Name: Domenico Zanardi [2017-02-25] Confirmed
Country: Italy Exchange
Want: Used commemorative of Italy, 1990 up today
Offer: Used commemorative west Europe, USA, w.w. ... recent and older
Note: Exchange 1:1 self adhesive on paper are welcome

Name: John David [2017-02-25] Confirmed
Country: Belgium Exchange Buy Sell
Want: stamps used/mint, polen after 1990, hungaria after1990, canada 1955 till 2000, australia 1955 till 2000 , also birds, flowers
Offer: belgium stamps mint or used
Note: only by wantlist yvert or michel

Name: Varun Thomas Paul [2017-02-25] Advanced
Country: India Exchange
Want: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Moldova, Portugal. I"ll consider other suggestions as well.
Offer: A mix of WW stamps mainly India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Argentina.
Note: Offer 100/200 stamps. No wantlists Duplicates accepted.

Name: Mike Andrews stamp site [2017-02-24] Confirmed
Country: United Kingdom Exchange
Want: East Germany DDR 1949-90, MNH or used (not CTO). Reich Germany used.
Offer: Various. France, French Colonies, New Zealand, GB, WW. Mostly used.
Note: Swaps based on scans please. See my dropbox page but I have many not yet uploaded.

Name: Chris Christo [2017-02-24] Advanced
Country: Canada Exchange
Want: Italy 2010-2016 Sweden 2012-2016, Cyprus 2003-2016, Denmark 2009-2016, Norway 2010--2016 GB 2010-2015, Greece 2013-2015
Offer: Worldwide
Note: Looking for used stamps Can trade in large numbers also

Name: Ho Tak Chiang [2017-02-24] Advanced
Country: Hong Kong No-Exchange Sell
Offer: Nearly all mint complete sets of Singapore from 1973-2002 for sale with face values + 30%, excluding postal and handling charge. All in very fine conditions. Write for details.
Note: Payment with PayPal is preferred.

Name: William Howe [2017-02-23] Advanced
Country: France Exchange
Want: Norway, Austria, PR. China, Taiwan
Offer: Used world
Note: No CTO Arab countries eastern Europ

Name: Faouzi Belaid [2017-02-23] Confirmed
Country: Tunisia Exchange
Want: canada recent.USA recent.Belgique.Rep Tcheque.Scandinavie
Note: 1100/100

Name: Muhammad Aashif [2017-02-22] Confirmed
Country: India Exchange Buy Sell
Want: Birds, Fish, Places, Monuments, Transport, Animals, Flowers and People
Offer: Indian First Day Covers, Postal History Covers, Stamps as you wish
Note: Like to Collect Mint and Used Stamps Miniature Covers Postal history covers Cards like to swap on regular basis....

Name: Alexey Fedotow [2017-02-22] Advanced
Country: Russia Exchange
Want: exchange mint stamps fauna completes worldwide
Offer: mint stamps fauna
Note: basis catalogue michel stamps sending registered letter

Name: William Garcia [2017-02-22] Confirmed
Country: Brazil Exchange Sell
Want: World Wide large used stamps or WW with topics from lighthouses, bridges and dogs, no CTO
Offer: Used stamps Worldwide, no CTO
Note: I prefer sets of 100 or 150 each time.

Name: Gad Levy [2017-02-21] Advanced
Country: Israel Exchange
Want: used french and british colonies , monaco , andorra , liechtenstein , luxembourg , iceland , finland & greenland
Offer: ISRAEL mint and used stamps with and without tabs , mint and used & israel FDC with tabs
Note: Please send me first - all my stamps are checked carefully and can be scann before sending .

Name: Juan Jose De La Parte [2017-02-21] Advanced
Country: Spain Exchange
Want: Used stamps from your country
Offer: Used Spanish stamps
Note: 50:50 - 100:100 - I accept and send duplicates on request

Name: Yurij Danilov [2017-02-21] Advanced
Country: Ukraine Exchange
Want: China mint stamps, s/s after 2014 year
Offer: Ukraine, Russia, Moldova
Note: On face value

Name: Suraj Pathak [2017-02-21] Beginner
Country: India Exchange
Want: world wide Stamps, Banknotes, Coins, Match box, cigarette box.
Offer: Indian Stamps, Coins, Banknotes, MatchBox, cigarette box & Much More.
Note: always reply to everyone.

