Name: Ron Herring [2017-07-21] Expert
Country: USA No-Exchange Sell
Offer: Auctions-U.S. & WW Stamps, FDC"s, Bulk Lots, Estate Lots, Dealer"s Stock & More!
Note: We combine shipping

Name: Lech Jasiak [2017-07-21] Confirmed
Country: Finland Exchange
Want: Europa theme stamps , booklets, sheets up-to 10 stamps
Offer: Finland and Aland and Europa stamps.
Note: will answer to all emails and offers.

Name: Yin Minfeng, [2017-07-21] Confirmed
Country: China Exchange Sell
Want: Thematic mint stamps, S/S, minisheets, booklets, postal stationeries, postcards, covers, banknotes and coins etc from world wide.
Offer: Stamps, S/S, minisheets, booklets, FDC, postal stationeries, postcards, covers, banknotes and coins etc from China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and many countries.
Note: Hope to develope long-term exchange.

Name: Jing Wang [2017-07-20] Advanced
Country: China Exchange Sell
Want: I want used and MINT stamps all over the world NO CTO NO small ones.
Offer: I can offer thousands of japanese, and I also can offer stamps from south America、 Norway、Finland、Sweden、Italy、Belgium、E
Note: I want to swap for 1:1 at least 200 for the first time. No small ones NO CTOs NO wantlist.

Name: Hocky Hayanto [2017-07-20] Advanced
Country: Indonesia Exchange
Want: World-wide stamps ( mint / used ), FDC, SS / MS, blocks, packs, etc. by the topics of WWF, fauna / flora, birds, transportations and sceneries.
Offer: Indonesia / w.w. stamps ( mint / used ), FDC, Maxi-cards, blocks, etc. all various topics..
Note: No catalogs.

Name: Roland Bogaard stamp site [2017-07-19] Advanced
Country: Netherlands Exchange
Want: Worldwide used stamps with topics flora, fauna, bridges, lighthouses, mills
Offer: Worldwide mint and used stamps, FDC"s
Note: All wants and offers are mentioned on lists on my website

Name: Leo Kennedy [2017-07-19] Confirmed
Country: United Kingdom Exchange
Want: China check fSlovakia Slovenia Macedonia Albania Luxemburg Iceland faro
Offer: All high value Germany including flowers set famous women all used tourist set high values Lott"s more German
Note: Will answer all

Name: Drazen Kladar [2017-07-19] Advanced
Country: Bosnia & Herzegovina Exchange
Want: Mint Sweden, Suisse, Belgium, Turkey, Arab countries, Pacific and Caribbean Islands etc and FDC from Cuba, Mongolia, Canada...
Offer: WW Mint/FDC- Butterflies, Birds, WWF, Europe cept, Olympic games, Football, Marine life, Railways, Lighthouses, Sports etc..
Note: I reply to all

Name: Dan Novotny [2017-07-18] Advanced
Country: Czech Republic Exchange
Want: 2014 - 2017 used west Europe, USA, Australia, NZ, or worlwide
Offer: 2014 - 2017 used my country and WW
Note: 50 for 50 or 40 for 40

Name: Meroni Maurizio [2017-07-18] Advanced
Country: Italy Exchange
Want: used stamps from Turkia and Greece
Offer: Used stamps from Italy and west Europe
Note: I trade according wantlist(michel -yvert). I answer all the mail

Name: Yuri Katsov stamp site [2017-07-18] Advanced
Country: Ukraine Exchange
Want: MNH Topical Complete Stamp Sets
Offer: MNH Topical Complete Stamp Sets, FDC"s, Postal Stationery, Revenue Stamps
Note: Serious collectors and fair approach please. Michel or other catalogue exchange basis

Name: Frank Takasch [2017-07-18] Confirmed
Country: USA Exchange
Want: Europe, South America and Asia Countries Used
Offer: United States Used
Note: 125-150 for same

Name: David Crosbie [2017-07-17] Advanced
Country: Canada Exchange
Want: Illustrated stamp pages for all countries 1970 to 1980. Also looking for stamps of all countries especially Asia, MiddleEast, Post Soviet , African and European Countries.
Offer: Used stamps of worldwide countries
Note: I do not use scans or catalogues. I trade in lots of 50 and 100 and am looking for longterm trade partners.

