Name: Alfredo Peri [2016-06-28] Expert
Country: Argentina Exchange
Want: used or new stamp Europe country, and Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Israel, USA, Russian, ex USSR, mostly Switzerland, Monaco, San Marino and Liechtenstein
Offer: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Latin American Countries and the rest of the world
Note: Only serious correct partner. You contact first you send first. Used stamp in good condition. 1x1 or based on Scott c

Name: Moraes Neves [2016-06-28] Confirmed
Country: Australia Exchange
Want: 100 WW used stamps, no CTOs, no wantlists
Offer: 100 Australia used stamps
Note: Pls refer to previous feedback also interested in domestic exchange of WW stamps

Name: Tonny South [2016-06-27] Confirmed
Country: Hong Kong Exchange
Want: used or mint stamps everywhere
Offer: coins from Hong Kong, China, Macau, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Russia and South Korea, 1 coin for 20 stamps.
Note: I don"t send first

Name: Tahir Anjum Arshed [2016-06-27] Advanced
Country: Pakistan Exchange Sell
Want: Please offer me.I will answer all mails
Offer: Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, Malta, Netherland, Olympic, Pakistan, Sports, Switzerland, USA
Note: I can send All different upto 800 of some countries plus many themes

Name: Mirko Armbrust [2016-06-27] Confirmed
Country: Croatia Exchange
Want: Mint thematic stamps from ww
Offer: Mint Jugoslavia + mint thematic from ww
Note: I use Michel catalog - can send for stamps:phonecards lottery tickets calendars

Name: Rosen Sipsev [2016-06-27] Confirmed
Country: Bulgaria No-Exchange Sell
Offer: MINT FULL THEMATIC SETS from WW of one very good base- 20% up to 25% Michel
Note: stamps in first quality

Name: Shirley Lims [2016-06-27] Beginner
Country: Malaysia No-Exchange Sell
Want: =
Offer: Malaysia first day covers
Note: first day cover dated back to 1949. others available

Name: Ricardo Santos [2016-06-27] Advanced
Country: Brazil Exchange
Want: Vatican, UK (Machins), USSR, Egypt (used or new)
Offer: Brazil (used), world
Note: I collect user or new i offer only canceled (circulated) stamps.

Name: Bgfong Boon [2016-06-27] Confirmed
Country: Brunei Exchange
Want: used stamps
Offer: ww used stamps
Note: used stamps only

Name: Benjeddou Saber [2016-06-26] Advanced
Country: Tunisia Exchange
Want: Used or mint stamps from Algeria, Jersey, Guernesey, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Iceland.
Offer: Used stamps from Tunisia
Note: No want list. 1x1

Name: Jim Fattaleh [2016-06-26] Advanced
Country: USA Exchange
Want: World Wide postaly used
Offer: World Wide postaly used
Note: 100/100

Name: Vasiliy Fedotov [2016-06-26] Advanced
Country: Russia Exchange
Want: MNH complete sets from world-wide
Offer: MNH complete sets, miniature sheets, souvenir sheets, sheetlets from Russia (1992-2016) and USSR (1955-1991)
Note: Base of exchange: Michel catalogue. For safety use only Registered Mail. You contact first You send first.

Name: Benjeddou Saber [2016-06-26] Advanced
Country: Tunisia Exchange
Want: Used or mint stamps from Algeria, Jersey, Guernesey, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Iceland.
Offer: Used stamps from Tunisia
Note: No want list. 1x1

Name: Pascale Puyo [2016-06-26] Confirmed
Country: France Exchange
Want: Used stamps ww but no definitive.
Offer: Used France all period.
Note: 1x1 only.

Name: Paramasivan Surendran [2016-06-26] Advanced
Country: India Exchange
Want: England, Switzerland, Singapore, stamps on Stamp, Dog
Offer: India used or mint stamps
Note: All mail answer

Name: Dariusz Malaj [2016-06-26] Confirmed
Country: Poland Exchange
Want: mint stamps from Europe, Australia, South America (2000 – 2016)
Offer: mint stamps from Australia, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Canada, Russia, Argentina, Italy, also other countries
Note: offer also used stamps for mint ones ( 10 for one )

Name: Heinrich Heiser [2016-06-26] Advanced
Country: Germany Exchange
Want: used Iceland, UK, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Portugal, Greece, Australia, overseas, stamps of YOUR country
Offer: used Germany, especially recent stamps of the Federal Republic of Germany
Note: I prefer trading according to wantlists and Michel catalogue values.

Name: Marc Vrancken [2016-06-25] Confirmed
Country: Belgium Exchange
Want: 100 different large size GB after 2000
Offer: 100 different thema minerals or 400 different spain
Note: no want list

Name: Fabrizio Zamuner [2016-06-24] Confirmed
Country: Switzerland Exchange

Name: Paulo Ludgero [2016-06-24] Advanced
Country: Brazil Exchange

Name: Herry Moore [2016-06-24] Beginner
Country: Indonesia No-Exchange Sell
Want: united states, USA
Offer: Dragon Shaped Cloud Stamp

Name: Jacob Goldstein [2016-06-23] Advanced
Country: Israel Exchange
Want: mint thematic complete sets worldwide
Offer: mint and used stamps

Name: Leon Minhaz [2016-06-23] Beginner
Country: Sweden Exchange
Want: Italian or/and Switzerland
Offer: Sweden
Note: 150-150 or 200-200 basis. used and duplicate . no list please. send stamp picture and exchange.

