Name: Michel Labelle [2014-08-20] Advanced
Country: Canada Exchange
Want: WW
Offer: WW
Note: Large stamps

Name: Edwin Muller [2014-08-20] Expert
Country: Netherlands Exchange
Want: France Germany Belgium Denmark Sweden Norway Finland Greece Switzerland Iceland Greenland
Offer: Netherlands Sweden Belgium Europe
Note: Am interested in exchange of used stamps.

Name: Shemina Sumar [2014-08-20] Beginner
Country: Kenya No-Exchange Sell
Want: wish to sell old used stamps - India, Australia, Kenya Uganda Tanganyika, Kenya only
Note: Have lots of variety - can email or send via whatsapp

Name: Marc Ramon stamp site [2014-08-20] Advanced
Country: Spain Exchange
Want: 100 used stamps your country
Offer: 20 lottery tickects from Spain:
Note: I don"t send first.

Name: Zoran Ćubela stamp site [2014-08-20] Confirmed
Country: Bosnia & Herzegovina Exchange
Want: (used or mint) Andorra (Sp & Fr), Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Malta, San Marino, Vatican City, the Faroe Islands and (mint) WWF .... another country does not collect.
Note: Exchange by Michel catalog. Do not send the letter first. I do not buy stamps to share ...

Name: Asaf Cvijetic [2014-08-20] Beginner
Country: Croatia Exchange
Want: ww countries (used stamps)
Offer: ww countries (only used stamps)
Note: I do not buy stamps

Name: Raymond Spitzer [2014-08-20] Advanced
Country: USA Exchange
Want: Recent used stamps from any European Caountry
Offer: Recent used stamps from Germany
Note: All stamps from last 4 years. All inquiries will be answered.

Name: Ho Tak Chiang [2014-08-20] Expert
Country: Hong Kong No-Exchange Sell
Offer: A_MHN_collection_of_Singapore_for_sale, _with_face-value_+_40%, _in_a_whole_lot_basic.__All_stamps_are_in_perfect_condition.__Postage_excluded.__Please_write_for_details.
Note: Use_PayPal_only.

Name: Stefano Zanetti [2014-08-19] Advanced
Country: Italy Exchange
Want: France commemoratives perod 1971-2000 used
Offer: Italy period 1953-2009 used, specializations, some new values
Note: no wantlists exchange 1x1 100x 200x 500x I accept other combinations or suggestions but only related to France

Name: Paolo Varlonga [2014-08-19] Advanced
Country: Italy Exchange

Name: Moha Erabah [2014-08-19] Beginner
Country: Germany Exchange
Want: worldwide stamps, used preferred
Offer: airmail labels worldwide, both old and new

Name: Dyuti Hasan [2014-08-19] Advanced
Country: Bangladesh Exchange
Want: Chess
Offer: Flora,

Name: Tanvir Alex Khan [2014-08-19] Expert
Country: Bangladesh Exchange Buy Sell
Want: used, mint , never hinged, europe, asia, north america, south america
Offer: bangladesh & near regions MINT and Used
Note: I only exchange with REgisterd mail

Name: John Bean [2014-08-18] Confirmed
Country: Australia Exchange
Want: 100 OR 200 used world wide commes of your country or world wide

Name: Udbhav Midha [2014-08-18] Beginner
Country: India No-Exchange Sell
Want: Indian stamps 1960s
Offer: As good as possible
Note: 1960s stamps in good condition

Name: Anders Zellman [2014-08-18] Confirmed
Country: Sweden Exchange
Want: Europa
Offer: Europa
Note: Used

Name: Sunil Mathew [2014-08-18] Advanced
Country: India Exchange Sell
Want: Israel, All South American, All African, All European, Careebian, Christmas, Olympics, Football
Offer: India Commemoratives, Miniature Sheets, FDCs

Name: Trevor Jacob [2014-08-18] Beginner
Country: Australia Exchange
Want: UK USA France Russia Germany Europe Africa Any
Offer: Australia
Note: Consider any swaps

Name: Sebastiao Sousa [2014-08-18] Advanced
Country: Brazil Exchange
Want: Worldwide maximum-cards - tarjetas maximas - cartes-maximas - cartolina maxima.
Offer: Brazil mint topicals stamps in complet sets and maximum-cards

Name: Arnaud Bizot [2014-08-18] Confirmed
Country: France Exchange
Want: World used
Offer: France - Germany - Denmark - Switzerland, all used
Note: 1 to1 basis by 50 or more. No CTOs please

Name: Ron Goldworm [2014-08-17] Confirmed
Country: USA Exchange
Want: world wide used stamps no usa
Offer: world wide used stamps us included
Note: want to trade in 100 at a time

Name: Roger Janssen [2014-08-17] Confirmed
Country: Belgium Exchange Sell
Want: Scandinavian and Baltic countries MNH (stamps, s/s and postal stationery); Australia stamps and s/s MNH
Offer: Begium MNH and cancelled; Scandinavian and Baltic countries

Name: Manuel Bellido [2014-08-17] Advanced
Country: Spain Exchange
Want: ww used stamps
Offer: ww used stamps

Name: Eddy Gold [2014-08-17] Confirmed
Country: China Exchange
Want: used: Australian Antarctic Terrritory, Australia (only last 10 years), Austria, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Greenland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland
Offer: mainly Germany, some WW
Note: I"m German currently living in China; exchange 1:1 at 200 or more each time; I can provide Germany acc. to wantlist

Name: Lau Benjamin [2014-08-17] Confirmed
Country: Hong Kong Exchange
Want: Used stamps with Country of my interest.
Offer: Used Japanese and German definitive and commemorative stamps
Note: exchange by 50:50 100:100

Name: John Kap stamp site [2014-08-16] Beginner
Country: Netherlands Exchange
Want: Machin stamps. Only from England, no regionals
Offer: Netherlands
Note: Collecting stamps now for a long time. Now I"m Interested in Machin stamps. It will be a nice challange to me. 😉

Name: mack strathdee [2014-08-16] Advanced
Country: Canada Exchange Buy
Want: 2009-2014 security machins on paper ...
Offer: worldwide, machins in trade ...

