Name: Sergiusz Kojło [2017-05-28] Advanced
Country: Poland No-Exchange
Want: Stamps mint your country
Offer: Mint stamps Poland from the years 1963-1989.
Note: catalogue Michel.

Name: Anatolij Micheew [2017-05-28] Advanced
Country: Ukraine Exchange
Want: mint stamps from ww, post-cards and covers from USSR, Ukraine, Germany-all before 1945
Offer: mint stamps from WW
Note: I prefer Michel catalog

Name: Kristof Branswijck [2017-05-27] Confirmed
Country: Belgium Exchange Buy
Want: fauna mint ww
Offer: belgium before 2010 mint
Note: only mint an registered mail

Name: Pavel Mostecky [2017-05-27] Advanced
Country: Czech Republic Exchange
Want: banknoten, coins
Offer: Banknoten, coins
Note: I like to have very seriously collector lady or man for personaly spec. contact

Name: Nicola Cavallari [2017-05-27] Beginner
Country: Italy Exchange
Want: Used stamps from France, Germany, Poland, USA, Greece, Swiss, Spain, Malta, Austrai, Finland, Australia
Offer: WW used stamps in good condition
Note: 50x50 100x100 200x200. Only used an good quality (no CTOs). All my stamps are checked carefully. Please send me first.

Name: Helge Skau [2017-05-27] Confirmed
Country: Denmark Exchange Buy
Want: Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Uruguay, Haiti, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Seychelles. Iraq, Oman, Bahrain, Sierra
Offer: Semilar or Europe incl. Scandinavia-better for better (USED)
Note: I seek in particular stamps issued since 1990 or better older stamps.

Name: Riccardo Benzi stamp site [2017-05-26] Expert
Country: Italy Exchange Sell
Offer: Italian Stamps
Note: Stamps with barcode

Name: Gad Levy [2017-05-26] Advanced
Country: Israel Exchange
Want: Used French and British colonies , Monaco , Andorra , Liechtenstein , Luxembourg , Iceland , Finland & Greenland
Offer: ISRAEL mint and used stamps with and without tabs , mint and used & israel FDC with tabs
Note: Please send me first - all my stamps are checked carefully and can be scann before sending .

Name: Valera Mucha [2017-05-26] Confirmed
Country: Ukraine Exchange
Want: world used stamps fauna sport.footbol.Olimhiks.lighthouses.Christmas
Offer: used stamps world 100-300
Note: w/w in good condition

Name: Andreas Faulstich [2017-05-26] Advanced
Country: Germany Exchange
Want: Used different West - European charity stamps (with surcharges)
Offer: Used Germany charity stamps, all different.
Note: 50:50 or 100:100 Contact me to discuss further details

Name: Jesus Bustillo Martret [2017-05-25] Advanced
Country: Spain Exchange
Want: Mint and Used (only circulated) stamps all over the world in good condition
Offer: The same that I want
Note: No favor-handstamp

Name: Juan Jose De La Parte Martinez [2017-05-25] Advanced
Country: Spain Exchange
Want: Used stamps from your country
Offer: Used Spanish stamps
Note: 100x100 ; 50x50 ; Also longtime exchanges.

Name: Narendra Jain Jain [2017-05-25] Advanced
Country: India Exchange
Want: Stamps of Belgium from 1960 to 1985
Offer: Offer Indian stanmps fro 1945 to 1990
Note: Can exchange on basis of Michel Cat. Looking for good exchange Collectors

Name: Joe Demoura [2017-05-25] Confirmed
Country: USA Exchange
Want: Exchange. Tell me what you offer and we can start .
Offer: I have USA and I know could help someone.
Note: Please let me know tour ideas.

Name: Fedor Tyrsel [2017-05-24] Advanced
Country: Slovakia Exchange
Want: 50 diff. definitives WW, 1 country only
Offer: 50 diff. used definitives Germany W.
Note: 50:50 good condition nice postage I don´t send first No further conditions

Name: Aftab Uddin [2017-05-24] Advanced
Country: Bangladesh Exchange
Want: WW Mint thematic in complete set
Offer: same from Bangladesh
Note: prefer all mails by registered bse michel

Name: Liviu Stoica [2017-05-23] Advanced
Country: Romania Exchange Buy Sell
Want: Mint stamps, WW, thematics Animations, Childrens, Fauna, Flora
Offer: Mint and used stamps Romania, Moldova
Note: for mind stamps only complet series and blocs mini blocks

Name: Chris Christo [2017-05-23] Advanced
Country: Canada Exchange
Want: Used Japan 2014-2016
Offer: World used stamps
Note: Looking for long time trading partner

Name: Ton Vos-arler [2017-05-22] Beginner
Country: Netherlands Exchange
Want: Used WW. From your country.
Offer: Used recent from The Netherlands or other countries
Note: Please no want list No scans. Trades 100/100.


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