Name: Herman Alvarez stamp site [2018-04-22] Advanced
Country: Spain Exchange
Want: Used stamps ww wildlife, lighthouses and film actors
Offer: Thousands of stamps ordered by countries and in images
Note: 1x1 exchange with scans

Name: Scott Dona [2018-04-22] Confirmed
Country: USA Exchange
Want: 100 stamps from Cambodia, Phillipines, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia Laos, Thailand. Viet Nam, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq
Offer: 150 commemoraives for 100 and . or150 definitives for 100 definitives of the want list countries.
Note: large for large small for small

Name: Tao Qi Liang [2018-04-22] Confirmed
Country: China Exchange Sell
Want: Topics stamps, booklets, postal stationery, banknotes and coins.
Offer: The same.
Note: Reply to everybody.

Name: William Howe [2018-04-22] Advanced
Country: France Exchange
Want: Austria, China PR, Taiwan, Used World
Offer: Many country"s, used world , themes
Note: Postally used only please No CTO

Name: Yuri Katsov [2018-04-22] Advanced
Country: Ukraine Exchange
Want: MNH Topical Complete Stamp Sets WW
Offer: MNH Topical Complete Stamp Sets, FDC"s, Postal Stationery, Revenue Stamps
Note: Serious collectors and fair approach please. Michel or other catalogue exchange basis

Name: Jeanne Reynolds [2018-04-21] Confirmed
Country: Ireland Exchange
Want: ww stamps
Offer: ww stamps
Note: No scans want lists catalogs

Name: Nima Chha [2018-04-20] Advanced
Country: Nepal Exchange Sell
Want: WW Mint Stamps
Offer: Mint/Used Stamps from many countries
Note: Exchange Michel.

Name: Gag Jean-charles stamp site [2018-04-20] Confirmed
Country: France Exchange
Want: all stamps according to wantlists or scans ( see website)
Offer: stamps according to my website and other
Note: I search stamps no damaged

Name: Dominic Ellul [2018-04-19] Confirmed
Country: Malta No-Exchange Sell
Offer: Lots of Malta stamps for sale at €0.03 each stamp + postage to be paid by buyer. Also Malta FIRST DAY COVERS available.
Note: No wish lists. Wish lists will be ignored.

Name: Tadeusz Giwerski [2018-04-19] Advanced
Country: Poland No-Exchange Sell
Offer: Stamps Poland, Soviet Union, CEPT, DDR, new issues Germany
Note: mint and used

Name: Helen Damine stamp site [2018-04-19] Expert
Country: USA Exchange Sell
Offer: Stamps album

Name: Luis Augusto Da Silveira [2018-04-19] Advanced
Country: Brazil Exchange
Want: Australia, England and New Zealand
Offer: Brazil
Note: used and mint

Name: Mishenin Iuriy [2018-04-18] Advanced
Country: Moldova Exchange Buy Sell
Want: Fauna, railway, Europa cet, chess, locomotives
Offer: mint stamps Moldova, CIS, Turkey and other
Note: Only mint complet sets basis Michel

Name: Yurij Danilov [2018-04-18] Advanced
Country: Ukraine Exchange
Want: Mint stamps, s/s, m/s from Israel, Spain, Italia, Malta, G.B., Greece on wantlist
Offer: Mint stamps s/s, m/s from Ukraine, some Russia, Moldova
Note: Exchange on Michel or your offer

Name: Petrescu Marian Florin [2018-04-18] Advanced
Country: Romania Exchange
Want: Want recent mint topical issues (WWF, Fauna, Flora, Transport, Painting) from whole world.
Offer: Offer mint or used Romania 1960-2018, mint Moldova 2005-2018, mint Hungary 1960-1990. Also I can offer topical issues from more other countries.
Note: Exchange base: Michel

Name: Vasiliy Legotin [2018-04-16] Advanced
Country: Russia Exchange
Want: Fauna, flora, Olympic games all the world MINT
Offer: Russia, USSR, Moldova, Belarus, ex-USSR countries
Note: I also know French Spanish Portuguese

Name: Shiu Fai Tang [2018-04-16] Confirmed
Country: Canada Exchange
Want: Used stamps from G.B., Ireland, Europe, South America and Japan within the latest 12 years
Offer: Used stamps from British Commonwealth, Australia, new Zealand, . Africa
Note: I prefer to exchange from 250 stamps or large amount but no CTO Scans Wantlists and common definitives.

Name: Oleg Pavlov [2018-04-16] Advanced
Country: Ukraine Exchange Sell
Want: mint thematic stamps WW
Offer: All mint issues stamps s/sh, m/sh, covers, postcards, provisories.varieties… from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and from other new republics of ex-USSR and thematic stamps WW
Note: exchange on the base Michel catalogue

Name: Levon Rukhkyan [2018-04-16] Advanced
Country: Armenia No-Exchange Buy Sell
Want: USSR mint stamps 1949-1956
Offer: WW mint stamps Reptiles
Note: High quality

Name: Shlomo Benzaquen [2018-04-16] Advanced
Country: Israel Exchange
Want: stamps of the thematics fauna, transport, ships, archeology flowers and music
Offer: I offer stamps of Israel differents years mint with bandelet
Note: I am willing to send first- absolute seriousness


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