Name: Yuri Katsov [2014-08-16] Advanced
Country: Ukraine Exchange
Want: Mint thematic stamp sets, FDC"s, postal stationery - all philatelic products to certain topics
Offer: Mint thematic stamps, FDC"s, postal stationery or ask more
Note: Only advance and established collectors please. Will discuss much and in-depth prior to starting exchange

Name: Cyro Oliveira [2014-08-16] Confirmed
Country: Brazil Exchange
Want: world stamps/ your country
Offer: 100 stamps from Brazil with or without goma.several years.
Note: I want the same quality and quantity any country.

Name: Giuseppe Verdi [2014-08-16] Confirmed
Country: Italy Exchange
Want: used stamps from Australia, Canada, Norway, France, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland
Offer: Used Italian stamps and West Europe countries
Note: Exchange based Michel catalogue and for recent stamps with description and year emission

Name: Rochdi Berrahma [2014-08-16] Beginner
Country: Algeria Exchange
Want: ww stamps + coins + banknotes
Offer: coins from algeria and czech republic + ww stamps.

Name: Helene Walch [2014-08-15] Advanced
Country: Germany Exchange
Want: worldwide new used stamps or by wantlist Michel or Venezuela Cameroon Mali Kenya Uganda Egypt
Offer: German stamps used by wantlist Michel or worldwide pieces or old Surinam and Antillen
Note: no scans only used stamps

Name: Wim Van Der Ven [2014-08-15] Confirmed
Country: Netherlands Exchange Buy
Want: Western europe scandinavia south and central america
Offer: Western europe scandinavia south and central america

Name: Oam Prakash [2014-08-15] Beginner
Country: India Exchange
Want: WW stamps
Offer: Indian used stamps
Note: Only exchange

Name: Edmund Vella [2014-08-15] Expert
Country: Malta Exchange Sell
Want: 100 recent from your country. All European countries by wantlist Michel.Commonwealth countries worldwide. Fine used.
Offer: 100 recent from Malta. Most European countries, Australia, Canada, African and Asian countries - also by wantlist Michel
Note: I am a serious worldwide stamp collector - looking for serious worldwide collectors.Use Michel St. Gibbons and Scott C

Name: Ricardo Venâncio [2014-08-14] Beginner
Country: Portugal Exchange
Want: ww stamps, themes like mushrooms, spiders, lizards, bats, owls, frogs, snakes and beetles. MINT, CTO and used
Offer: ww stamps, all themes, MINT, CTO and used

Name: Teresa Dabrowska [2014-08-14] Advanced
Country: Poland Exchange
Want: Israel, Turkey, Greece, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Scandinavian countries, Austria, Yugoslavia, Canada, Australia, Japan, USA and worldwide
Offer: DDR, CSRR, ZSRR, Poland, Japan, Israel, Australia, Canada, USA, and worldwide, FDC, postcard from Poland Sri Lanka
Note: swapping100 for 100 and more no wantlist

Name: Nicol Jörková [2014-08-14] Beginner
Country: Czech Republic Exchange
Want: full collections with no postmarks, Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Italy
Offer: full collections with no postmarks Czech Republic

Name: Gihan Paranawithana [2014-08-14] Advanced
Country: Sri Lanka Exchange
Want: Any 50ty used stamps of Your Country
Offer: Srilankan used Stamps
Note: Stamps must be in good conditions

Name: Vitor Silva [2014-08-14] Advanced
Country: Portugal Exchange
Want: Used stamps by wantlist (michel/yvert) from Germany, Berlin, GB, Sweden, Iceland, Switzerland, Finnland, Norway, Denmark, France, Italy, Netherlands.
Offer: Used stamps from Germany, Berlin, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands.

Name: Julian Marcos [2014-08-14] Advanced
Country: Argentina Exchange
Want: Seeking exchange of letters with a good stamp in the envelope and some stamps of the country of origin. Around the World.
Offer: Stamps of Stamps of Argentina. Amount to be agreed. At least 10 and at most 50 stamps.
Note: The intention is to get circulated envelopes with cute stamps and some stamps inside.

Name: Dariusz Malaj [2014-08-14] Advanced
Country: Poland Exchange
Want: Mint stamps
Offer: Mint stamps from Finland, Germany, Spain, Canada, France
Note: I have also many used stamps

Name: Lucien Jee [2014-08-14] Advanced
Country: China Exchange
Want: covers ONLY from around the world address to me
Offer: used stamps or covers from China

Name: Dov Torge [2014-08-14] Advanced
Country: Israel Exchange
Want: Europe only used and mint
Offer: W.W
Note: I have a website

Name: Dave Hartnell [2014-08-14] Expert
Country: New Zealand No-Exchange
Want: covers ONLY from around the world address to me
Offer: covers ONLY address to you from new zealand

Name: Hovic Alexanian [2014-08-14] Advanced
Country: Iran Exchange
Want: mint stamps
Offer: mint stamp


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