Name: Mehdi Yarahmadi [2017-01-20] Expert
Country: Iran Exchange
Want: WW used and mint , CTO , FDC
Offer: Iranian mint , a little WW used and CTO .
Note: mint:mint 1:1 . mint:CTO 1:4 . mint:used 1:5 . answer all email .

Name: Alan Newman [2017-01-20] Beginner
Country: United Kingdom Exchange
Want: Germany Reich plus Germany 1950s and 1980/90 onwards mint/used plus all definitives
Offer: World most countries used
Note: Will answer all replies

Name: Jon A. Martinez Suaga [2017-01-20] Advanced
Country: Spain Exchange
Want: Stamps ww 50 / 100 in used conditions. Completed sets in mint
Offer: Stamps and small sheets from Spain and ww (prefer used)
Note: All proposal will be considered

Name: Rosana Piña [2017-01-20] Advanced
Country: Chile Exchange
Want: 50 - 100 ww used stamps off paper (No sticky labels) includes postage stamps
Offer: 50 - 100 ww used stamps off paper (No sticky labels) includes postage stamps
Note: From various countries

Name: Mitry Harpov [2017-01-19] Advanced
Country: Ukraine Exchange
Want: mint stamps world wide
Offer: good mint Ukrainian stamps blocks m-sheets
Note: base may be discussed

Name: Adrian Marxer [2017-01-19] Advanced
Country: Switzerland Exchange
Want: Latvija/Lettland, used stamps from 2012 to 2016 in good quality.
Offer: used stamps from Switzerland and Germany.
Note: trade on Michel base

Name: Jiri Zikes [2017-01-19] Advanced
Country: Czech Republic Exchange
Want: CANADA between years 1990-2000
Offer: Czechoslovakia, Czech republic, New Zealand, ww
Note: Scans or wishlists welcome

Name: Pankaj Uppal [2017-01-19] Advanced
Country: India Exchange
Want: Worldwide, tribal people/masks/coat-of-arms
Offer: Stamps and FDCs from India, Worldwide stamps(Example- Afghanistan, Netherlands, Germany, Sri Lanka etc.
Note: Everybody is welcome to write. But exchanges only by registered post.

Name: Viriato Ferreira [2017-01-19] Advanced
Country: Portugal Exchange
Want: Used Greenland, Cyprus, Faroe and Aland, by wantlist. Only nice stamps with round cancells.
Offer: Used Portugal and other european countries. Only nice stamps with round cancells.
Note: Serious collector.

Name: Gino Arduini [2017-01-19] Advanced
Country: Brazil Exchange
Want: Worldwide stamps only, esp. Africa, Asia, Latin America, islands, Germany 1930s-1960s
Offer: Worldwide stamps (mint & used) and postcards and phone cards
Note: I need stamps only

Name: Micke Lundin [2017-01-19] Expert
Country: Sweden Exchange
Want: UK used year about 2000- 2016 + a few earlir Michel wantlist
Offer: Sweden, Nordic, Europe WW fine used, Sweden MNH until about 1990
Note: no FDC cancellations

Name: Mohammad Sadiq [2017-01-19] Expert
Country: Pakistan Exchange Buy Sell
Offer: pakistan
Note: mint and used stamps

Name: Petrescu Marian Florin [2017-01-19] Advanced
Country: Romania Exchange Sell
Want: Want recent mint topical issues (WWF, Fauna, Flora, Transport, Painting, Olympics) from whole world countries.
Offer: Offer mint or used sets, M/Sh and S/Sh from Romania 1960-2016, mint Moldova 2005-2016, mint Hungary 1960-1990, mint topical issues from whole the world
Note: Exchange basiss: Michel catalogue

Name: Ananda Wijesiri [2017-01-19] Confirmed
Country: Sri Lanka Exchange
Want: first day covers from Malaysia.
Offer: fdcs from Sri Lanka
Note: only latest ones

Name: Mike Andrews [2017-01-18] Confirmed
Country: United Kingdom Exchange
Want: German States, Third Reich, Soviet Local Issues and Bezirkshandstempel (1948)
Offer: France, French Colony, UK, Spain, Germany (TR), Others

Name: Rade Skaro stamp site [2017-01-18] Advanced
Country: Croatia Exchange
Want: Russia and USSR stamps, Blocks and FDC"s.
Offer: The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Yugoslavia and USSR stamps.
Note: Your suggestions or any other arrangements are welcome. Happy collecting.

Name: Gianfranco Fuccillo [2017-01-18] Confirmed
Country: Italy Exchange
Want: Cycling competitions stamps & other cycling philatelic items
Offer: Worlwide stamps all different
Note: Send me a scan of your cycling items.I can send you until 20 stamps for a Cycling stamp!

Name: Keith Thurston [2017-01-18] Beginner
Country: USA Exchange
Want: I am collecting Christmas Seals. I am mainly interested is USA Christmas Seals and need the following years: 1908, 1910-11, 1913, 1918, 1921-26, 1930, 1938, 1942, 1977, 1998
Offer: I have USA Christmas Seals to trade in the following years: 1927, 1931-32, 1934-37, 1945, 1947-52, 1954, 1957-1962, 1964-1967, 1972, 1981, 1986-1995, 1997, 1999, 2001
Note: Some of the years I have to trade are full sheets and others are blocks or singles. Email for details.

