Name: William Howe [2017-10-22] Advanced
Country: France Exchange
Want: China, Taiwan, Latvia, Lithuania ,
Offer: Recent French , and worldwide
Note: Postally used only no CTO

Name: Gad Levy [2017-10-22] Advanced
Country: Israel Exchange
Want: used french and british colonies , monaco , andorra , liechtenstein , luxembourg , iceland , finland & greenland
Offer: ISRAEL mint and used stamps with and without tabs , mint and used & israel FDC with tabs & phonecards
Note: Collecting only used stamps with circular / box cancelation . NO cto or wave canelations

Name: Joe De Moura [2017-10-22] Confirmed
Country: USA Exchange
Want: Britsh Chanel Islands (Jersey, Isla of Man etc.
Offer: I have USA and I know could help someone. Or you tell what you want
Note: I have many from West Europa

Name: Herman Alvarez stamp site [2017-10-22] Advanced
Country: Spain Exchange
Want: Used stamps ww wildlife, lighthouses and film actors
Offer: Thousands of stamps ordered by countries and in images
Note: 1x1 exchange with scans

Name: Edgar Andrés Díaz Blanco [2017-10-21] Beginner
Country: Venezuela Exchange
Want: Miny stamps in complete sets related to Dinosaurs, Prehistoric Animals, Fossils, Evolution, Charles Darwin and so on.
Offer: What are you interested in ?
Note: NO CTOS PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!

Name: Roland Bogaard stamp site [2017-10-21] Advanced
Country: Netherlands Exchange
Want: Worldwide used stamps with topics flora, fauna, mills, lighthouses and bridges
Offer: Worldwide used and mint stamps, FDC"s
Note: All my available stamps for trading are published on my website

Name: Carlos Da Silva Pereira [2017-10-21] Advanced
Country: Portugal Exchange
Want: UK mint comm. stamps, MACHINS, Reg., Bookl., - Mint & used from France, Belgium, Germany, Monaco, Atm labels, 3D, Dinosaurs, Holograms, Another material than paper, Insects and butterflies, Leonardo da
Offer: UK mint stamps, blocks, Machins, booklets - Portugal mint and used stamps, blocks, bookl., Atm labels, Mint France, Germany, Monaco, Brasil, Angola Independent, etc
Note: Please no time wasters

Name: Eddy Wouters [2017-10-20] Beginner
Country: Australia Exchange Buy
Want: Cuba MINT lighthouse stamps
Offer: Australian Lighthouse stamps , have also Disney , Sport and space travel stamps to swap
Note: Will answer any Emails

Name: Fabrizio Zamuner [2017-10-20] Confirmed
Country: Switzerland Exchange
Want: Themes: Fishes, Cars, Locomotives, Airplanes, Bears, Dogs, used or mint
Offer: Themes: Bridges, Sport, Stamps on stamps, Space, Flora, Fauna used or mint

Name: Hocky Hayanto [2017-10-20] Advanced
Country: Indonesia Exchange
Want: World-wide stamps ( mint / used ), FDC, SS / MS / blocks, Stamp Pack / Representation, etc.
Offer: Indonesia / w.w. stamps ( mint / used ), FDC, SS / MS / blocks, Maximum cards, etc.
Note: No catalog no want-list no CTO

Name: Paola Barbieri [2017-10-19] Advanced
Country: Italy Exchange Sell
Want: Used stamps from Greit Britain, Norway, Finland, Denmark, poland, Sweden , Schweiz, Austria, China, Holland
Offer: Italy, Vatican , San Marino, Germany, Usa, Europa ovest
Note: I use Michel for your wantlist

Name: John Samuel stamp site [2017-10-18] Advanced
Country: Sri Lanka No-Exchange Sell
Note: ALL ITEMS OFFERED AT A REASONABLE PRICE (Dealers Pl contact me for special discounts on latest issues)

Name: Leon Verelst [2017-10-18] Confirmed
Country: Belgium Exchange Sell
Want: want to exchange used stamps. Also 1/1. Like thematic stamps. especially looking for theme Europa, dragonflies, submarine
Offer: mostly West-European stamps, also themes as Europa Cept
Note: exchange

Name: Pierre Morin [2017-10-18] Advanced
Country: Canada Exchange
Want: Island, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Monaco, Nethelands, Philippinas, Rwanda, Slovenia, Spain, Thailand, Venezuela, Yugoslavia
Offer: WorldWide Stamps, mainly canadian stamps(old used stamps) &( recent used and mint stamps)
Note: I answer to all messages

Name: Yuri Katsov [2017-10-17] Advanced
Country: Ukraine Exchange
Want: MNH Topical Complete Stamp Sets
Offer: MNH Topical Complete Stamp Sets, FDC"s, Postal Stationery, Revenue Stamps
Note: Serious collectors and fair approach please. Michel or other catalogue exchange basis

Name: Saban Selahattin Saban [2017-10-17] Advanced
Country: Turkey Exchange
Want: Mint complete thematic sets worldwide, Paintings(sets + FDC), Fauna, Flora, Olympic games, Butterflies, Birds ..etc..
Offer: Mint complete sets of Turkey since 2007 and Libya since 1977
Note: Exchanging by Want-Lists according Michel or Stampworld catalogs in registered letters

Name: Jean Pierre Cottret [2017-10-17] Confirmed
Country: France Exchange
Want: india after 2010, central america, new balkanic countries, new eastern states, baltics countires
Offer: Germany, australia, New zealand, france...
Note: exchange only comemoratives stamps canceled

Name: Bogdan Koric [2017-10-17] Confirmed
Country: Croatia Exchange
Want: Exchanges 50-100 WW used stamps per letter, cover with nice stamps on my address.
Offer: same
Note: if possible R letter

Name: Alberto Alcala stamp site [2017-10-17] Advanced
Country: Philippines Exchange Sell
Want: Serious and honest philatelic exhibit buyers
Offer: Queen Elizabeth II 5 frames multi-awarded philatelic exhibit for sale for US$3, 500.00 (handling and mailing fee included already)
Note: For perusal and assessment interested party will be sent complete scans of the exhibit via email upon request

Name: Grigor Kutev [2017-10-16] Advanced
Country: Bulgaria Exchange
Want: Exchange 100;100 used stamps from WW.
Offer: Eexchange 100;100 used stamps from WW.
Note: Also exchange 5 phone cards against 100 used stamps from WW.

Name: Bernard Mathieu [2017-10-16] Confirmed
Country: France Exchange
Want: Denmark
Offer: England, France
Note: large size no list no scan by 50 or 100

Name: Viljem Kobal [2017-10-16] Confirmed
Country: Slovenia Exchange
Want: w/w stamps , Africa, Asia stamps...
Offer: Hungary, Austria, Germany USA, Italy, Slovenia, Soviet Union, Yugoslavia.. other stamps
Note: 100 for 100; 200 for 200


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