Name: Margareta And Hans Boer [2016-12-02] Confirmed
Country: Sweden Exchange
Want: Used worldwide. (no snakes)
Offer: Used worldwide. We also can offer Swedish used stamps 1950-1999
Note: 1:1 100 each time. We also can offer first day issues Christopher Columbus 1992 and Indian art sept. 25 1980.

Name: Enrique Cortes [2016-12-02] Advanced
Country: Chile Exchange
Want: France, Germany, Scandinavian and Nordic countries used and last years
Offer: Chile used and last years
Note: Please stamps in good condition

Name: Gianfranco Fuccillo [2016-12-01] Confirmed
Country: Italy Exchange
Want: WW registration labels (with postal office, number and letter "R") on paper / off paper - NO BARCODE LABELS
Offer: WW used stamps off paper (Also used italian telephonic cards after agreements)
Note: Max 80x80. All different labels x all different stamps Duplicates labels x duplicates stamps. No wantlist please

Name: Roland Bogaard stamp site [2016-12-01] Advanced
Country: Netherlands Exchange
Want: 50 used stamps from your country
Offer: 50 used stamps Netherlands, Germany, Belgium or mixture Western-Europe
Note: I send same quality: old for old recent for recent common for common

Name: Jiri Zikes [2016-12-01] Advanced
Country: Czech Republic Exchange
Want: Used Canada & Czech Republic, just one stamp of New Zealand - Health 2000 self adhesive Geronimo
Offer: New Zealand, Czech Republic, Czechoslovakia
Note: According scans or wish lists

Name: Oleg Pavlov [2016-11-30] Advanced
Country: Ukraine Exchange
Want: mint thematic stamps WW
Offer: philatelic materials, from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and from other new republics of ex-USSR and thematic stamps WW
Note: Michel catalogue as a base for exchange

Name: David Rouffin [2016-11-30] Expert
Country: Belgium Exchange
Want: your country
Offer: belgium 1960 to 2000
Note: France and Spain stamp collecting according Yvert et tellier wantlist

Name: Ariel Paton [2016-11-30] Advanced
Country: Argentina Exchange
Want: stamps mint mnh by list needs from G.Reich, DDR, Rumanian, Slovenian, Spain and UK.
Offer: stamps mint from Argentina and something others countries.
Note: small letters

Name: Qasim Chaudhry [2016-11-30] Expert
Country: Pakistan Exchange
Want: worldwide used & mint stamps of all topics
Offer: worldwide used & mint stamps of all topics
Note: I can exchange 100-100 or 150-150 basis

Name: Ryszard Zientala [2016-11-29] Advanced
Country: Poland Exchange Buy
Want: mint stamps Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Thailand and Oceania
Offer: Polish mint stamps and other countries
Note: exchange directory by Michl or scans

Name: Paulo Ferreira [2016-11-29] Advanced
Country: France Exchange
Want: looking for long and serious partnership. Want used stamps from Norway, Swiss, Sweden, Greece, Monaco from the beginning to nowadays. Aim is to complete collection without wantlist (too long)
Offer: used french stamps from the beginning to nowadays or stamps of the world. no damaged stamps.
Note: smallxsmall. bigxbig. you and me keep only missed stamps. All quantities noted in a board in order to balance exchanges.

Name: Tadeusz Iwanow [2016-11-29] Expert
Country: Poland Exchange
Want: Mint recent stamps - Fauna, WWF, birds, Roses , Papa JP.II
Offer: Mint and used stamps many countries - fauna, WWF, birds, butterflies sport, cosmos, mushrooms, flowers ,
Note: Answer all. prefer exchange by wanltlist cat. Michel. Only seriouse traders / no dealers/

Name: Zeljina Skoric [2016-11-28] Confirmed
Country: Bosnia & Herzegovina Exchange
Want: ww used stamps
Offer: ww used stamps coins banknote
Note: 1 for 1

Name: Joe Camilleri [2016-11-28] Confirmed
Country: Malta Exchange
Want: world wide stamps
Offer: world wide stamps
Note: no catalogue 1 for 1. prefers thematics. Quick response.

Name: Faouzi Belaid [2016-11-28] Confirmed
Country: Tunisia Exchange
Want: canada.USA.Belgium years 90..scandinavian.repCEZCH.slovakia

Name: Alex Neuwirt [2016-11-27] Advanced
Country: Russia Exchange
Want: Mint stamps (fauna, lighthouses and other topic)from China, Asia, South America
Offer: Mint stamps Russia, Asia countries preferably
Note: Uses Michel or face value.

Name: Albert Ruijne [2016-11-27] Expert
Country: Netherlands Exchange
Want: Mint Birds and Butterflies and Antarctica
Offer: Mint and used Nederland Norway. Mint BIRDS and Butterflies
Note: I never sent fitst

Name: Jude Edmond [2016-11-27] Beginner
Country: Malaysia No-Exchange Sell
Want: I require an appraisal, valuation service for European stamps which I have from the period of 1910 to 1930s.

Name: John Ivan Presov [2016-11-26] Confirmed
Country: Slovakia Exchange
Want: used stamps Czechoslovakia, Slovakia for any other stamps
Offer: Czechoslovakia & Slovakia
Note: I need stamp catalogues Michel for Europa and World in exchanges for mint stamps and blocks Czechoslovakia and Slovakia

Name: Asher Jung [2016-11-26] Advanced
Country: Israel Exchange
Want: topical stamps on AIRCRAFT, worldwide.
Offer: MNH stamps Israel since 1956, with tabs. FDC"s 1970-1997. MNH stamps Nederland, Ned. Antillen and worldwide.
Note: Want lists and have lists are available.All values to online MICHEL catalog.

Name: Manuel Soriano [2016-11-26] Advanced
Country: Mexico Exchange Sell
Want: All recent , mint from: West Europe, South America, Japan, South Korea, Australia
Offer: Mexico mint, recent, complete sets, any quantity
Note: Exchanging only by or Scott catalog

Name: Karl Pfau [2016-11-26] Confirmed
Country: China Exchange
Want: MNH: Iran, Persia, China, UAE
Offer: MNH: Germany, Berlin, year set, sheets, booklets, France, Mexico
Note: Michel Scott or mutual agreement

Name: Emilio Fernandez [2016-11-25] Advanced
Country: Spain Exchange
Want: recent postally used issued after year 2000 from African, South American countries and small islands in whole world
Offer: Used stamps from worldwide you can see the pictures in my blog
Note: Bais of exchange 1X1 by using scanned pictures of stamps before to send them by real post

Name: Tahir Anjum Arshed [2016-11-25] Advanced
Country: Pakistan Exchange Sell
Want: WW Used specially Japan, Israel and Malaysia from 2000 till now. Will answer ALL mails
Offer: Used Stamps from my country as well as USA, Germany, Canada, Australia and also WW
Note: Can also exchange Butterflies Birds Animals Sports Olympic Stamp on Stamp etc

Name: Domenico Zanardi [2016-11-25] Advanced
Country: Italy Exchange
Want: Used definitive stamps of PR China
Offer: Used commemorative stamps of Italy
Note: 75 def:50 comm

Name: Velislav Gechev [2016-11-25] Advanced
Country: Bulgaria Exchange Buy Sell
Want: Mint stamps and postcards from Poland, issued before WWII
Offer: Bulgaria, Groenland, chess, football, maximum cards
Note: no


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