Name: Frederic Vincent [2017-02-21] Advanced
Country: France Exchange
Want: Worldwide stamps
Offer: 100 used stamps mainly europeans
Note: No scan no list

Name: Shardool Kulkarni [2017-02-20] Confirmed
Country: India Exchange
Want: world wide stamps, coins, banknotes.
Offer: Indian coins, banknotes, w.w. stamps, match box, cigarette box.
Note: i reply to all.

Name: Sergiusz Kojło [2017-02-20] Advanced
Country: Poland Exchange
Want: mint thematic complete sets worldwide
Offer: Mint and used stamps from Poland and other countries
Note: catalogue Michel

Name: Luís Santos [2017-02-20] Beginner
Country: Portugal Exchange Buy
Want: Joint Issues, EUROPA, EUROMED, SEPAC, SAPOA, NORDEN, UPAEP: All Fdc and Blocks Mint.
Offer: Portugal stamps
Note: After agreement

Name: Rade Skaro stamp site [2017-02-20] Confirmed
Country: Croatia Exchange
Want: Stamps from USSR, DDR, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia until 1990. From countries of disgusting obsolete dictatorial communism and socialism.
Offer: Stamps, mainly from West Europa and USA. From modern human liberal capitalism countries.
Note: Thank you for your understanding. Happy collecting.

Name: Alf Lambertsen [2017-02-20] Confirmed
Country: France Exchange
Want: used stamps from Japan-China-Vietnam-Mongolia
Offer: used stamps from country in Europe
Note: like to used wantlist or descript list.

Name: Alan Forester [2017-02-20] Confirmed
Country: Australia Exchange
Want: 100 different used stamps Austria, Finland, G.Britain [ 2012-2016]
Offer: 100 different used stamps Australia
Note: No scans wantlists cto"s

Name: Zoran Pavićević [2017-02-20] Expert
Country: Serbia Exchange Sell
Want: Mint thematic S/S , M/S and Booklet issues !
Offer: Mint thematic issues ( stamps , F.D.C. and Booklet issues ) from more Europa and World country ´ s !
Note: I use Michel catalog !

Name: Cédric Dufour [2017-02-19] Advanced
Country: France Exchange
Want: carribean (exept Cuba), ethiopia, groenland, island, portugal (recent) greek (sport or recent), nigerian, fidji or ww
Offer: ww or recent french stamps
Note: 1:1 50 or 100

Name: Dan Novotny [2017-02-19] Advanced
Country: Czech Republic Exchange
Want: recent west Europe, USA, Australia, NZ, or worlwide
Offer: the same
Note: by scans or wants pictures

Name: Aftab Uddin [2017-02-19] Confirmed
Country: Bangladesh Exchange
Want: Mint Commemorative stamps, s/s, m/s, in complete sets WW on topic: Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, Mother Teressa, Coin on stamps, Fauna, Insects, Reptiles, Olympics.
Offer: Bangladesh Mint Commemorative stamps, s/s, m/s, FDC.
Note: Exchange at Michel prefer all mails by registered.

Name: David Milne [2017-02-19] Confirmed
Country: USA Exchange
Want: Used stamps from: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Panama, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Haiti, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Philippines
Offer: World wide used stamps
Note: 300 mixed mostly definitives for 100 commemoratives

Name: Alireza Naseri [2017-02-18] Expert
Country: Iran Exchange
Want: Mint World wide stamps
Offer: Mint Iran stamps 1980-2017. Also I can prepare used stamps for exchange with mint stamps of your country
Note: I use Michel and Scott

Name: Ramana Irukula [2017-02-18] Confirmed
Country: India Exchange
Want: W/w used stamps and banknotes
Offer: W/w used stamps and banknotes
Note: Banknotes 1 x 1 and stamps 50 / 100 / 200 per letter . No catalogue . No scan . I"ll answer all yr emails .

Name: Pascal Fontaine [2017-02-18] Advanced
Country: France Exchange
Want: MNH Europa CEPT stamps 2016-2017 Italy, San Marino, Vaticano, Greece, Cyprus.
Offer: MNH Europa CEPT stamps 2016 France, Monaco, French Andorra, ex-USSR countries.
Note: Exchange by face value or 1:1 if mutual agreement.


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