Name: Ali Rikhtegar [2017-12-15] Advanced
Country: Iraq Exchange Sell
Want: UNC Banknotes from your Country & Recently mint stamps From your Country
Offer: I can swap or sell UNC Banknotes from Iran and Iraq and Lebanon & Recently mint Stamps From Iran too
Note: I went to swap or sell I have many commemorative used stams . I don"t need to used Stamps

Name: Hajo Neustadt [2017-12-14] Confirmed
Country: Germany Exchange
Want: Used commemoratives UK 1995 - 2007; used stamps from Republic of Ireland
Offer: used stamps from Germany or German Democratic Republic
Note: 100:100 no damaged ones no want list

Name: M C Strathdee [2017-12-14] Advanced
Country: Canada Exchange
Want: France : Ciappa series
Offer: FRance : beaujards, others
Note: used only ... lots 100

Name: Jurij Danilov [2017-12-14] Advanced
Country: Ukraine Exchange
Want: : MNH stamps from 1960 - 2000 Complete sets. South America, Pacific islands, African countries, Arabic coutries and Asia
Offer: MNH stamps, s/s, m/s from Ukraine, some Russia, Moldova
Note: Your offer

Name: Giorla Vincent [2017-12-14] Confirmed
Country: France Exchange
Want: all Europe
Offer: France and all Europe
Note: 25:25 - 50:50 - no wantlist

Name: Joe De Moura [2017-12-14] Confirmed
Country: USA Exchange
Want: Exchange
Offer: 2000 Hungary
Note: In very good shape

Name: Marc Vrancken [2017-12-14] Advanced
Country: Belgium Exchange
Want: 150 different stamps GB after year 2000
Offer: 300 different stamps europe after year 2000
Note: Give 300 recent europe for 150 recent Great Britain

Name: Carlos Nabil [2017-12-13] Advanced
Country: Brazil Exchange
Want: World wide stamps used or mint
Offer: The same
Note: Prefer exchange 200:200 under agreement

Name: Luis Augusto Da Silveira [2017-12-13] Advanced
Country: Brazil Exchange
Want: England, Portugal and New Zealand
Offer: Brazil
Note: mint and used

Name: Monica Krebs [2017-12-13] Advanced
Country: Israel Exchange
Want: World-wide used, new or CTO"s stamps on many topics using scanned images
Offer: World-wide used, new or CTO"s stamps organized by country or topic using scans
Note: Offer and request non-damaged stamps shown on scans. No catalogues or wantlists please.

Name: Luca Ragazzoni [2017-12-13] Advanced
Country: Italy Exchange
Want: Japan and Italy mnh or used
Offer: Japan mnh+used, South Korea mnh, Italy used+mnh
Note: answer to all

Name: Helen Damine stamp site [2017-12-12] Expert
Country: USA Exchange Sell
Offer: Printable Stamps Album Pages
Note: Stamp Albums

Name: Marnix Bouckaert [2017-12-12] Advanced
Country: Belgium Exchange
Want: used comm west european stamps (only large size)
Offer: same quantity quality Back also many WW stamps
Note: no want lists scans possible who ask for trade send first

Name: Neil Burnard [2017-12-11] Confirmed
Country: South Africa No-Exchange Sell
Want: Sell
Offer: +7000 stamps, over 200 countries, pre 1950
Note: Over 400 pre 1920

Name: Helge Skau [2017-12-10] Confirmed
Country: Denmark Exchange Sell
Want: Africa, Asia, Mid East, former colonies, Latin America used stamps-in particular stamps issued after 1990 or better older stamps.
Offer: w.w. according to wishes-better for better.
Note: prefer around 150 stamps per letter

Name: Pierre Loire [2017-12-10] Confirmed
Country: France Exchange
Offer: Same

Name: Jared Heyde [2017-12-10] Advanced
Country: USA Exchange
Want: Worldwide large used after 2001 No USA or Canada
Offer: Large used worldwide stamps no USA or Canada
Note: no small stamps or old stamps

Name: Carlos Reis [2017-12-10] Confirmed
Country: Brazil Exchange
Offer: BRAZILIAN MINT & Topical from others countries
Note: serious & regular exchange wanted

Name: Mosharaf Husain [2017-12-10] Confirmed
Country: Bangladesh Exchange
Want: stamps, FDC, Maxicard, Special covers from Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Myanmar
Offer: Bangladesh stamps FDC from 2017
Note: Also topican stamps Covers including FDC on Scout Butterfly WWF

Name: Philippe Tchakarov [2017-12-10] Advanced
Country: Bulgaria Exchange Sell
Want: MNH from latine America and Canada
Offer: MNH from Bulgaria and topics of many countries.
Note: exchang after agreement

Name: Stjepan Smernić [2017-12-10] Advanced
Country: Croatia Exchange
Want: Need MNH 2015/2016 from Albania, Kosovo, Maccedonia, Greece, Turkey.. EUROPA, Birds, WWF.. also USED stamps from Slovakia, Czech, Slovenia
Offer: Topical issues Ships, Fauna, ...recently issues , Maximum Cards Mushrooms
Note: use Michel catalogues

Name: Leandro Lorencatto [2017-12-09] Advanced
Country: Brazil Exchange
Want: Postcards from South and Central America
Offer: Postcards from Brazil
Note: Only postcards (1-1)

Name: Maurice Wang [2017-12-09] Advanced
Country: Taiwan Exchange
Want: USED Blocks, Air Mail, Surtaxe
Offer: MINT NH Taiwan, San Marino(air Mair), Vatican/USED Taiwan, Nepal, Bayern, Vatican, New Caledonia, /
Note: Michel Catalogue or agreement Send your wantlist FIRST all registered mail you send FIRST/NO 1:1

Name: Jan Van Voorst [2017-12-09] Advanced
Country: Canada Exchange
Want: Mint Portugal, Russia, Spain, Andorra. Used recent Netherlands, Germany, Monaco and others
Offer: Mint Canada, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Andorra, some others. Used Canada, Netherlands, Germany, and others
Note: At face value if possible.

Name: Mário Ramos [2017-12-09] Confirmed
Country: Portugal Exchange
Want: stamps of sports and olympics in mint condition from Central America and south america.
Offer: Portugal, Azores and Angola
Note: serious colector

Name: Francesco Calcaterra [2017-12-08] Advanced
Country: Italy Exchange
Want: Used not common of Switzerland, UK, Germany, Australia, France
Offer: Italy, France, Germany, Japan, Vatican, St. Marino
Note: only good quality

Name: Suman Kumar [2017-12-08] Beginner
Country: India Exchange
Want: hand made bag, fossil stone, toy, clinical thermomomiter, world wide new and old stamps specilly indian old stamps
Offer: ww old and new stamps
Note: want long lasting swap

Name: Sergiusz Kojło [2017-12-08] Advanced
Country: Poland Exchange
Want: Mint stamps, complete series of your country
Offer: : mint and used stamps from Poland and other countries
Note: catalogue Michel.


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