Name: Anirudh Mishra [2014-11-01] Confirmed
Country: India No-Exchange Sell
Offer: i have full collection of indian stamps from 1947 to 2002 that i want to sell

Name: Bertus Beelen [2014-10-31] Advanced
Country: Netherlands Exchange
Want: W.W. But spec. Germany, Berlin, Scandinavian countries, Baltics, Czech Rep. Slowakia, Belgium, Canada and WWF
Offer: WW, the Netherlands and the countries I collect, Please ask, always answer.

Name: Victor Makarenko stamp site [2014-10-31] Advanced
Country: Ukraine Exchange
Want: mint thematic stamps
Offer: mint stamps
Note: Michel Ywert

Name: Manuel Mendes De Sousa [2014-10-31] Expert
Country: Portugal Exchange Buy
Want: Liechtenstein, Austria, Jersey/guernsey, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia
Offer: Portugal, Old Portuguese colonies (angola, Mozambique, Guine, Cap-vert, Timor)
Note: Used /mint stamps by wantlist (packets to Croatia Serbia Boznia)

Name: Danny Knopfle stamp site [2014-10-31] Advanced
Country: Belgium Exchange
Want: Trade by scans or photos of stock pages
Offer: Scans of stamps to select the stamps you would like.
Note: reply to all e-mails

Name: Michel Tittley [2014-10-31] Advanced
Country: Canada Exchange Sell
Want: WW used or mint before 1935 and Canada and USA before 1935 or after 1990
Offer: My country and WW before 1990, mint or used
Note: I don"t buy only exchange. Thank you

Name: Peter Vagma stamp site [2014-10-31] Advanced
Country: USA Exchange Sell
Want: worldwide
Offer: worldwide

Name: Alejandro Sanchez [2014-10-30] Advanced
Country: USA Exchange Buy
Want: Need complete mint year sets ( any country 1998 to date ). The year must be complete.
Offer: I can offer mint topical sets worldwide.
Note: We use Scott and Michel for exchange

Name: Dave Hartnell [2014-10-30] Expert
Country: New Zealand No-Exchange
Want: world wide covers ONLY address to you
Offer: covers ONLY address to you from new zealand

Name: Jurij Danilov [2014-10-30] Advanced
Country: Ukraine Exchange
Want: mint WW
Offer: mint Ukraine, Russia

Name: Martin De Jong [2014-10-30] Expert
Country: Netherlands Exchange
Want: new belgium switzerland ceska denmark UK and some more
Offer: all what i have i have thousand of stamps
Note: all mail be answer

Name: Rade Skaro [2014-10-30] Confirmed
Country: Croatia Exchange
Want: Definitive stamps - small / medium size - from all over the World.
Offer: WW commemorative large size stamps, or definitive stamps. With obligatory arrangement before the exchange. I respond to all inquiries.

Name: Mykola Kondratyuk [2014-10-30] Confirmed
Country: Ukraine Exchange
Offer: of USSR 1961-1991 , small stamps Ukraine 1991-2013

Name: Wim Van Loon Sauveur [2014-10-29] Confirmed
Country: Netherlands Exchange
Want: mint stamps / minisheets thematic Lighthouse, Ships, and Trains.
Offer: Mint stamps / minisheets

Name: Marcel Bienvenue [2014-10-29] Confirmed
Country: Canada Exchange
Want: Used large stamps years 2005/2014 of your country except France and Eastern Europe . Also W.W. PERFINS stamps .
Offer: Used stamps of Canada and France and more countries.
Note: I collect postcards.

Name: Ron Goldworm [2014-10-28] Beginner
Country: USA Exchange
Want: 100 to 500 ww used commemoratives
Offer: 300 small and definitives for each 100 world wide
Note: send info to trade

Name: David Tomlins [2014-10-28] Expert
Country: UK Exchange Buy Sell
Want: united kingdom used
Offer: united kingdom used

Name: Emmanuel Bonsie [2014-10-28] Confirmed
Country: Ghana Exchange Sell
Want: Used stamps
Offer: Covers
Note: Contact me first

Name: Ariel Paton [2014-10-28] Confirmed
Country: Argentina Exchange
Want: Mint sets//sheets and some fdc " s specifics thematics by wantlists from Armenian, Belgium, Gibraltar, Romania and Taiwain.
Offer: mint sets//sheets from my country Argentina and Uruguay by wantlists.
Note: Basis value only by catalogue.

Name: Maurizio Meroni [2014-10-28] Advanced
Country: Italy Exchange
Want: Used stamps from Belgium , Slovenia and Ceska republic
Offer: used stamps from west Europe
Note: I trade only according wantlist (Yvert for Belgium and Michel for Slovenia and Ceska)

Name: Luis Faria [2014-10-28] Confirmed
Country: Portugal Exchange
Want: Only from Europe - Used stamps about Castles, Churches, Europa Cept, Famous Scientists and Famous Women
Offer: Used stamps from everywhere and many topical stamps, just ask.
Note: No CTO no small format stamps. Preview images.

