Name: Steve Mullanny [2016-05-25] Beginner
Country: UK No-Exchange Sell
Want: I have an Italion stamp collection for sale, if any one is interested please mail me for more details
Note: possibly a valuation would be of some use

Name: Fedor Tyrsel [2016-05-24] Advanced
Country: Slovakia Exchange
Want: 2 UPU 1949 mnh stamps ww
Offer: 100 used ww of my choice no demaged
Note: for your 2 stamps 100 my stamps you send first

Name: Janusz Placzek [2016-05-24] Expert
Country: Poland Exchange
Want: Mint complete issues: John Paul II, fauna, orchids, fire brigade, trains, Chopin, Copernic, Curie.
Offer: Mint NH: Berlin West and Bundesrepublik to 2000 year.Sets, singles, pairs, blocks of 4.
Note: Base of exchange catalogue Michel or agreement.

Name: Sharon Shoshani [2016-05-24] Beginner
Country: Israel Exchange Buy Sell
Want: Australia international post, Japan , pre 1930 Denmark , Pre 1920 Sverige, pre 1920 Helvetia
Offer: Israel , USA , GB.
Note: I would like to exchange mostly used on 1:1 basis

Name: Loic Deschamps [2016-05-24] Expert
Country: France Exchange
Want: china macau hong kong mint new issues
Offer: france taaf polynesie new caledonia andorra mint new issues
Note: by facial value

Name: Helani Kumari Wijesinghe [2016-05-24] Beginner
Country: Sri Lanka Exchange Sell
Want: I like to exchange coins/bank notes and stamps(mint or used) world wide
Offer: sri lankan stamps(mint or used)
Note: please mail me

Name: Bernard Mathieu [2016-05-24] Confirmed
Country: France Exchange
Want: Europe de l"Ouest, USA, Australie 2010-2016
Offer: France 2010-2016
Note: large format 1/1 by 100 or 50

Name: Ludmila Smirnova [2016-05-23] Advanced
Country: UK Exchange
Want: Stamps from Greece, Germany, Austria, Scandinavian Countries, Canada, New Zealand after 2005 to current
Offer: GB up to 2004; Asia (different countries) up to 2005; Africa (different countries) up to 2005
Note: Prefer 1:1 or by agreement for current stamps

Name: Eric Van Der Wilk [2016-05-23] Advanced
Country: Netherlands Exchange
Want: Recent Scandinavia, France (non adhesive) 1:1, or by wantlist Michel/Yvert.
Offer: Recent Netherlands
Note: Only want used stamps

Name: Anders Martinson [2016-05-23] Advanced
Country: Sweden Exchange
Want: Latin America, especially Mexico, Venezuela, Paraguay and Nicaragua, issued before 1940
Offer: Sweden (used and mint), Åland (mint 1984-2000), West Germany (mint ca 1990)
Note: Exchange by want list

Name: Samantha Wijavickrama [2016-05-23] Confirmed
Country: Sri Lanka Exchange
Want: all countrys used stamps
Offer: Sri lanka used stamps
Note: I can exchange 100 200 or 300 used

Name: Homi Godiwaka [2016-05-23] Confirmed
Country: India Exchange
Want: mint China , Egypt, iran and Japan. Mint only
Offer: mint issues of India and Oman
Note: mint stamps swap only

Name: Roberto Calle [2016-05-23] Advanced
Country: Argentina Exchange
Want: used URUGUAY, Chile, Perú by Michel catalogue
Offer: recently issued used Western Europe, Scandinavia, Canada
Note: - -

Name: Ali Naseri [2016-05-23] Confirmed
Country: Iran Exchange
Want: I need a partner in Pakistan
Offer: Mint stamps of IRAN
Note: Registered mail - Michel or scott exchange Base

Name: Monojit Sarkar [2016-05-23] Advanced
Country: India Exchange
Want: Mint stamps worldwide
Offer: Mint stamps from India, Nepal and Bhutan and used stamps worldwide.
Note: I need mint stamps of full sets of my desired topic.I need long term partners.

Name: Francisco Javier Bey Franco [2016-05-22] Confirmed
Country: Spain Exchange
Want: WW Used stamps
Offer: WW Used stamps
Note: Swap 100x100 or by scans

Name: Dario Domović [2016-05-22] Beginner
Country: Croatia Exchange
Want: Used stamps from WW (NO CTO stamps)
Offer: Used stamps from WW
Note: Exchange 1x1 50-100 quantity only used stamps no damaged

Name: Manuel Soriano stamp site [2016-05-21] Advanced
Country: Mexico Exchange
Want: MNH complete set,
Offer: Mexico mint NH stamps
Note: I have not used stamps.

