Name: Rade Skaro stamp site [2018-06-19] Advanced
Country: Croatia Exchange
Want: USSR, Hungary and Romania, mint and used stamps and Blocks until 1990. .
Offer: Stamps from Australia, USA, India, Austria, Germany, DDR, Hungary, Netherlands, Romania, Spain etc.
Note: I prefer exchanges by scans or want lists. Lots 100 or 200 as last reserve.

Name: Frank Takasch [2018-06-19] Confirmed
Country: USA Exchange
Want: World Wide Stamps
Offer: Offer United States , Canada
Note: Trade 1:1 no want list

Name: Pascale Desvignes [2018-06-18] Confirmed
Country: France Exchange
Want: Uk, Channel Islands, Western Europe or WW. All commemorative and used.
Offer: France commemorative and used.
Note: Answer all emails

Name: Tino Leal Sosa [2018-06-18] Advanced
Country: Mexico Exchange
Want: EUROPA CEPT / América Upaep / Pope JP II / Religion
Offer: México and themes
Note: I collect MINT stamps no used.

Name: Douglas Osborn [2018-06-18] Advanced
Country: USA Exchange
Want: 100 Large used worldwide, no US, Canada, CTOs or former Soviet Bloc
Offer: 400 US and Western Europe used small definitives
Note: I will respond to all inquiries

Name: John Samuel stamp site [2018-06-17] Advanced
Country: Sri Lanka No-Exchange Sell
Want: Available Sri lanka Latest Stamps Issues FDC"S Souvenir Sheets, Mint Stamps
Note: All items offered at reasonable price

Name: Janusz Placzek [2018-06-17] Expert
Country: Poland Exchange
Want: MNH: John Paul II, fauna, orchids, fire brigade, trains.Gibraltar, San Marino, Vatican.
Offer: MNH: Poland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraina, Mongolia, North Korea, China, Germany(BRD+Berlin). Thematic:insects, football, painting, ships, trains
Note: Base of exchange catalogue Michel or agreement.

Name: Jose Luis Crespo Garrido [2018-06-17] Beginner
Country: Uruguay Exchange
Want: españa, francia todo mint
Offer: uruguay, españa y francia mint y usados, www usados
Note: por mancolista

Name: Karla Kelsey [2018-06-17] Confirmed
Country: Malaysia Exchange
Want: Malaysia (2000-2016, only special & commemorative) Bhutan, Brunei, Singapore, Island Country, Maldives, Macao, Iraq, Laos, Baltic States, Isle of Man, Azores, Jordan, Georgia, Kuwait, Timor Leste
Offer: WW
Note: no wantlist/scans. 1:1 ratio. Maximum 100 per trade. MNH or used.

Name: Jacques Behin [2018-06-17] Advanced
Country: France Exchange
Want: baltic countries, balkans, austria, greece (recent), turquie, chypre, russie(not moyta cccp), north countries, ww
Offer: used France, europa west and east, south america, some africa etc...
Note: trade 1c.1 used no cto no want list no little stamps good condition

Name: Alessandro Zefilippo [2018-06-16] Advanced
Country: Brazil Exchange Sell
Want: Italia gb eire switz.used usa canada thailand Austrália all eras
Offer: Ásia many countries am latina start sets some full
Note: 100/100 fine stamps all era

Name: Mirko Armbrust [2018-06-16] Confirmed
Country: Croatia Exchange Sell

Name: Khalid Bhatti [2018-06-15] Confirmed
Country: Pakistan Exchange Sell
Want: Asian, Arabian, African Countries & WW Small Island Stamps,
Offer: European, Asian, African Countries Nice Stamps.
Note: need Nice Friends and Exchange Partner Worldwide.

Name: Ramana Irukula [2018-06-14] Confirmed
Country: India Exchange
Want: 100 used stamps of Australia , Japan , Denmark , France , Norway , Greenland , Austria , Faroe islands , Canada , Africa , Malaysia , Austria , Portugal , oceania .
Offer: 100 used of Australia , Canada , USA , UK , Bangladesh , Finland , Srilanka , New Zealand , France , suid Africa .
Note: No scans/wantlists . I won"t send first .

Name: Thierry Arena [2018-06-13] Confirmed
Country: France Exchange
Want: used stamps from Sweden and Finland, wantlist by catalogue Michel
Offer: Used stamps from France, Germany and many other countries
Note: I"m a serious exchanger

Name: Francesco Calcaterra [2018-06-13] Confirmed
Country: Italy Exchange
Want: Used of UK, Australia, Japan and Switzerland (1945-today)
Offer: Italy, San Marino, Vatican, France, Germany and WW
Note: only good quality

Name: Alexander Belousov [2018-06-13] Advanced
Country: Russia Exchange Sell
Want: mint recent thematic stamps of your own country.Used stamps w/w-not definitives, not CTO.
Offer: mint recent stamps of Russia and Uzbekistan
Note: Football World Cup 2018 stamps Russia

Name: Antonio Castelli [2018-06-13] Advanced
Country: Italy No-Exchange Sell
Offer: Italy Vatican San Marino
Note: only mnh completed years since 1958 to 1980

Name: Mariano Barbieri [2018-06-13] Confirmed
Country: Argentina Exchange
Want: MNH stamps from France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Europa CEPT
Offer: MNH stamps Argentina, Uruguay et Brasil
Note: Catalogue Michel Yvert

Name: Vangelis Tosilianis [2018-06-12] Advanced
Country: Greece Exchange
Want: For every three stamps from Armenia, Kosovo, Skopje, Montenegro, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Andorra.
Offer: I will give you 5 stamps (mostly Greek stamps)
Note: Only with scans. No cto"s and no small size stamps.

Name: Vivek Vishal [2018-06-12] Advanced
Country: India Exchange

Name: Ismail Toksabay [2018-06-12] Expert
Country: Turkey Exchange Buy Sell
Want: used stamps of Germany, Switzerland, France and other european countries
Offer: used stamps of Turkey, Germany, Switzerland France, Greece etc.
Note: please round cancels and no autoadhesives for France.

Name: Maurice Wang [2018-06-12] Advanced
Country: Taiwan Exchange
Want: very fine used sets , souvenir sheets(latest Scott)
Offer: Mint NH Taiwan, San Marino(air Mail) USED Stamps and souvenir sheets from Hong Kong, BRD(1945-1955), South Korea, Straits settlements, Faeroe, Greenland, , Taiwan
Note: Michel or agreement No 1:1 send your want list firsy

Name: Keith Fenton [2018-06-12] Advanced
Country: Australia Exchange
Want: world wide used stamps
Offer: Australian used SA used stamps from 2000 also some prior to 2000
Note: only send by normal mail not registered to expensive


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