Name: Aftab Uddin [2014-09-23] Beginner
Country: Bangladesh Exchange
Want: WW- WWF, Butterfly, Birds, Wild animals all mint complete set.
Offer: Same
Note: catalogue Michel All mails by registered

Name: Hasnul Hadi Hashim stamp site [2014-09-23] Confirmed
Country: Malaysia Exchange Buy Sell
Want: mint unique shapes (oval, round, hexagon, triangle and so on) mint only no want list
Offer: malaysia and ww. no wantlist please.

Name: Eduard Nunes [2014-09-23] Advanced
Country: Portugal Exchange
Want: Used stamps worldwide. Exchanges on 1x1 basis, at least 100 stamps each letter.
Offer: The same, especially West Europe

Name: Alberto Sanchez [2014-09-23] Confirmed
Country: Chile Exchange Buy Sell
Want: Stamps in MNH condition from Vatican City and Chile
Offer: Stamps and FDC"s from Chile and Peru. Used stamps worlwide mostly from 70"s and backwards

Name: Mitja Mihelic [2014-09-22] Advanced
Country: Slovenia Exchange Buy Sell
Want: mint stamps of Germany, Austria, Spein, Belgium, , Russia and Russian ex countries etc
Offer: mint and use stamps of Slovenia, mint from Serbia, Kosovo , Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia ( all three parts, , Italy, San Marino Vaticano some, Jugoslavia mint and use etc

Name: Zaid Sayegh stamp site [2014-09-22] Advanced
Country: Jordan No-Exchange Sell
Offer: Jordan Stamps Pope visit to Jordan Stamps

Name: Alejandro Sanchez [2014-09-22] Advanced
Country: USA Exchange
Want: Need mint complete year sets any country 1998 to date. The year must be complete
Offer: Topical mint sets worldwide
Note: Using Scott or Michel

Name: Arnaud Bizot [2014-09-22] Confirmed
Country: France Exchange
Want: 100 stamps from baltic countries, Scandinavia, or anything else interesting
Offer: 100 french stamps (75 large adhesive 2009-2013 + 25 definitives)

Name: Alain Pierron [2014-09-21] Advanced
Country: France No-Exchange Sell
Offer: France mint & used stamps, FDC, booklets, bulk
Note: Cool price according Yvert / Scott / Michel. I will send you my list

Name: Anni Bager [2014-09-21] Advanced
Country: Denmark Exchange
Want: Netherlands
Offer: Denmark, Greenland and Faroe
Note: I want to exchange face value if older than 2012 according to Michel I collect cancel stamps

Name: Fred Hoogewoning [2014-09-21] Advanced
Country: Netherlands Exchange
Want: UK and Portugal 2013 and 2014 used
Offer: Holland, germany, italie, spain, maroc, turkey, bosnie, croatie etc all 2013 and 2014 used

Name: Paramasivan Surendran [2014-09-21] Advanced
Country: India Exchange

Name: Edmund Vella [2014-09-21] Expert
Country: Malta Exchange Sell
Want: 100 recent from your country. All European countries by wantlist Michel.Commonwealth countries worldwide. Fine used.
Offer: 100 recent from Malta. Most European countries, Australia, Canada, African and Asian countries - also by wantlist Michel
Note: I am a serious worldwide stamp collector - looking for serious worldwide collectors.Use Michel St. Gibbons and Scott C

Name: Moshe Isaac [2014-09-21] Advanced
Country: Israel Exchange
Want: mint and used stamps ww
Offer: mint stamps from israel used stamps ww
Note: no want lists

Name: Yuri Katsov [2014-09-21] Advanced
Country: Ukraine Exchange
Want: MNH thematic stamp sets, FDC"s, postal stationery (topics inform later), unused postal labels/stickers
Offer: MNH postage stamps, revenues & postal stationery from Ukraine, USSR; FDC"s from WW
Note: Serious collectors only preferably South America Africa. Essential quantities by registered mail. Long-term contact

Name: Francis Kohl [2014-09-21] Confirmed
Country: Singapore Exchange
Want: Nippon Stamps, British Empire, German stamps
Offer: Vietnam postally used Western Europe Austria

Name: Herman Alvarez stamp site [2014-09-20] Advanced
Country: Spain Exchange
Want: Used stamps of fauna, actors and actresses and lighthouses.Also 100x100 stamps of your country
Offer: Thousands of stamps ww (with images)

Name: Gerhard Ottenhoff [2014-09-20] Advanced
Country: Netherlands Exchange
Want: stamps before 1900
Offer: for every 10 stamps before 1900, I offer 100 stamps worlwide

Name: Fernando Crosta [2014-09-20] Confirmed
Country: Brazil Exchange
Want: Used WW
Offer: Used Brasil and WW
Note: Topics: Civil airplanes and Soccer World Cup

Name: Jesus Mora [2014-09-20] Advanced
Country: Spain Exchange Sell
Want: MNH CEPT and comics. Used from France, Greece (2000-...),
Offer: MNH or used from Spain, MNH spain colonies, used ww, ...
Note: I send 2 MNH stamps from Spain 60"s for each MNH (90- today) CEPT stamp

Name: panchali sarkar [2014-09-20] Confirmed
Country: India No-Exchange Buy Sell
Want: sell cover and stamps all country
Offer: 10cover=20$ and 150stamps=20$
Note: i send maximum 900 stamps and 25 cover.

