Name: Enrique Martinez [2015-05-06] Advanced
Country: UK Exchange Buy
Want: Chilean Stamps, Official Telegraph stamps. Sellos Oficiales. Cierros Oficiales. All from Chile
Offer: GB and Worldwide used stamps depend on what you need.
Note: change 1 x 1 or whatever you wish. I also buy.

Name: Peter Morhaye [2015-05-06] Advanced
Country: Belgium Exchange Sell
Want: WW used commemorative stamps +2000
Offer: WW used commemorative stamps
Note: no wantlists no cto"s no damaged stamps looking for long-term trading

Name: Eduardo Nunes [2015-05-06] Advanced
Country: Portugal Exchange
Want: Worldwide covers addressed to me and exchanges of used stamps on 1x1 basis
Offer: The same

Name: Amuthavasan Vasan [2015-05-06] Advanced
Country: India Exchange
Want: mint and used:belgium, france, itallypolland, , germany, iceland, czekrep, brasil, hungary, bangladesh, pakistan, srilanka,
Offer: mint:last 10years from india, bangladesh, srilanka, Brtish commonwealth, indonesia, iceland, used:asian countries all, postal stationeris india, british india,
Note: banknotes UNC condition can be exchanged for stamps from my wantlist.

Name: Karin Dreher [2015-05-05] Confirmed
Country: Germany Exchange
Want: worldwide used stamps
Offer: Germany, GB, Australia, Canada, Czechoslowenska and ww
Note: I accept only undamaged stamps trade 100:100 or by pictures

Name: Michael Kremastos [2015-05-05] Advanced
Country: Greece Exchange
Want: France, Japan, Australia, Spain and Germany
Offer: Greece, France, Japan, Australia, Spain, Germany and few WW
Note: I use Michel or Scott for all plus Sakura for Japan and Edifil for Spain

Name: Shiu Fai Tang [2015-05-05] Advanced
Country: Canada Exchange
Want: I collect worldwide used stamps, especially Ireland, Iceland, Austria, Denmark, British Commonwealth, Japan and Hong Kong.
Offer: Worldwide used stamps depend on what you interests.
Note: I prefer to trade 250+ stamps each sending no want lists scans CTO and small stamps.

Name: Jacques Behin [2015-05-04] Confirmed
Country: France Exchange
Want: used commemoratives of world
Offer: used france europe australia romania republic laos cambodge ussr
Note: no thematic

Name: Seshadri Subramanian [2015-05-04] Confirmed
Country: India Exchange
Want: Used stamps commemoratives only. Multiples accepted
Offer: Used commemorative stamps in sets from Australia. Upto 500 at a time by

Name: Tomislav Bježančević [2015-05-04] Advanced
Country: Croatia Exchange
Want: Iceland, Gronland, Aland, Faroe, Esti, Latvia;Lietuva;Slovenija;BiH;Kosovo;Montenegro;Macedonia, Acores, Madeira
Offer: Germany(BRD, Berlin;Reich);France;Iceland, Gronland, WestEurope
Note: Only used stamps Michel cataloge number wantlist

Name: Kamel M. Ibrahim [2015-05-04] Beginner
Country: Egypt Exchange
Want: stamps covers hitler and saddam.........and usa old 1900/1940
Note: ihave phonecards for exchange

Name: John Tullis [2015-05-03] Advanced
Country: USA Exchange Buy Sell
Want: Bhutan/mint and used
Offer: Have topicals WW

Name: Fabrizio Zamuner [2015-05-03] Confirmed
Country: Switzerland Exchange
Want: THEMES: ROCK/CAVE PAINTING, PETROGLYPHS but also other themes.
Offer: Worldwide used stamps or themes
Note: Suggestion are welcome

Name: Sergey Avdic [2015-05-03] Advanced
Country: Serbia Exchange
Want: ww mint, used, souvenir sheet , swap : 100:100, 200:200 for a start
Offer: ww mint, used, souvenir sheet , swap : 100:100, 200:200 for a start

Name: Helen Damine stamp site [2015-05-03] Expert
Country: USA Exchange

Name: Emmanuel Bonsie [2015-05-02] Confirmed
Country: Ghana No-Exchange Sell
Want: Euro coins, banknotes, used stamps etc.
Offer: Covers
Note: Contact me first before sending

Name: Marc Ramon stamp site [2015-05-02] Expert
Country: Spain Exchange
Want: Bundesrepublik 113, 114, 116, 120, 121, 122, 139, 141, 142, 146, 159, 1815, 2190, 2319, 2327, 2349, 2350, 2351, 2404, etc
Offer: All world. Visit my Picasa:
Note: I don"t send first.I exchange by Michel Katalog value. I can offer catalogues pocket calendars phone cards lottery ..

Name: Janusz Szpaczynski [2015-05-01] Advanced
Country: Poland Exchange
Want: Covers with commemorative stamps addressed to me (fauna, flora, landscape, Europa Cept, WW)
Offer: Covers with commemorative stamps
Note: Please contact.

Name: Johan Bezuidenhout [2015-05-01] Advanced
Country: South Africa Exchange
Want: German Reich, Bayern, Baden, German Colonies, German States, Transvaal
Offer: South Africa, South Africa Homelands, South West Africa, and some European countries, as well as some fine South American stamps. Have small quantities of many older countries.

Name: Alejandro Sanchez [2015-05-01] Advanced
Country: USA Exchange
Want: Need complete mint year sets ( any country 1998 to date ). The year must be complete.
Offer: I can offer mint topical sets worldwide.

Name: Tony Lagrou [2015-05-01] Advanced
Country: Belgium Exchange Buy Sell
Want: used stamps from Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Norway, Slovenija, Croatia, Latvia, ....
Offer: used stamps from Belgium, Norway, France, Germany, Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Croatia, Slovenija, Latvia, .....
Note: prefer exchanging by wantlist or exchange 1:1 also possible after agreement

Name: Umberto Mattarollo [2015-05-01] Advanced
Country: Italy Exchange Buy Sell
Want: japan collectors

Name: Luciano De Castris [2015-05-01] Expert
Country: Italy Exchange Sell
Want: worldwide used 100x100
Offer: worldwide used 100x100

Name: Marko Simonic [2015-05-01] Confirmed
Country: Slovenia Exchange
Want: used w.w.stamps from tiny, exotic islands/countries
Offer: used w.w.stamps--no special themes, wantlist
Note: I always reply 100%!

Name: Frederic Mazel [2015-04-30] Advanced
Country: France Exchange Buy
Offer: FRANCE . MINT NEW ISSUES 2014-15 or tell me your need .
Note: exchange base : same face-value .

Name: Arsene Metayer [2015-04-30] Advanced
Country: France Exchange

Name: Marie Caniaux [2015-04-30] Confirmed
Country: France No-Exchange Sell
Offer: Stamps of the whole world among which of very numerous Polynesia and Nelle Calédonie
Note: Stamps in perfect condition recent and on fragment

Name: Drazen Kladar [2015-04-30] Advanced
Country: Bosnia & Herzegovina Exchange
Want: Mint/FDC-India, Malaysia, PR China, Taiwan, HK, Belgium, Belarus, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Portugal, Thailand etc.
Offer: WW Mint stamps/FDC-butterflies, birds, marine life, Pope JPII, Christmas, orchids, fauna, WWF, Europe cept etc.Serbia 1876-1918


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