Want: your country by packet of 100 or by wantlist
Offer: my country by packet of 100 (2007-2014) or by wantlist
Note: no CTO

Name: Jose Antonio Peraza Correa [2017-08-05] Advanced
Country: Cuba Exchange Sell
Want: mint stamps over world thematic 2016-2017.complete set
Offer: the same stamps from cuba mint
Note: letter registered reply all

Name: Roberto Calle [2017-08-05] Advanced
Country: Canada Exchange
Want: URUGUAY, CHILE and PERU used stamps by Michel wants list.
Offer: Canada and Scandinavia modern used stamps and sheets
Note: I always answer

Name: Johnny Hansen [2017-08-05] Confirmed
Country: Denmark Exchange
Want: Single round cancelled stamps from european countries
Offer: Single round cancelled danish stamps
Note: Only very good quality used.

Name: Edmund Vella [2017-08-05] Expert
Country: Malta Exchange Sell
Want: 100 recent from your country. Most European countries by wantlists - Michel. Australia, India, Hong Kong, Kenya and commonwealth countries of Africa.
Offer: 100 recent from Malta. Most European countries by wantlists. Australia and many more.
Note: I also sell packets of 200 Malta different stamps - 10 00 Euro + postage.

Name: Thomas Dittrich [2017-08-04] Advanced
Country: Germany Exchange
Want: ww commemoratives, used only, no CTO
Offer: Germany,commemoratives 1950-2010, used
Note: Basis 100/100 or 200/200. Please you send first.

Name: Wajid Ali [2017-08-04] Beginner
Country: Pakistan Exchange
Want: French Polynesia, Peru, Wallis Futuna, Ivory Coast, Equatorial guinea, Paraguay, Uganda, Albania, Armenia, Cape Verde, Ethiopia, Kuwait, Oman, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Senegal, Portugal, Veitnam
Offer: Pakistan Stamps (Mint/Used)
Note: Exchange must be through registered mail, Basis 1:1

Name: Rodger Coxon [2017-08-03] Confirmed
Country: New Zealand Exchange
Want: Scouts Walt Disney
Offer: Scouts Walt Disney, Fauna Space Aircraft Ships Royality Flowers Animals Birds Fish New Zealand Issues F.D.C
Note: I exchange by agrement

Name: Faouzi Belaid [2017-08-03] Confirmed
Country: Tunisia Exchange
Want: canada recent.USA.recent.Belgium.Czheck Rep.Scandinavian.
Note: 100/100

Name: Tony Yew Wei [2017-08-03] Beginner
Country: Malaysia No-Exchange Sell
Offer: First day covers and variety of stamps
Note: Need to sell my entire collection of first day covers , miniature sheets and stamps

Name: Angel Martin Gallego [2017-08-02] Expert
Country: Spain Exchange
Note: Exchange only with watlist

Name: Manuel Bellido Diaz [2017-08-02] Advanced
Country: Spain Exchange
Want: Ww used stamps
Offer: Ww used stamps
Note: please, stamps in good conditions

Name: Ralf M. Kollmann [2017-08-02] Expert
Country: Germany Exchange
Want: postcards (circulated with stamps) from Arab countries, Iran, Afghanistan, Central Asia (ex USSR), Albania
Offer: stamps MNH and used worldwide, motives, covers, postcards etc.
Note: exchange or buying

Name: Andre C. Thibaudeau [2017-08-01] Confirmed
Country: Canada Exchange
Want: Malaysia and Philippines, mint or used
Offer: Canada and WW, catalogue values of $1.00 US and more, no cheap stamps.
Note: Value of each sending will be $100. US and more. Registered mail only.

Name: Navtej Singh Kapoor [2017-08-01] Beginner
Country: India Exchange
Want: 50 used worldwide stamps large
Offer: 50 used worldwide stamps large
Note: no torn or damaged Ratio 1:1

Name: Iftekharul Islam [2017-08-01] Confirmed
Country: Bangladesh Exchange
Want: WW used and Mint
Offer: Bangladeshi used and MInt
Note: Bangladeshi used and Mint

Name: Bertus Beelen [2017-08-01] Advanced
Country: Netherlands Exchange
Want: Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Berlin, Belgium, Czech Rep, Slovakia and Canada But also WWF and WW.
Offer: Netherlands, Sweden, Norway,Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Baltics, Canada, Germany, Berlin
Note: I prefer used but I accept sometime also mint. Please ask, evry email will be answered.

Name: Stefan Zimmerling [2017-07-31] Advanced
Country: Germany Exchange
Want: Minisheets from: W. Europe, UDSSR, South America, Asia. Stamps from Austria (2002 onwards), Switzerland (2000 onwards)
Offer: Germany and Berlin from your wantlist
Note: used stamps only. Exchange by Michel catalogue value.