Name: Ute Stewert [2014-09-19] Beginner
Country: Germany Exchange
Want: Island stamps and different shape stamps
Offer: WW AirMail labels New and old, pens and stamps from germany

Name: Ainars Valdovskis [2014-09-19] Advanced
Country: Latvia Exchange
Want: Austria, Denmark, Faroe, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland
Offer: Baltic- Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
Note: All nice postal used round cancelled( not FDC not CTO not wavy lines)

Name: Maurizio Melloni [2014-09-19] Confirmed
Country: Ethiopia Exchange Buy Sell

Name: Anatol Micheew [2014-09-19] Advanced
Country: Ukraine Exchange
Want: Mint thematic stamps and blocks from WW
Offer: Mint stamps and blocks West Germany(1960-2000), DDR(1965-1990), Austria(1960-1998) and WW.

Name: Ron Goldworm [2014-09-19] Confirmed
Country: USA Exchange
Want: ww used stamps 100 to 500 or 100 us for your country
Offer: same amount used world wide no defins
Note: willing to trade 500 defins and small for 200 commsmost.mine before 1960

Name: Eric Van Der Wilk [2014-09-19] Advanced
Country: Netherlands Exchange
Want: Used stamps by wantlist (michel) from Germany, Sweden, Iceland, Switzerland, Finnland, Norway, Slovenia, Denmark, Estland and France (Yvert). For recent stamps also interested in exchanging 1:1.
Offer: Used stamps from Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and many from the Netherlands.
Note: Other countrys? just sent a mail

Name: Yuri Hakopian [2014-09-19] Advanced
Country: Armenia Exchange
Want: MNH stamps on Fossils, Prehistoric Animals and Humans, Rock Painting
Offer: stamps of Armenia, USSR, WW stamps on various topics
Note: stamps of high quality serious collectors

Name: Ute Stewert [2014-09-19] Beginner
Country: Germany Exchange
Want: stamps from island, and stamps in different shapes
Offer: air mail labels, pens, stamps from Germany

Name: Pavel Rehak [2014-09-18] Advanced
Country: Czech Republic Exchange
Want: used stamps from: Iceland, Faroes, (Sweden, Denmark), Nepal, Burma/Myanmar, India
Offer: Czech Republic, Czechoslovakia, (Slovakia)

Name: Morin Marc [2014-09-18] Advanced
Country: Canada Exchange
Want: Stamps listed on Scott 1-2-3, Countries beginning by letter A up to letter I. Preference for used, but I take NH also. Some topics: Disney, Royal family, JF Kennedy, Europa and Olympics.
Offer: Stamps from around the world (used, H and NH). I have offer list and want list available. Many SS. Many Canadian stamps, used, mint, FDC, booklet and SS.
Note: No CTO please. I use Scott catalogue for world and Unitrade for Canada.

Name: Marc Vrancken [2014-09-17] Advanced
Country: Belgium Exchange
Want: mix of 400 different large size after year 2000 out of greece, france, UK, switzerland, norway, malta, luxemburg, italy, germany
Offer: 500 different large size usa or czechoslovakia or spain or sport or fauna
Note: no want list

Name: Ram Jung Rana [2014-09-17] Expert
Country: Italy Exchange

Name: William Anderson [2014-09-17] Advanced
Country: Canada Exchange
Want: I collect all countries worldwide
Offer: I will send 100 large Canada for 100 large your choice
Note: send me your mailing address and I will send stamps first

Name: Mykola Kondratyuk [2014-09-17] Confirmed
Country: Ukraine Exchange
Offer: used stamps Ukraine

Name: Ji (jyton) Peng Nian [2014-09-17] Confirmed
Country: China Exchange
Want: Italy, GB, France, USA. Canada, Sweden stamps by my want list
Offer: Japan used stamp by your want list , or China used big stamps.
Note: 100:100 or more

Name: Nikos Gousgounis [2014-09-17] Advanced
Country: Greece Exchange
Want: stamps about childrens" toys, family, women, elderly, boy scouts
Offer: usewd greek stamps 1920-2000
Note: I don"t send first to people who respond to this ad

Name: Arvydas Vingrys stamp site [2014-09-16] Advanced
Country: Lithuania No-Exchange Sell
Want: To sell stamps
Offer: Stamps from Africa, Ex-USSR, ex-Yugoslavia and ex-Czechoslovakia
Note: Please look to our pricelists-catalogues at

Name: Marek Mierzynski [2014-09-16] Advanced
Country: Poland Exchange Buy
Want: French used from 1849 to 1959, Europa CEPT mint and used, Danmark used, birds mint, train mint
Offer: Poland mint and used, other countries
Note: I use Michel cat.

Name: Alex Ivashin [2014-09-16] Advanced
Country: Ukraine Exchange Buy Sell
Offer: used commems Ukraine @100 diff.@150 diff.@300 diff.@500 different

Name: Petrescu Marian Florin [2014-09-16] Advanced
Country: Romania Exchange Sell
Want: Want recent mint topical issues (WWF, Fauna, Flora, Transport, Painting) from whole world countries.
Offer: Offer mint or used topical issues from whole world
Note: Basiss of exchange: face value or catalogue "Michel"

Name: Rahul Pramanik stamp site [2014-09-16] Confirmed
Country: India Exchange Buy
Want: Mint stamps and Mint Miniature Sheets on Tintin and Asterix.
Offer: Mint stamps and Mint Miniature Sheets from India year 2005 onwards.
Note: Also interested on Bangladesh mint stamps.


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