Name: Veniamin Tregub [2016-05-02] Advanced
Country: Belarus Exchange
Want: Monaco, Andorra, Icland, Faroe, Malta, Gibraltar, British overseas territory, France, Belgium, UK
Offer: USSR, Belarus, East Europa, Africa
Note: not the middle East

Name: Victor Cretu [2016-05-02] Advanced
Country: Romania Exchange
Want: MNH stamps (maybe used too, complete series), from all the world, fauna, paintings, flowers, sport, cosmos, transports
Offer: MNH stamps from Romania, 1970-1994.
Note: We can swap some banknotes too! Stamps exchange:complete series

Name: Alejandro Sanchez [2016-05-01] Advanced
Country: USA Exchange
Want: Need complete mint year sets ( any country 1998 to date ). The year must be complete.
Offer: I can offer mint topical sets worldwide.
Note: We use Scott and Michel for exchange

Name: Hussain Tohme Humady [2016-05-01] Confirmed
Country: Iraq Exchange
Want: Mint stamps sets and banknotes
Offer: Stamps from Iraq
Note: Exchange Michel

Name: Jerry Weng [2016-05-01] Advanced
Country: Taiwan Exchange
Want: Stamps from most European countries, such as Finland, Denmark, Sweden, UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Austria, Baltic and so on.
Offer: Japan, Taiwan and European countries I look for.
Note: Prefer wantlists/scans

Name: Umesh Agarwal [2016-04-30] Expert
Country: India Exchange
Want: World-wide stamps used or mint , miniature sheets , large size.
Offer: Indian stamps used large size , commerative and sheets
Note: Send me your country stamps and i will send beautiful indian stamps giving 1X1

Name: Ricardo Amorim stamp site [2016-04-30] Advanced
Country: Brazil Exchange
Want: birds, soccer world cups
Offer: Brazil, Fauna, Flora
Note: only registered letter

Name: Alex Torbeni [2016-04-30] Advanced
Country: Indonesia Exchange
Want: Cover exchange.Send me cover with beautiful commemorative stamps and Souvenir sheet from your country
Offer: I will send you cover with beautiful commemorative stamps and Souvenir sheet from Indonesia
Note: look for long term cover exchange partnership

Name: Sergey Vasiliev [2016-04-30] Advanced
Country: Russia Exchange
Want: MNH stamps of P.R.China, Cuba, Nord Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia from 1992 to now
Offer: recent mint Russia stamps, blocks, mini sheets
Note: Exchange base - Michel catalogue

Name: Alessandro Zefilippo [2016-04-30] Advanced
Country: Brazil Exchange
Want: ww recent stamps used
Offer: 100/definitive used includ. 3(reich)..for 50 comem..recentes ww
Note: also topic for topic etc....

Name: Umberto Dapri [2016-04-30] Advanced
Country: Switzerland Exchange
Want: Europa CEPT 2016, Switzerland , germany, Liechtenstein and more
Offer: The same
Note: Search me on FB i"ll post there all i exchange. Thanks

Name: Ryan Sauder [2016-04-30] Beginner
Country: USA Exchange
Want: WW stamps
Offer: WW and stamps from the USA
Note: Looking to get some differnt stamps

Name: Syed Ahmed [2016-04-30] Expert
Country: USA Exchange
Want: WW used off paper stamps on a 1:1 Basis in packets of 250/500/1000
Offer: WW used off paper stamps on a 1:1 Basis in packets of 250/500/1000
Note: Collection of 50K+ stamps

Name: Mario Lujan [2016-04-30] Advanced
Country: Spain Exchange
Want: 100 used recent stamps from worldwide
Offer: 100 used recent stamps from worldwide, mainly european countries
Note: 1x1 no catalog. Mint spanish stamps available by face value.

Name: Imre Mester [2016-04-29] Advanced
Country: Hungary Exchange Sell
Want: ww used quality asia, oceania, europe little countrie, balkan states, baltic states i have ww coins 1 coin equal 5 used ww s
Offer: ww used quality, mainly europe, usa, canada, have very old germany, china for actual price exchange 1 coin offer for 5 ww use
Note: only serious correct partner and quality stamps because i have quality

Name: Rosen Sipsev [2016-04-29] Confirmed
Country: Bulgaria Exchange Sell
Want: Sell mint full thematic sets from WW. Very good base- 20% from Michel catalogue (80% discount)
Offer: mint full sets Fauna, Flora, Sport, Transport, Cosmos, Art.
Note: Michel catalogue

Name: Calin Iosif [2016-04-28] Advanced
Country: Romania Exchange
Want: Olympic games stamps from Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Turkish Cyprus, Italy, San Marino, Malta
Offer: w.w. stamps. Mint and used. I have some Aitutaki, Ascension and other British Colonies on mint.
Note: I have some other interests besides stamps.

Name: Yossi Fogel [2016-04-28] Advanced
Country: Israel Exchange
Want: 100 worldwide
Offer: 100 worldwide
Note: no catalogs or scans possible

Name: Pinchedez Jean Claude [2016-04-28] Expert
Country: France Exchange
Want: Used stamps according to your offre
Offer: Complete series used stamps self-adhesive of France years 2013 to 2016
Note: 1 x 1

Name: Fernando Alfano [2016-04-28] Confirmed
Country: Argentina Exchange
Want: Europe, USA, Canadá, Perú, Bolivia, Uruguay
Offer: Argentina
Note: I changed 1:1 not for amount

Name: Nikolaos Gousgounis [2016-04-28] Advanced
Country: Greece Exchange
Want: Thematic used stamps on education, books, UNICEF, UNESCO, military, ships , boats
Offer: Used stamps from greece and Cyprus also used of flora and fauna ww
Note: No want lists scans possible

Name: Bertus Beelen [2016-04-28] Advanced
Country: Netherlands Exchange
Want: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lituania, Germany, Berlin, Canada, Czech Rep., Slovakia, But also WW.
Offer: Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Baltics, Canada, Germany, Berlin
Note: Send me an email always answering. Exchange on base 1 : 1 or wantlist.

