Name: Martin Berka [2018-09-18] Confirmed
Country: Czech Republic Exchange
Want: used stamps from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, DDR and Germany
Offer: a lot of used stamps from USA, Australia, N.Zealand, Malta( stamps are mostly from 50s, 60s, 70s, 8Os and 90s )
Note: please send me your scans and I will send you my scans

Name: Christy Brannen [2018-09-18] Confirmed
Country: USA Exchange
Want: WW used or mint stamps, FDC, SS - topicals, any polar regions, all arctic & antarctic flora & fauna, marine life, pink flowers, woodland animals, Ancient Egypt, folk costumes, Disney, ice hockey
Offer: WW used and mint stamps, FDCs, SSs by topical theme or by country
Note: CTOs and definitives okay in my thematics exchange 1x1 exact # to be agreed upon no catalog

Name: Farooq Iqbal [2018-09-18] Confirmed
Country: Pakistan Exchange
Want: I collect and exchange used and mint stamps , mint joint issues also.
Offer: Used and mint stamps , mint joint issues, postcards
Note: 50 : 50 commemorative stamps

Name: Remi Sueur [2018-09-17] Advanced
Country: France Exchange
Want: used commemoratives stamps years 2016/17/18 Canada China Hong Kong Tai Wan
Offer: used commemoratives stamps years 2016/17/18 Japan
Note: 1 for 1 lot off 50

Name: Sergiusz Kojło [2018-09-16] Advanced
Country: Poland Exchange
Want: stamps mint
Offer: mint and used stamps
Note: exchange on agreed terms

Name: Cristobal Feldman Veneziani [2018-09-16] Advanced
Country: Argentina Exchange
Note: 150 FOR 150

Name: Teresa Dabrowska [2018-09-16] Advanced
Country: Poland Exchange
Want: used Austria, Turkey, Greece, Watican, Scandinavian countries, France, Philppines, Belgium, Holland, , Spain
Offer: used Japan, USA, Australia, European countries
Note: exchange 100 for 100 and more

Name: Dario Domović [2018-09-16] Confirmed
Country: Croatia Exchange
Want: I prefer used stamps from European countries, except (NO) DDR, CCCP, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland and Hungary.
Offer: The same or used WW stamps.
Note: Put on the letter mini sheet stamp (Block stamp) and I will do the same. No CTO stamps.

Name: Mishenin Iuriy [2018-09-16] Advanced
Country: Moldova Exchange
Want: Fauna, railway, Europa cept
Offer: Moldova and ex-USSR
Note: catalogue Michel 1-1

Name: Johnny Lowis stamp site [2018-09-16] Advanced
Country: Singapore Exchange
Want: I am interested in covers from your country in exchange for Singapore.
Offer: Email me your address, and I will send you 30 nice used stamps from Singapore.
Note: interested to exchange covers

Name: Mareva Troussier [2018-09-15] Confirmed
Country: France Exchange
Want: WW stamps
Offer: WW stamps
Note: 50 stamps / 50 stamps

Name: Khalid Bhatti [2018-09-15] Confirmed
Country: Pakistan Exchange
Want: Asian, Arabian, African Countries & WW Small Island Stamps,
Offer: European, Asian, African Countries Nice Stamps.
Note: No CTO Small stamps or Damage I will Not send first Because I have many Bad exprence.

Name: Achim Kirchner [2018-09-15] Confirmed
Country: Germany Exchange
Want: your country/world/scandinavia/Canada
Offer: world and germany eurostamps
Note: I have german stamps 100 x the same (ask for that if you want)

Name: Joseph Hershkovitz [2018-09-15] Advanced
Country: Israel Exchange
Want: Complete years, mint, sets and mini sheets, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan.
Offer: Israel mint stamps, complete years, with or without tabs
Note: I exchange year per year not catalog. Hoping for a long exchange friendships.

Name: Jozef Barčák [2018-09-14] Advanced
Country: Slovakia Exchange
Want: Used postage stamps from your country.
Offer: Used postage stamps from Slovakia. Exchange
Note: Exchange 50:50 not catalog.