Name: Gino Arduini [2017-07-31] Advanced
Country: Brazil Exchange
Want: worldwide, esp africa, latin america, asia, germany 1930-50s, recent issues
Offer: worldwide stamps + phone cards + postcards
Note: i need stamps only but offer the three items above

Name: Valerij Papulov [2017-07-31] Advanced
Country: Russia Exchange
Want: Mint stamps, s/s, m/s from world-wide
Offer: Mint stamps, s/s, m/s from USSR 1970-92, Russia 1992-2017, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, Cuba, WW
Note: Base of exchange is Michel catalogue. Only registered mail

Name: Alberto Pavone [2017-07-30] Advanced
Country: Italy Exchange
Want: I need used stamps from little islands of Portugal (Horta, Ponta Delgada, Angra, Funchal, old Acores etc). I exchange 35 stamps for time with european people. Please very fine stamps with all teeths.
Offer: Used stamps german Reich, swiss old stamps, denmark etc No want list
Note: For integration I refund 2 your expenses via paypal

Name: Eric Nowacki [2017-07-30] Advanced
Country: France Exchange Sell
Want: Coins
Offer: Stamps many countries and FDC EUROPA CEPT
Note: Swap for coins or sell

Name: Sashi Sarah [2017-07-30] Expert
Country: India Exchange
Want: Owls,Joint Stamp Issues,Birds W/W
Offer: India,SriLanka,Bhutan,Thailand and Other Nice Topics
Note: Excahnge on Catalog Basis or on Mutual Writing

Name: Juan Antonio Merino [2017-07-29] Confirmed
Country: Spain Exchange
Want: Exchange used stamps, only large size. NOT send BASIC. 100 X 100 - 200 X 200 - 500 X 500
Offer: The equal quantity of ESPAÑA. I dont send basic stamps. Also accept to 3 of every stamp repeat
Note: I exchange with all world. Need JAPAN, CHINA, AUSTRALIA

Name: Victor Verevkin [2017-07-29] Advanced
Country: Russia Exchange
Want: Looking for mint stamps from all countries of the world.
Offer: Offer mint stamps of Russia, USSR and all the former USSR countries.
Note: Looking for honest partners in all countries of the world - Base exchange 1 = 1

Name: Aggarwal Arvind Kumar [2017-07-29] Advanced
Country: India Exchange
Want: Miniature Sheets,Fdcs, others
Offer: Miniature Sheets,Fdcs, others
Note: All Exchange Must be by Registered mail

Name: Tadeusz Giwerski [2017-07-28] Advanced
Country: Poland No-Exchange Sell
Offer: stamps Poland,Germany,CEPT
Note: new and old issues

Name: Azmee Laffir [2017-07-27] Confirmed
Country: Sri Lanka Exchange Sell
Want: more then 200 countries stamps
Offer: want to sell 10.000 ten thousand stamps album most valuable
Note: looking for a buyer to sale

Name: Alex Downie [2017-07-27] Confirmed
Country: United Kingdom Exchange
Want: All British commonwealth countries, especially Cyprus, Pakistan, India, Hong Kong, plus Greece, Hungary and Egypt from about 1975.
Offer: Worldwide
Note: I will reply to all emails. I do not do wants lists. I am interested in used as well as unused stamps, old as well as ne

Name: Asim Karul [2017-07-27] Expert
Country: Turkey Exchange
Want: Current stamps of mid and south America, African countries, and small islands in Africa, Indian, Pacific and Carabien.
Offer: 80 000 different stamps from much many countries.
Note: Only registered mail

Name: Leandro Lorencatto [2017-07-27] Beginner
Country: Brazil Exchange
Want: Stamps from Central America, South America and Africa
Offer: Stamps from all over the world
Note: Only exchange

Name: Saravanan Shanmugam [2017-07-26] Advanced
Country: India Exchange Sell
Want: Old Flight tickets, Boarding Passes, Train tickets, Bus tickets, match boxes
Offer: Used Australian, Germany stamps
Note: I accept all kind of tickets

Name: Mona Farahzad [2017-07-26] Advanced
Country: Iran Exchange
Want: mint MNH miniature sheet from world wide
Offer: mint MNH miniature sheet and MNH stamps from iran
Note: exchange by wish list - no send in first

Name: Willem Lussing [2017-07-26] Advanced
Country: Netherlands Exchange
Want: Used stamps w/w in good condition.
Offer: Used stamps w/w in good condition.
Note: Change in parts from 100-300. No scan, no catalog.

Name: Aline Pucha [2017-07-26] Confirmed
Country: France Exchange
Want: 50-100 commemorative stamps your country (your choice)
Offer: 200-400 definitive ww including france ( my choice)
Note: no other kind of trade

Name: Frank Dreesen [2017-07-25] Beginner
Country: Belgium Exchange
Want: After 2003 England, France. All years Finland, Germany, USA, WW can also be traded
Offer: WW stamps, European Countries at most
Note: 1-1, minimum of 50 stamps, garantueed reply

Name: Vasiliy Fedotov [2017-07-24] Advanced
Country: Russia Exchange
Want: MNH thematic complete sets, souvenir sheets, miniature sheets, stamp-booklets from world-wide.
Offer: MNH complete sets, souvenir sheets, miniature sheets, sheetlets, stamp-booklets from Russia (1992-2017) and USSR (1975-1991).
Note: Base of exchange: Michel catalogue. Use only Registered Mail. I don`t send first.

Name: Lefteris Mouftoglou [2017-07-24] Advanced
Country: Greece Exchange
Want: Small countries and islands, and countries from the before Yougoslavia and Soviet Union
Offer: Greek and WW
Note: only used stamps, 1:1, no lists and catalogues

Name: John Bean [2017-07-24] Confirmed
Country: Australia Exchange
Note: 100 TO 500 LOTS.

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