Name: Gladwin Fernando [2014-10-28] Confirmed
Country: India Exchange Buy Sell
Want: International Mint Miniature Sheet Stamps
Offer: Indian Mint Miniature Sheet Stamps
Note: Every 25 - International Mint Miniature Sheet Stamps for 25 Indian Mint Miniature Sheet Stamps

Name: Peter Petrov [2014-10-27] Beginner
Country: Bulgaria No-Exchange Sell
Offer: Thematics stamps - birds , butterflies , ships , and many other all over the world. But have some Africa 1950 -1990 , British colonies & Caribean

Name: Martin Metzger [2014-10-27] Advanced
Country: Austria Exchange Buy Sell
Want: WW Coins, Banknotes and Stamps
Offer: WW Coins, Banknotes and Stamps

Name: Andrei Andronic [2014-10-27] Confirmed
Country: Romania Exchange
Want: used stamps from all the world by packets or wantlist
Offer: used stamps from Romania by wantlist or packets and ww
Note: I use Michel catalogue

Name: Yossi Cohen [2014-10-27] Beginner
Country: USA Exchange
Want: WW postaly used
Offer: WW postaly used

Name: Alf Lambetsen [2014-10-27] Confirmed
Country: France Exchange
Want: used stamps from Mongolia-Iraq-Iran-Lybia
Offer: used stamps from France and countries in Europe
Note: 100 or more pr. letter

Name: Karunakaran Shanmugam [2014-10-27] Beginner
Country: India No-Exchange Sell
Want: India
Offer: India
Note: i have Indian stamps of 1947 onwards

Name: Saif Hasan [2014-10-27] Expert
Country: Pakistan Exchange Buy Sell
Want: British Indian classic used, Pakistan Local over Prints, Revenues, UK, Ceylon
Offer: Pakistan classic fine used and mint, world stamps, Topical etc
Note: I am a senior philatelist specializing in my own regional countries.

Name: Igor Gorodetsky [2014-10-27] Advanced
Country: Russia Exchange
Want: Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia , Czech rep. - all mint. USSR 1924-1940 - used.
Offer: Topical news from WW - mint

Name: Joergen Rasmussen [2014-10-27] Advanced
Country: Denmark Exchange Sell
Want: 100 used recent (2005 till now) from Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney, England or Ireland
Offer: 100 same quality from Denmark or Norway
Note: I don"t send first

Name: Charles Walker [2014-10-26] Confirmed
Country: UK Exchange Sell
Want: modern used comm of Denmark=Sweden=Finland=Italy=Greece=Spain
Offer: Japan-french-Australian-NZ-Geeece-Spain older Canada-Italy-Spain -mixed Channel isles- Greece
Note: kiloware sortters if like me you have lots of the same modern comms stamps left I will exchange a 100

Name: Genetel Alain [2014-10-26] Advanced
Country: France Exchange

Name: Jessica De Roy [2014-10-26] Confirmed
Country: Belgium Exchange
Want: Australia, new zealand, japan, cocos keeling island, christmas island, fauna, felines, cats, disney, cartoons, anime, movies, love, angels
Offer: mixed packages of all countries 50 or 100 stamps

Name: Tanvir Alex Khan [2014-10-26] Advanced
Country: Bangladesh Exchange Buy Sell
Want: used and mint
Offer: bangladesh & near regions MINT and Used
Note: I only exchange with REgisterd mail

Name: Dilip Man Sthapit [2014-10-26] Confirmed
Country: Nepal No-Exchange Sell
Want: Banknotes of the world
Offer: Mint and used stamps
Note: Dear Friend Thank you very much for your email and your interest in mint stamps of Nepal. I am collector of Stamps.

Name: Leemuralee Rajaram [2014-10-26] Advanced
Country: India Exchange

Name: Pierluigi Potì [2014-10-26] Advanced
Country: Italy Exchange
Want: Cyprus, Andorra, Liechtenstein, Vatican, Luxembourg, Island, Greenland, Faer Oer, Baltic, Macedonia, Bosnia, Montenegro
Offer: 150 Malta
Note: NO CTO Definitives wantlist or scanner I don" t send first

Name: Giuseppe Incorvaia [2014-10-25] Advanced
Country: Italy Exchange
Want: Only used commemorative stamps of WW specially, GB, USA, Australia, Italia, France, Germany, Spain, Canada.No Africa, Asia and South America please
Offer: Many beautiful used commemorative stamps of WW.Min 100 or more for expedition.I can send for first!

Name: Magnus Jönsson [2014-10-25] Confirmed
Country: Sweden Exchange
Want: Used ww commemorative on a 1.1 basis
Offer: Sweden or ww
Note: I will not send first

Name: Helen Afshar stamp site [2014-10-25] Expert
Country: USA No-Exchange
Offer: Provide album pages that you can download and print off on your own printer

Name: Tahir Anjum [2014-10-25] Advanced
Country: Pakistan Exchange Sell
Want: WW
Offer: All different Used USA, Canada...800 each, also 100-200 Australia, Canada, Getmany, Japan, Netherland, Belgium, WW Commems, Mixed Asia etcUsed
Note: Also have 100-200 Olympic Birds Flowers Sports Football and Excellent Used Covers

Name: Bahman Gholipour [2014-10-25] Confirmed
Country: Iran Exchange
Want: any mint worldwide by thematic flora- fauna
Offer: any mint iranian stamps from 1980 until 2014

Name: Damian Koszynski [2014-10-25] Confirmed
Country: Poland Exchange
Want: ww used or not
Offer: ww used
Note: No scans photos cataloques etc ect.

Name: Prasit Pongla [2014-10-25] Confirmed
Country: Thailand Exchange
Want: Myanmar india Minh
Offer: thailand Minh


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