Name: Antoine De Palma [2015-07-07] Confirmed
Country: France Exchange
Want: south american used stamps and Canada
Offer: French english german and various european: Greece, Italy, Poland , Rumania, New Zeland, Australia ...
Note: exchange 100 vs100 or 200 vs 200 in good conditions

Name: Maurizio Meroni [2015-07-07] Advanced
Country: Italy Exchange
Want: I search used stamps from Belgio
Offer: I can give used stamps from west europe and japan
Note: I trade only according wantlist

Name: Domenico Zanardi [2015-07-07] Advanced
Country: Italy Exchange
Want: large size-commemorative stamps of USA
Offer: large size-commemorative stamps of Germany, France, WW
Note: postally used stamps

Name: Tihomir Pintarić [2015-07-07] Advanced
Country: Croatia No-Exchange Sell
Offer: 50.000, 00 (fifty thousand) worldwide stamps ( any country, any topic you want )
Note: Send me an e-mail. I will answer to all. I can send you a scan list but no catalog or want list.

Name: Wou Xin Jacques [2015-07-07] Advanced
Country: China Exchange
Want: mint issues of France, Czech, Russia, Ukraine
Offer: mint issues of China and Taiwan
Note: Catalogue or face value. I prefer Scott. Contact in English or French.

Name: Venkata Rao Lanka [2015-07-07] Confirmed
Country: India Exchange Sell
Want: I want w/w used postal stamps for swap(exchange)
Offer: Any country welcome
Note: Send your items 1st through Register Air Mail post&get same way from my side.

Name: Fernando Goncalves [2015-07-06] Advanced
Country: Portugal No-Exchange Buy Sell
Want: New and used stamps from, Portugal, Macau, Hong Kong and China
Offer: New and used stamps from, Portugal, Macau, Hong Kong and China
Note: I use Paypal

Name: Vasiliy Legotin [2015-07-06] Advanced
Country: Russia Exchange
Want: all the world
Offer: Russia, USSR, Maoldova, Belarus, ex-USSR
Note: fauna flora Olimpic Games

Name: Mike Ricketts [2015-07-06] Advanced
Country: UK Exchange Sell
Want: UK 2006 - 2015
Offer: Australia, Germany, Finland, CEPT
Note: Used commems only

Name: Wayne Harriman [2015-07-06] Advanced
Country: USA Exchange
Want: World-wide mint or used from Scott-numbered want lists or your offer lists.
Offer: World-wide mint (no mint complete sets) or used from my Scott-numbered offer lists or your want lists. No topical requests.
Note: Trade by Scott catalog value

Name: Milad Derakhshan stamp site [2015-07-05] Advanced
Country: Iran Exchange Buy
Want: Coins - Paper money - Stamp- medal - token -Collection Object-Tickets
Offer: USA -Canada- Australia - Niue - Gibraltar - Cayman Islands - Fiji -
Note: STAMPS - COINS - BANKNOTES FROM IRAN. A special collection of iranian coins and stamps and banknotes for sale.

Name: Mustapha Khalil [2015-07-05] Advanced
Country: Morocco Exchange Buy Sell
Want: stamps N*, N*, used, fr, spain polynesia, taaf
Offer: N**, N*, used maghreb, fr, spain, egypt, syria, libanon, et autres

Name: Vladimir Kachan [2015-07-05] Advanced
Country: Belarus Exchange Sell
Want: payment or old philatelic materials with butterflies in exchange
Offer: philatelic materials of the world with butterflies and other insects (meter mark, special cancels, postal stationeries, FDC), philatelic materials of USSR 1979-1991 (FDC, maxicards, cancels, mint stam
Note: I can send photocopies of philatelic materials from my propose. Propose also Belarus and some Ex-USSR mint set stamps

Name: Drazen Kladar [2015-07-05] Advanced
Country: Bosnia & Herzegovina Exchange
Want: Mint/FDC- Belgium, Israel, Germany, Sweden, Russia, Bulgaria, Algeria, Spain, Egypt, Norway, ex USSR, Italy, China, Taiwan, HK etc
Offer: WW Mint/FDC-Butterflies, Birds, WWF, Fish, Lighthouses, Fauna, Football, Europe cept, Olympics, Pope, Xmas, Ships, Aircraft etc..

Name: Vasiliy Fedotov [2015-07-05] Advanced
Country: Russia Exchange
Want: MNH stamps, souvenir sheets, miniature sheets from world-wide on the theme FAUNA. Especially I need Bulgaria, Romania, new states of ex-Yugoslavia, South and Central America..
Offer: MNH stamps, souvenir sheets, miniature sheets, FDC`s, pre-paid covers and postcards of Russia, USSR, new states of ex-USSR.
Note: Base of exchange: Michel catalogue. Use only Registered Air Mail. I do not send the first.