Name: Aldo Lo Giudice [2017-01-18] Confirmed
Country: Italy Exchange
Want: your country used large stamps
Offer: italy used large stamps
Note: 50 or plus preferences european collector for economic parcel

Name: Ganesh Ganesan [2017-01-17] Beginner
Country: India Exchange
Want: Definitives, either as full sets or individual stamps, 100 or more
Offer: Definitives full sets or individual stamps
Note: Not a professional collector

Name: Roland Montagne [2017-01-16] Confirmed
Country: France Exchange Buy
Want: joint issues worldwide
Offer: french joint issues
Note: after agreement

Name: Yurij Danilov [2017-01-16] Advanced
Country: Ukraine Exchange
Want: All countries (mint MNH)
Offer: Ukraine, Russia, Moldova (mint MNH)
Note: Your offer

Name: Alireza Naseri Moghaddam [2017-01-16] Expert
Country: Iran Exchange
Want: I need mint stamps from WW
Offer: Mint and used( if you need) stamps from IRAN (1980-2016)
Note: Michel Base

Name: Maurizio Meroni [2017-01-16] Advanced
Country: Italy Exchange
Want: I search Used stamps from Greece and India
Offer: used stamps from Swisse-France-Germany-Italy and other country
Note: I trade ONLY according Wantlist

Name: Fernando Carlos Rodrigues [2017-01-15] Beginner
Country: Portugal Exchange
Want: Banknotes of the theme Animals, from all over the world. Banknotes in good condition, new or never Circulated.
Offer: Postage stamps from Portugal in mint and used.
Note: Conditions of exchange for the value of the catalogs or other to be agreed

Name: Vasiliy Fedotov [2017-01-15] Advanced
Country: Russia Exchange
Want: MNH stamps, souvenir sheets, miniature sheets from world-wide, especially Europe and British Commonwealth
Offer: MNH stamps, souvenir sheets, miniature sheets, stamp-booklets, FDC`s, pre-paid envelopes and post cards from USSR (1965-1991), Russia (1992-2017), GB and some other countries
Note: Base: Michel catalogue. Use only Registered Mail. I don`t send first.

Name: Varun Thomas Paul P [2017-01-15] Confirmed
Country: India Exchange
Want: Greenland, New Zealand, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bhutan, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Moldova, Macedonia commemmoratives all large sized.
Offer: Great Britain, Australia, Germany all large sized
Note: exchange 100:100 or more.duplicates me whatever country u have to offer.

Name: Ramana Irukula [2017-01-15] Confirmed
Country: India Exchange
Want: Used stamps of South Pacific , Caribbean islands , Greenland , British isles , Gibraltar , Brunei , Singapore , Thailand , Bhutan , laos , central Asia , Africa . Aso fdc , m/s , s/s , maxicards .
Offer: India and worldwide
Note: I also collect and exchange w/w unc banknotes and picture postcards

Name: Alex Torbeni [2017-01-14] Advanced
Country: Indonesia Exchange
Offer: INDONESIAN MINT STAMPS/MS/SS.Also postally used stamps mainly from europe and australia.
Note: Exchange by face value by scan and registered mail only.I need serious and very communicative partner only!

Name: Jan Haak [2017-01-14] Advanced
Country: Netherlands Exchange
Want: Used stamps (no CTO) from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic & Slovakia
Offer: Worldwide mint & used, mainly Europe and Asia
Note: Can swop 50/50 or Michel value

Name: John Samuel stamp site [2017-01-14] Advanced
Country: Sri Lanka No-Exchange Sell
Note: ALL ITEMS OFFERED AT A REASONABLE PRICE (Dealers Pl contact me for special discounts on latest issues)

Name: Anastas Tashkov [2017-01-14] Advanced
Country: Bulgaria Exchange Sell
Want: Want/used/ complete sets, S/S, M/K, postcard-fauna, Europa-cept, schips, ww, wwe, , mushrooms, Birds, Animals, Marinelife, cards, Airplanes, From-Europa, Asia, Sout Amerika, USA, Australia, Oceania.
Offer: MInt/used/, complete stamps, S/S, M/K, FDC, postcard-Topic-Bulgaria, USSR, Russia, ex-USSR, ex-spcialist countries.
Note: I use catalog Miihel

Name: Frederic De Maesschalck [2017-01-13] Confirmed
Country: Belgium Exchange
Want: Mint stamps from France Italy Luxembourg Vatican Monaco San Marino Spain Andorra Spanish and Europa cept
Offer: mint stamps from Belgium Europacept other country
Note: only mint stamps please

Name: Drazen Kladar [2017-01-13] Advanced
Country: Bosnia & Herzegovina Exchange
Want: Mint - USA, GB, Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland, Finland, Argentina, Vietnam, Maldives, Djibouti, RSA, Sudan, Yemen, KSA etc.
Offer: WW Mint/FDC- Butterflies, Birds, WWF, Europe cept, Olympic games, Football, Marine life, Railways, Lighthouses, Sports etc..
Note: I reply to all

Name: Tarik Çakin [2017-01-13] Advanced
Country: Turkey Exchange Sell
Offer: Türkey and Cyprus Türk mınt sets used sets FDC Blocks red crose aırmaıl telephone cards portföys
Note: Letters regıstered bıg exchange ıs prefered answer garantıee for cash payment please ask our extra prıces

Name: Ralf Michael Kollmann. [2017-01-13] Expert
Country: Germany Exchange
Want: Afghanistan and Sudan MNH stamps and covers
Offer: Middle East, Iran, theme fauna flora asia Europe
Note: exchange or buy

Name: Dalgic Feridun [2017-01-13] Confirmed
Country: Belgium Exchange
Want: AUSTRIA NORWAY BERLIN TURKEY ( or you are free to offer other coutries)
Note: used stamps


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