Name: Andrei Claudiu [2018-02-18] Confirmed
Country: USA Exchange
Want: used stamps from South America, Central America, Africa, Asia, Oceania, Antarctica, small nation and world islands.
Offer: WW used stamps large and medium size mostly before 1990 (1:1). WW definitives 1900"s to 1990 (2 definitive for 1 of your commemorative)
Note: Exchange at least 100 stamps. Scans possible but no wish lists no catalogs no years. I don"t send first anymore.

Name: Antonio Martinez [2018-02-16] Advanced
Country: Spain Exchange
Want: Completed nice used sets and small sheets ww
Offer: Completed nice used sets and small sheets ww
Note: I send a list of my my stock to review

Name: João Vicente Marçal Nogueira [2018-02-16] Confirmed
Country: Brazil Exchange Buy
Want: Exchange new stamps of the themes Birds and Orchids. I collect letters that I receive for my address.
Offer: I have to offer new and recent stamps from Brazil and other countries and from various themes (blocks and other philatel
Note: Stamp World trading site. I exchange stamps for almost ten years so I look for serious philatelists.

Name: Rob Sefton stamp site [2018-02-16] Confirmed
Country: United Kingdom Exchange
Want: 100 Fine used stamps from Malta, Israel (with tabs), Finland, Botswana, Seychelles, Mauritius, Sierra Leone, Jamaica
Offer: 100 Fine Used all different stamps from South Africa
Note: No want lists no broken perferations. no torn or creasted stamps please.

Name: Jorge Martinez Mutay [2018-02-16] Advanced
Country: Uruguay Exchange
Want: Unesco, Paintings, Europa-Cept. MNH stamps
Offer: Uruguay MNH
Note: Uruguay MNH

Name: Dave Hartnell [2018-02-16] Expert
Country: New Zealand No-Exchange
Want: Worldwide covers address to me
Offer: Covers address to you from new Zealand
Note: I don"t swap stamps

Name: Sfaxi Mondher [2018-02-15] Confirmed
Country: Tunisia Exchange Sell
Want: Stamps usa.canada.greece.cuba
Offer: Stamps of tunisia
Note: 1=1 50=50 200 =200

Name: Ariel Paton [2018-02-15] Confirmed
Country: Argentina Exchange
Want: mint (mnh) specifics thematics by lists needs from Belgium, Canada, Czech.R., Jugoslavian and Portugal.
Offer: mint (mnh) from my country Argentina
Note: Serious exchanges and by registered letters.

Name: Francesco Calcaterra [2018-02-15] Confirmed
Country: Italy Exchange Sell
Want: used of UK, Australia and Switzerland (2000-2018)
Offer: Italy, St. Marino, Vatican, France, Spain and WW.
Note: only good quality

Name: Mykola Kondratuyk [2018-02-15] Confirmed
Country: Ukraine Exchange
Want: Austria ( Österreich) 2014-2017, POST EUROPA
Offer: stamps Ukraine 1991-2018
Note: mint stamp on Michel

Name: Geoff Cosson [2018-02-14] Advanced
Country: Cyprus Exchange
Want: Recent GB stamps, 2014-2018, prefer used
Offer: Stamps from Cyprus, Greece, GB, Australia, Germany
Note: I prefer to use Lists or Scans

Name: Isabel Effendi [2018-02-14] Beginner
Country: South Africa Exchange Sell
Want: 120 diff World large commems after 2000
Offer: 70 South West Africa & 50 RSA commems (120 )issued 1980/90"s which I have removed from FDC"s. All complete sets .

Name: Rajan Kumar Rai [2018-02-14] Confirmed
Country: Nepal Exchange Sell
Want: Nepali stamps
Offer: Nepali stamps
Note: I would like to exchange Nepali stamps with Nepali stamps

Name: Tao Qi Liang [2018-02-14] Confirmed
Country: China Exchange Sell
Want: Topics stamps, booklets, postal stationery, banknotes and coins.
Offer: The same
Note: Accept other proposal.

Name: Daniel Novotny [2018-02-13] Advanced
Country: Czech Republic Exchange
Want: recent west Europe or worldwide
Offer: the same
Note: 1 for 1 by scans

Name: Nicola Cavallari [2018-02-13] Confirmed
Country: Italy Exchange
Want: Used stamps from France (1990-2017), Germany (2010-2017), Poland, USA, Greece (1990-2017), Spain, Sweden, Malta, Finland, Australia, Swiss (2000-2017), Israel, Canada (2000-2017)
Offer: WW used stamps in good condition. 50x50, 100x100, 200x200. Only used of good quality (no CTOs). All my stamps are checked carefully.
Note: Please send me first.

Name: Sergey Vasiliev [2018-02-12] Advanced
Country: Russia Exchange
Want: MNH stamps and blocks of Iran 2013-2014
Offer: MNH Worldwide topical stamps and blocks
Note: Exchange basis MICHEL katalog

Name: Siti Maryam Arifin [2018-02-12] Beginner
Country: Malaysia Exchange Sell
Want: stamps world wide; one postcard (with stamp) with mailed to me
Offer: stamps world wide; one postcard (with stamp) mailed to you in return
Note: Accept other proposal

Name: Umberto Dapri [2018-02-11] Expert
Country: Switzerland Exchange Sell
Offer: I sell a nice variety of stamps visit my shop. 11 & 12 february no Paypal fees over 50€

Name: Marc Morin [2018-02-11] Advanced
Country: Canada Exchange Sell
Want: Stamps listed on Scott 1 to 6, Countries beginning by letter A up to letter I . Preference for used, but I take NH also. Want list available. Some topics: Disney, JF Kennedy, Europa and Olympics.
Offer: Stamps from around the world (used, H and NH). Offer list available. Many world SS. Many Canadian stamps, used, mint, FDC, booklet and SS.
Note: No CTO please. Scan available. I use Scott cat. for world and Unitrade for Canada.You contact first you send first.

Name: Marc Ulrich [2018-02-11] Advanced
Country: France Exchange
Want: all countries
Offer: all countries
Note: exchange 1 for 1 only by scanns

Name: Richard Pawlik [2018-02-11] Advanced
Country: Sweden Exchange
Want: Used Estonia 1991 and forward, used Fr. Colonial stamps but not from Africa
Offer: Sweden 1855-2015, Nordic countries, Br. Colonies, Fr colonies in Africa
Note: I use Scott Michel and Stanley-Gibbon cat.

Name: James Kent [2018-02-11] Advanced
Country: USA Exchange
Want: Scandinavia, Finland, Switzerland, British America, Hong Kong and Japan prefectures only, prefer postally used. Also foreign revenues and perfins.
Offer: WW mostly used
Note: need recent used

Name: Wim Van Der Ven [2018-02-11] Advanced
Country: Netherlands Exchange
Want: new zealand, south and central amerika, scandinavia, netherlands, ex eng colonies. japan
Offer: south and central amerika, netherlands, scandinavia ex eng colonies japan
Note: i like to exchange on 100-100 or less ore more

Name: Pierre Drolet [2018-02-11] Confirmed
Country: Canada Exchange
Want: France, USA and Canada used stamps
Offer: France, USA, Canada and all over the world used stamps
Note: I also collect ancien papers (letters bills judical papers etc)


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