Name: Yurij Danilov [2016-06-23] Advanced
Country: Ukraine Exchange
Want: mint MNH Spain (1950-2000), Spanish Colonies, San-Marino(1950-2000)
Offer: mint MNH Ukraine
Note: on Michel

Name: Drazen Kladar [2016-06-23] Advanced
Country: Bosnia & Herzegovina Exchange
Want: Mint and FDC- Iran, Portugal, Aland, Sweden, ex USSR, Argentina, Portugal, Vietnam, Mongolia, Egypt, USA, Romania, UK, Ireland etc..
Offer: WW Mint/FDC- Butterflies, Birds, WWF, Europe cept, Olympic games, Football, Marine life, Railways, Lighthouses, Sports, Xmas etc..
Note: I reply to all

Name: Trevor Jacob [2016-06-23] Confirmed
Country: Australia Exchange
Want: 100 stamps from your country
Offer: 200 WW stamps, not including your country sent to me
Note: Used stamps in good condition only

Name: Janusz Szpaczynski [2016-06-23] Advanced
Country: Poland Exchange
Want: Covers with Europa Cept addressed to me.
Offer: Covers with Europa Cept from Poland addressed to you.
Note: Please write.

Name: Marc Morin [2016-06-22] Advanced
Country: Canada Exchange Sell
Want: Stamps listed on Scott 1-2-3, Countries beginning by letter A up to letter I. Preference for used, but I take NH also. Some topics: Disney, JF Kennedy, Europa and Olympics.
Offer: Stamps from around the world (used, H and NH). I have offer list and want list available. Many SS. Many Canadian stamps, used, mint, FDC, booklet and SS.
Note: No CTO please. I use Scott catalogue for world and Unitrade for Canada. You contact first you send first.

Name: Paul Van Den Brom [2016-06-22] Expert
Country: Netherlands Exchange
Want: 50 used stamps of one European or Asian country from years 2002-2016 all round cancellations, no definitives or small ones
Offer: 50 used stamps of Liechtenstein and Faroer from years 2002-2016 all round cancellations, no definitives or small ones
Note: Prefer to exchange a scan first

Name: Cees Vriends [2016-06-22] Advanced
Country: Netherlands Exchange
Want: mint/ussed ussed new zealand
Offer: the same
Note: michel cateloque stamp/stamp you send first

Name: Mike Andrews stamp site [2016-06-22] Beginner
Country: UK Exchange
Want: Third Reich and Allied Occupied Germany (used only please)
Offer: Various France/French Colony M/H and used.
Note: Swap one for one based on scans. Please visit link and view scans and if something of interest then email me thanks!

Name: John Farrell [2016-06-22] Advanced
Country: USA Exchange
Want: MNH Canada, Japan or Western Europe commemoratives
Offer: MNH Japan commemoratives
Note: Quality for quality

Name: Claude Prudhomme [2016-06-22] Expert
Country: Canada Exchange
Want: used stamps from your country
Offer: used stamps from almost every country
Note: any stamps

Name: Cristóbal Feldman Veneziani [2016-06-22] Advanced
Country: Argentina Exchange Sell
Want: mint sports, used australia , british colonies.
Offer: argentina, uruguay , brasil and topics. have malvinas for sell and british colonies.

Name: Arrigoni Aberto [2016-06-21] Advanced
Country: Italy Exchange
Want: Outside Europe Asia Africa America Pacific and Carribean Islands
Offer: Europe Japan Australia and many other
Note: 300.000 duplicates Yvert Michel Sakura catalogues

Name: Gary Goodman [2016-06-21] Advanced
Country: UK Exchange
Want: Cheese Labels Only (Must be Triangular in shape)
Offer: Worldwide Stamps Off Paper - No sticky label countries.
Note: Please state how many you want for each label.!

Name: Imre Mester [2016-06-21] Advanced
Country: Hungary Exchange Sell
Want: ww used stamps any countries
Offer: ww used East Europa mostly Hungary, Romania, Poland, West Europa mostly Spain, Swiss, Germany, GB, and USA, Australia, Africa i h
Note: only serious correct partner

Name: Dimitry Haprov [2016-06-21] Advanced
Country: Ukraine Exchange
Want: mint stamps wwf art transort birds history events
Offer: the sane from my country
Note: dased michel or 1-1

Name: Pearl Khambata [2016-06-21] Confirmed
Country: India Exchange
Want: China, Iran , Egypt and Japan.
Offer: Oman and India
Note: Only MINT issues of recent years. . Also intertested in covers addressed to me . I can send you a cover addreesed toi yo

Name: Moses Isaac [2016-06-21] Advanced
Country: Israel Exchange
Want: ww used stamps
Offer: ww used stamps
Note: no want lists exchange1:1


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