Name: Oscar Bruggeman [2015-05-22] Confirmed
Country: Belgium Exchange
Want: germany used
Offer: ww

Name: Heinz Schindler [2015-05-22] Advanced
Country: Germany Exchange
Want: Scandinavia, Greece, Jugoslavia. Italy, France, Austria, Swiss, Czech/Slovakia, South America
Offer: European countries, Australia, Canada, CCCP, DDR, Germany, Deutsches Reich
Note: no wantlist not damaged stamps

Name: Edouard Vorontsov [2015-05-22] Advanced
Country: Russia Exchange
Want: Mint complete sets Fauna.
Offer: Mint complete sets Fauna and other topics different countries.
Note: Exchange to base Michel catalog.Only registered letters. I do not send first.

Name: Helge Skau [2015-05-22] Confirmed
Country: Denmark Exchange Buy Sell
Want: Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina, Venezuela, Haiti 1980-2015, etc- also Africa, Mid East, Asia & Europe modern used stamps
Offer: Scandinavia, Europe, various topicals or ww acc. to wishes
Note: Better for better.

Name: Velislav Gechev [2015-05-21] Advanced
Country: Bulgaria Exchange
Want: Poland, Michel ##259, 272/278, 287/288, 284, 291/293, 294, 298, 299/300,
Offer: Mint Thematic issues
Note: Buy sell exchange

Name: Rodger R B Cox [2015-05-20] Advanced
Country: New Zealand Exchange
Want: Scouting Walt Disney Space Aircraft Fauna
Offer: Scouts, Walt Disney, Space, Aircraft, Birds, Fauna, Butterflies, Trains, Sports, Fish, Animals, Royal Family,
Note: I also offer New Zealnd issues Plus many mint and used topics

Name: Petrescu Marian Florin [2015-05-20] Advanced
Country: Romania Exchange Sell
Want: Want recent mint topical issues (WWF, Fauna, Flora, Transport, Painting) from whole world countries.
Offer: Mint or used issues from Romania and mint topical issues from whole the world
Note: Basiss of exchange: face value or catalogue "Michel"

Name: Stephen Carroll [2015-05-20] Advanced
Country: USA No-Exchange
Want: Donations of your duplicates & discards would be greatly appreciated for our efforts to involve & educate children in the hobby of stamp collecting.
Offer: Profuse thanks & gratitude & the knowledge you made a difference in a child"s life.

Name: Slim Ben Jrad [2015-05-20] Confirmed
Country: Tunisia Exchange
Want: recent from france belgium malta greece
Offer: tunisian stamps large choice and ww
Note: collect also banknotes and i offer minimum 20 stamps for every banknotes

Name: Flavio Vieira [2015-05-20] Advanced
Country: Portugal Exchange Sell
Want: Portugal Mint stamps, wwf and Europa Cept
Offer: 100 different used stamps for 20 mint stamps, sell lots of 100 or + different used stamps and mint Portugal stamps
Note: If you want to buy mint Portugal stamps send me tour wishlist

Name: Ram Jung Rana [2015-05-19] Advanced
Country: Italy Exchange Sell
Want: scouts military army navy n airforce war ships fighterplane aircraft carrier submarines horse tiger nudes art n cult
Offer: world wide used
Note: first show me yours stamps

Name: Paolo Varlonga [2015-05-19] Advanced
Country: Italy Exchange
Offer: ITALY
Note: Only used stamps good and nice cancel

Name: Sai Charan [2015-05-19] Expert
Country: India Exchange
Want: Mint stamps from all over the World except C.T.O Countries.
Offer: Mint stamps from India.
Note: No Catalogue or Face Value.

Name: Udara Sandaruwan [2015-05-19] Advanced
Country: Sri Lanka Exchange
Want: I want Stamps or Banknotes from any country
Offer: I offer you Sri lanka old coins

Name: Moshe Isaac [2015-05-18] Advanced
Country: Israel Exchange
Want: mint and use ww
Offer: mint israel used ww
Note: no want lists

Name: Ana Valek [2015-05-18] Advanced
Country: Croatia Exchange
Want: letters with 150-250 WW large stamps mix per letter
Offer: the same
Note: no damaged stamps please!