Name: Boris Shafir [2018-09-14] Advanced
Country: USA Exchange
Want: Looking for mint stamps from British Colonies before 1957 by want list Scott or MIchel
Offer: Mint stamps from British Colonies, MNH ** stamps from Europe, USA, Canada, Oceania, Asia, Africa and also topical issues.
Note: I exchange by want and /or offer list based on Scott or Michel

Name: Márcio Afonso [2018-09-14] Confirmed
Country: Brazil Exchange
Want: Swap letters posted with recent stamps mainly America-UPAEP and Europa-CEPT
Offer: Send letters with comemorative stamps from Brazil also America-UPAEP
Note: also swap 50 or 100 definitive/regular used stamps from Brazil for 50 or 100 by the same your country

Name: Juan Merino Ramos [2018-09-13] Confirmed
Country: Spain Exchange
Want: Exchange used stamps. 100 x 100, 200 x 200, 500 x 500. Only large, size. Stamps of your country. ( not send basic )
Offer: Used stamps of ESPAÑA. Offer the equal quantity. All differents & not included small or basic stamps.
Note: Minimun 100 for letter

Name: Aqeel Muhammad [2018-09-13] Beginner
Country: Sri Lanka No-Exchange Sell
Want: Local and Foreign stamps
Offer: Local and Foreign stamps
Note: only for sale no exchange.

Name: Anton Perera [2018-09-13] Advanced
Country: Sri Lanka No-Exchange Sell
Want: All kinds of Stamps are for sale of many countries (Foreign / local and old rare stamps)
Offer: Sell the entire collection -
Note: All kinds of Stamps are for sale (Local / foreign stamps souvenir sheets first day covers Corner blocks Block

Name: Enver Baker [2018-09-13] Confirmed
Country: South Africa No-Exchange Sell
Want: I want to sell a collection of 300 diff South Africa Homelands, SWA & RSA commems @ US$10 incl postage by ordinary mail.
Offer: 300 diff mainly in complete sets as removed from FDCs
Note: I pay postage by ordinary mail. For registered please add US$4 contribution

Name: Alan Forester [2018-09-13] Confirmed
Country: Australia Exchange
Want: Stamps from British Antarctic Territories [ All Years ]
Offer: Stamps From Australia 2017-2018
Note: No Scans or Wantlists

Name: Butuc Doru [2018-09-12] Beginner
Country: Romania Exchange
Want: Few stamps from you, for helping me, im begginer
Offer: I have just few CTO and i know nobody want
Note: thaks to all collectors who helping me for free!

Name: Luiz Carlos Martins [2018-09-12] Advanced
Country: Brazil Exchange
Want: Portugal mint e usados
Offer: Brasil mint e usados
Note: base de troca 1 x 1

Name: Vangelis Tosiianis [2018-09-12] Confirmed
Country: Greece Exchange
Want: Albania, Fr&Sr.Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Georgia, Gibraltar, Groenland, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Montenegro, Serbia and FYRoMacedonia.
Offer: Greek stamps.
Note: Only really postally used stamps in good condition.With scans. No CTO"s.

Name: Zhang Jia Ming [2018-09-12] Advanced
Country: China Exchange
Want: mint stamps on topic of butterflies birds folk costumes and paintings worldwide
Offer: Mint China
Note: I can send nice envelopes with new issue Chinese stamps on it

Name: Saif Hasan stamp site [2018-09-12] Confirmed
Country: Pakistan Exchange
Want: UK, Germany, N.Z, Australia, USA, Pakistan Related
Offer: Pakistan used and world wide
Note: Only by want Lists and Registered mail

Name: Andy Mosko [2018-09-11] Advanced
Country: USA Exchange
Want: Postally used recent commemoratives of your country. Also worldwide perfins
Offer: Recent commemoratives of USA and topicals of your interest worldwide. Also precancels, fdc"s, and postal stationery.
Note: Email to arrange exchange. Longterm trade partners wanted.

Name: Ariel Paton [2018-09-11] Confirmed
Country: Argentina Exchange
Want: used stamps by want lists needs from Reich, colonys, occupations, DDR, Belgium and Spain.
Offer: used stamps from Argentina and European countries.
Note: regular and serious exchanges.

Name: Pedro Fernandes [2018-09-11] Beginner
Country: USA Exchange Buy
Want: Stamps from USA, Portugal, Yugoslavia
Offer: Stamps from WW
Note: I prefer to do 1x1 swap but am open to other offers.


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