Name: Alain Genetel [2016-05-21] Advanced
Country: France Exchange
Note: 50 X 50 NO CTO

Name: Juan Jose De La Parte [2016-05-21] Advanced
Country: Spain Exchange
Want: Used stamps from your country
Offer: Used Spanish stamps
Note: Accept and send duplicates on request.

Name: Magnus Jönsson [2016-05-20] Advanced
Country: Sweden Exchange
Want: WW or your country in lots of 100-500 No definitives
Offer: WW or Sweden in same amount
Note: No want list

Name: Rouffin David [2016-05-20] Expert
Country: Belgium Exchange
Want: your country
Offer: belgium 1960-2000
Note: 100/100

Name: Thangkamani Selladurai [2016-05-20] Confirmed
Country: Malaysia Exchange
Want: Worldwide Mint Stamps
Offer: Malaysia Mint Stamps

Name: Emil Doric [2016-05-20] Advanced
Country: Croatia Exchange
Want: used stamps from Austria Swiss and Denmark
Offer: used stamps from France and Austria
Note: nice round cancelled stamps only (Michel Cat.)

Name: Leoncito Metódico [2016-05-20] Confirmed
Country: Brazil Exchange
Want: i want stamps from Liechtenstein, Cyprus, Montenegro, Srbija, Bosna i Hercegovina, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Suriname, some countries by Africa, Antilles and Pacific.
Offer: Worldwide stamps, used and mint
Note: 1x1 interchanging 50 stamps. Please only these countries that i put here.

Name: Albert Ballsteros [2016-05-19] Beginner
Country: Spain Exchange
Want: World Wide (but only from the other person"s country)
Offer: Used Spanish stamps
Note: Exchange 1x1 50-100-150 quantity

Name: Jose Antonio Peraza Correa [2016-05-19] Advanced
Country: Cuba Exchange Sell
Want: mint stamps 2014 allcountries
Offer: cuba mint complete set 2014-2016
Note: catalogue michel stampworld online

Name: João Vicente Marçal Nogueira [2016-05-19] Confirmed
Country: Brazil Exchange
Want: Exchange new stamps (mint"s) and used with collectors Albania, Belarus, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Georgia, Iceland
Offer: New stamps of various themes in Brazil and used many countries.
Note: Do not send first. Not accept CTO.

Name: Caroline Pitanga [2016-05-19] Advanced
Country: Mauritius Exchange
Want: Old worldwide stamps and banknotes
Offer: Old and recent worldwide stamps and banknotes
Note: I"m in search of all Australian stamps pre-1925 (New South Wales Tasmania South Australia Western Australia Queensland)

Name: Yurij Danilov [2016-05-19] Advanced
Country: Ukraine Exchange
Want: New MNH stamps, s/s, m/s from China
Offer: New MNH stamps, s/s, m/s from Ukraine, Russia
Note: on face value

Name: Yuri Katsov [2016-05-18] Advanced
Country: Ukraine Exchange
Want: MNH complete topical stamp sets from South America, Caribbeans, Pacific, Western Europe; Revenues & Postal Labels/Stickers
Offer: Ditto from Ukraine, USSR; Revenues, Postally Used Entires, Postal Labels/Stickers etc
Note: Serious dedicated collectors long-term exchange precise meeting partner"s requirements needed

Name: Peter Morhaye [2016-05-18] Advanced
Country: Belgium Exchange Sell
Want: UK stamps 2007-"16 Austria 2000-"16 and Italy 2000-"16 only used commemorative stamps
Offer: European stamps 2000-2016(mainly Germany and France)
Note: looking for long-term trading

Name: Willem Lussing [2016-05-18] Advanced
Country: Netherlands Exchange
Want: 100-300 used stamps w/w, no demaged stamps
Offer: 100-300 used stamps w/w, no demaged stamps
Note: no catalog- no scan

Name: Pawel Kawiak stamp site [2016-05-18] Advanced
Country: UK No-Exchange Buy Sell
Want: Poland
Offer: Poland, Germany, Danzig
Note: I am looking for Polish MNH stamps up to 1960.

Name: Gennady Berlin [2016-05-18] Advanced
Country: Russia Exchange
Want: mint fauna and other topicks
Offer: mint and used stamps, FDC, ETB, maxicards of many countries and many topicks
Note: I need only mint full set. I use Michel.


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