Name: Oleg Pavlov [2015-05-18] Advanced
Country: Ukraine Exchange Sell
Want: thematic stamps WW
Offer: philatelic materials, from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and from other new republics of ex-USSR and thematic stamps WW
Note: exchange jn the base of Michel catalogue

Name: Ben Wong [2015-05-18] Beginner
Country: Singapore Exchange Buy
Want: Brunei & Macau Mint stamps
Offer: Singapore Mint stamps

Name: Laszlo G√°licz [2015-05-18] Advanced
Country: Hungary Exchange
Want: WW used stamps
Offer: WW used stamps

Name: Helen Damine stamp site [2015-05-18] Expert
Country: USA Exchange Sell

Name: John Samuel stamp site [2015-05-18] Advanced
Country: Sri Lanka No-Exchange Sell

Name: Dmitriy Ivanov [2015-05-18] Advanced
Country: Russia Exchange
Want: mint stamps, s/sheets, minisheets, booklets of Belarus and Kazakhstan.
Offer: mint postage stamps, souvenir sheets, miniature sheets, booklets of Russia(1992-2015) of the good quality on different topics.
Note: Base of exchange - catalogue "MICHEL".All emails will be answered.

Name: Victor Iljin [2015-05-17] Advanced
Country: Russia Exchange
Want: Mint stamps fauna and sport.
Offer: Mint stamps Russia, USSR and other countries, also used ww stamps.

Name: Ritheshwar Sakthivel [2015-05-17] Confirmed
Country: India Exchange
Want: WW used stamps
Offer: WW used stamps
Note: trading will be done only in 1:1 ratio

Name: Anni Bager [2015-05-17] Advanced
Country: Denmark Exchange
Want: France
Offer: Denmark, Greenland and Faroe and other scandinavien countries
Note: I am seeking a France collector who can help with stamps 2010--15 also blocks booklet mint and used

Name: Manuel Bellido Diaz [2015-05-17] Advanced
Country: Spain Exchange
Want: ww used stamps
Offer: ww used stamps

Name: Moraes Neves [2015-05-17] Confirmed
Country: Australia Exchange
Want: WW; Your country
Offer: Australia
Note: 1:1 lots 100

Name: Mujeeb Khan [2015-05-17] Beginner
Country: Pakistan Exchange
Want: a registered letter from your country with at least 5 different stamps pasted on it to my address
Offer: A letter (registered)with at least 5 different stamps pasted on it, to your address
Note: send your address I shall send first. Only serious and honest collectors required

Name: Raul Aude [2015-05-16] Beginner
Country: USA Exchange
Want: nicaragua birds, fish, religious paintings
Offer: Accept also centroamerica , caribean

Name: Anastas Tashkov [2015-05-16] Confirmed
Country: Bulgaria Exchange Buy
Want: Complete, mint-sets stamps, S/S, M/S, maximum cards, special cancellations, postal stationery, FDG, etc, -different Topic-Space, Animals, Schips, Airplanes, WWE, Trains, Birds, card, Euvropa-cept, Football, Aeroport
Offer: Bulgaria-mint/used/-1978-2015.Postal stationery, FDG, USSR-1962-1990, ex socialist countries-1955-2015.
Note: Basis MICHEL. I dont send First.

Name: Tomislav Marcec [2015-05-16] Confirmed
Country: Croatia Exchange
Want: USA , Germany , British colony till 1946 , Company de Mozambique , Belgisch Congo
Offer: Croatia , Bosnia, Germany and USA
Note: trade only with used stamps and with catalog value (Michel)

Name: Martin Isaksson Nord [2015-05-15] Advanced
Country: Sweden Exchange Buy
Want: Ukraine, Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Macedonia
Offer: Sweden, USA, Australia, ww
Note: Prefer used (not CTO) but are open to suggestions. Also looking for long term trading partners.

Name: Fred Hoogewoing [2015-05-15] Expert
Country: Netherlands Exchange
Want: Swiss, Portugal, UK, New Zealand, Austria all used and 2014 and 2015 issues
Offer: Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, Bosnia, Croatia, Italy all up to 2015 used.

Name: Lyle Siefering [2015-05-15] Advanced
Country: USA Exchange
Want: The hard to identify and find used USA stamps issued after 1980 including large commerative, flags, Christmas or whateve
Offer: Many of the same types I am needing and also help or collaboration in identification of some. I collect US revenue also
Note: I use Scott but scanning and whatever works. I have a lot of these stamps but 3 of 1 and none of the other corner etc.


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