Name: Jia Zhong [2015-07-05] Beginner
Country: Hong Kong Exchange
Want: Mint stamps
Offer: Mint stamps
Note: per exchange rate

Name: Jonas Prielaida [2015-07-04] Advanced
Country: Lithuania Exchange
Want: MINT full set, ms, sheet fauna, lighthouse ww
Offer: MINT full set all thematic ww
Note: michel scan

Name: Jorge Costa Ramòn [2015-07-04] Advanced
Country: Argentina Exchange
Want: Argentina-Brasil-USA-España-Italia-Alemania (Reich-Berlin-Bundes-DDR)
Offer: World Wide
Note: Echange by scaner(pictures) and want list Scott and Michel 1 x 1 used

Name: Sergiusz Kojlo [2015-07-04] Advanced
Country: Poland Exchange
Want: mint stamps w / the complete series of thematic
Offer: Poland and other stamps
Note: exchange only mint stamps

Name: Venir Gianfranco [2015-07-03] Confirmed
Country: Italy Exchange
Want: I need collectors from Ireland(EIRE), Switzerland, Portugal, New Zealand
Offer: used stamps from Italy and other countries
Note: I am also an Organizer of exchange adddresses with circuit.(ICC)

Name: Katrina Duchesse [2015-07-03] Advanced
Country: Argentina Exchange
Want: used stamps by list needs from Alger, Checoslovakia, France, Iceland, Ireland, Maroc and Sarre.
Offer: used stamps from my country Argentina
Note: basis value some catalogue.

Name: David Milne [2015-07-03] Confirmed
Country: USA Exchange
Want: Used stamps from Latin America, the Caribbean or Britsh Commonwealth countries
Offer: Used stamps from USA, Canada or worldwide
Note: 100x100

Name: Thomas D"eon [2015-07-02] Confirmed
Country: Canada Exchange
Want: I am Tom from Nova Scotia, Canada. I like getting mail from fellow stamp collectors from around the world.
Note: Looking for correspond with stamp collectors from Turkey Romania China North and South Korea Ireland Isle of Man.

Name: Felix Roldan [2015-07-02] Confirmed
Country: Spain Exchange
Want: Worldwide used stamps before 1950
Offer: Spain, Czechoslovakia, Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain, Poland, Switzerland, Vatican, USSR, Canada, USA, Grenada, Dominican Republic, Maldives, Mongolia Rwanda,
Note: Exchange based on scans/photos

Name: Ron Goldworm [2015-07-01] Advanced
Country: USA Exchange
Want: medium large ww used stamps
Offer: 100 medium large get 300 small and defins 200 you get 600 small 300 you get 1000 small
Note: can also trade up to 500 medium large for same

Name: Bruce Haas [2015-07-01] Confirmed
Country: USA Exchange
Want: Used Spain
Offer: Used USA, BC, Canada and Australia
Note: Exchange 100 for 100

Name: Syed Ahmed [2015-07-01] Advanced
Country: USA Exchange
Want: used worldwide stamps in packets of 250/500/1000
Offer: used worldwide stamps in packets of 250/500/1000
Note: Collection of 50 000 WW Stamps

Name: Farooq Iqbal [2015-07-01] Confirmed
Country: Pakistan Exchange
Want: Worldwide
Offer: Used and mint Pakistan
Note: Exchange block of 4 against used

Name: Erminio Fignon [2015-06-30] Advanced
Country: Italy Exchange

Name: Kei Ngan [2015-06-30] Confirmed
Country: Macau Exchange
Want: USED large size mixed stamps worldwide
Offer: some mint sets of MACAU stamps

Name: Jacob Goldstein [2015-06-30] Advanced
Country: Israel Exchange
Want: mint thematic stamps worldwide
Offer: stamps from my country and some other countries

Name: Petti Lucio [2015-06-30] Advanced
Country: Italy No-Exchange Sell
Offer: I sell all my collections of stamps
Note: ask me the country you search and I send you scan ol the collection

Name: Pawel Wozniak [2015-06-30] Beginner
Country: Canada Exchange
Want: Egypt, Israel, Brasil, Bahamas, USA, monuments, history, cosmos, see world, also others
Offer: few stamps from Spain, Germany and Poland
Note: I"m interested in any stamps particularly in the ones from above have high resolution picture of your stamps

Name: Armando Friman [2015-06-30] Advanced
Country: USA Exchange Sell
Want: MNH Fauna. Uncirculate banknotes
Offer: MNH - Cuba, errors, imperforates, S/S, blocks, complete years, USA, WW, topicals
Note: Only MNH. Only uncirculate banknotes


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