Name: Sven Erik Holm Jensen [2016-04-28] Advanced
Country: Denmark Exchange Sell
Want: Germany recent, and German areas
Offer: Mint Faroe Island ore used Denmark
Note: After Michel Catalog

Name: Christian Goetz stamp site [2016-04-28] Expert
Country: France Exchange
Want: 100 recent french stamps
Offer: 100 europe/world stamps
Note: good quality exchange

Name: Jiri Zikes [2016-04-27] Advanced
Country: Czech Republic Exchange Buy
Want: Used New Zealand 1990-2000, used Canada until 2000
Offer: Czechoslovakia, Czech republic
Note: By want list or scans

Name: David Crosbie [2016-04-27] Advanced
Country: Canada Exchange
Want: Worldwide stamps especially Europe, Middle East, Scandanavian, African Nations and South american
Offer: Worldwide used stamps
Note: Trade on a 1 to 1 basis no scans or catalogues. Looking for long term trading partners

Name: Navtej Singh Kapoor [2016-04-27] Beginner
Country: India Exchange

Name: Toivo Vetik [2016-04-27] Advanced
Country: Estonia Exchange Sell
Want: MNH France and Monaco painting issues, MNH animals and birds sets and sheets ww.
Offer: USSR MNH and CTO, Estonia MNH, some world.
Note: prefer registered letters

Name: Helene Walch [2016-04-26] Advanced
Country: Germany Exchange
Want: worldwide new used stamps or by wantlist Michel or Venezuela Cameroon Mali Kenya Uganda Egypt
Offer: German stamps used by wantlist Michel or worldwide pieces offer Japan Australia Afrika Asia
Note: no scans only used stamps

Name: Yacine Derbel [2016-04-26] Confirmed
Country: Tunisia Exchange
Want: 50 stamps from your country
Offer: 8 coins from Tunisia
Note: exchange only

Name: Afatb Uddin [2016-04-25] Expert
Country: Bangladesh Exchange
Want: WW Mint Stamp in complete set, Souvenir/Miniature sheet on topic Flora, Fauna, Sports.
Offer: Same from Bangladesh.
Note: I prefer all mails by registered.

Name: Monojit Sarkar [2016-04-25] Advanced
Country: India Exchange
Want: Mint stamps worldwide
Offer: Mint stamps from India, Nepal and Bhutan and used stamps worldwide.
Note: I am looking for permanent partners for swapping.

Name: Juan Carlos Delgado Málaga [2016-04-25] Confirmed
Country: Peru Exchange

Name: Vasiliy Legotin [2016-04-25] Advanced
Country: Russia Exchange
Want: Fauna, flora, Olympic games all the world MINT
Offer: Russia, USSR, Maoldova, Belarus, ex-USSR
Note: Letters in Russian English French Portuguese Spanish

Name: Nariman Mirzair stamp site [2016-04-25] Advanced
Country: Uzbekistan Exchange
Want: mint/used stamps all world all countries all years
Offer: mint/used stamps of Uzbekistan and a lot of other countries
Note: change by mutual agreement/or Michel catalogue and M/R

Name: Herman Alvarez stamp site [2016-04-25] Advanced
Country: Spain Exchange
Want: used stamps world of wildlife, lighthouses, actors and actresses
Offer: thousands of worldwide stamps with images and sorted by countries
Note: I usually change 1x1

Name: Pietro Baratelli [2016-04-25] Confirmed
Country: Italy Exchange
Note: 100:100 ; 200:200

Name: Luc Choi [2016-04-25] Advanced
Country: China Exchange Buy
Want: fabric stamp of New Zealand 2015
Offer: mint issues worldwide
Note: just mint issues

Name: Ryan Fulvia [2016-04-25] Advanced
Country: Mauritius Exchange
Want: Old worldwide stamps
Offer: Old and recent worldwide stamps (depending on what you"re looking for)
Note: Also looking for banknotes

Name: Hiram Janover [2016-04-25] Advanced
Country: Israel Exchange
Want: i want the issues only of 2013, 14, 15, 16.of denmark, sweden, finland, spain, h.kong, singapore, thailand, n.zealand, and or used.also interesting cinderella items which i give stamps for.
Offer: i have available, israel used of all years from 1956 till now.also mint with tabs all issues israel 1960 till 1980.also australian used issues of last few years and japanese issues of last few years as
Note: i always send first and reg.mail

Name: Moses Zaccheaus [2016-04-25] Advanced
Country: Nigeria No-Exchange Sell
Offer: The Hologram Postage Stamps Of Nigeria.
Note: 1. Ahmadu Bello University Zaria Nigerian Golden(1962 - 2012) Anniversary Commemorative issue. 2. NIGERIA: SG890

Name: Valeriy Mucha [2016-04-25] Confirmed
Country: Ukraine Exchange
Want: world used stamps
Offer: 100-500 used stamps w/w in good condition
Note: w/w in good condition

Name: Kevin Leung [2016-04-25] Beginner
Country: USA No-Exchange Buy
Want: Manchukuo Scott Catalog 7 Green 5 cents 1932 Mint
Note: prefer No Hint

Name: Javier Simiele [2016-04-25] Confirmed
Country: Argentina Exchange
Want: machin
Offer: Argentina, España.
Note: 50 x 50 or 100 x 100


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