Name: Cihan Gulumser [2017-07-17] Expert
Country: Turkey Exchange
Want: "" Turkey Ottoman "" stamps (pre1924) used or MNH .. min 100pcs
Offer: Germany or Worldwide commem. 100:200 or, , definitives 100:400 , , , all thematic 100:100
Note: Only exchange by pictures or scans !! You must send first !! by registered letters only !!

Name: Alessandro Rocha [2017-07-17] Advanced
Country: Brazil Exchange
Note: I collect Banknotes Stamps (Mints and Useds) coins and postCARDS.

Name: Teresa Dąbrowska [2017-07-16] Advanced
Country: Poland Exchange
Want: used Turkey, Greece, Israel, Scandinavian countries, France, Watican, Japan recent, Yugoslavia
Offer: stamps from European countries West and East, Australia, Japan, USA, Canada
Note: no scan and wantlist

Name: Lindsey Nechelput [2017-07-16] Advanced
Country: Belgium Exchange
Want: Latin America, Africa, Tropical islands, Asia, Middle East
Offer: world wide by pictures and I want to exchange my GB, Ireland and GB islands collection (Guernsey, Jersey, Alderny...)
Note: Only exchange by pictures or scans (no cto)

Name: Bogdan Koric [2017-07-15] Confirmed
Country: Croatia Exchange
Want: mint stamps from Moldova and Ukraine.
Offer: mint stanps from Croatia
Note: Have want list R letter if possible

Name: Anton Van Bommel [2017-07-15] Advanced
Country: Netherlands Exchange
Want: Mint or CTO stamps WW.Preference Asian countries.
Offer: Covers of Visits of Pope John Paul ll. Unused postage postcards. Real used stamps WW.
Note: Please make me an offer.

Name: Ron Rainbow [2017-07-15] Advanced
Country: USA Exchange Buy
Want: GB penny red, plate 207, jj
Offer: Buy, exchange
Note: Am plating 207

Name: Eric Van Der Wilk [2017-07-14] Advanced
Country: Netherlands Exchange
Want: Used stamps from Scandinavia, France, GB, België by wantlist Michel Yvert/SG.
Offer: Used Netherlands, Sweden
Note: wantlist Michel Yvert/SG

Name: Igor Rudnyk [2017-07-14] Confirmed
Country: Ukraine Exchange Sell
Want: mint stamps W/W
Offer: Ukraine mint
Note: registered leter catalogue prices

Name: Carlos Da Silva Pereira [2017-07-14] Expert
Country: Portugal Exchange
Want: UK (MNH) comm. stamps, MACHINS, Reg., Bookl., - Mint Never hinged, France, Belgium, Monaco, Atm labels, 3D, Dinosaurs, Holograms, WWF, other material than paper, Space shutthe, Leonardo da Vinci, etc.
Offer: UK (MNH) stamps, blocks, Machins, booklets - Portugal mint and used stamps, blocks, bookl., Atm labels, (MNH) France, Germany, Monaco, Brasil, Greece, Angola (independent), etc
Note: Only MNH stamps. No time wasters please.

Name: Michael Lundin [2017-07-14] Expert
Country: Sweden Exchange
Want: German occupation WW I and II used , BRD, Berlin, DDR definitives MNH and used
Offer: Sweden, Nordic, Europe WW used + some MNH Sweden, Nordic
Note: MIchel wantlists

Name: Raymond Kerstetter [2017-07-14] Advanced
Country: USA Exchange Buy
Want: Price list of Princess Diana stamps using the French Yvert catalog numbers
Note: write or email me please


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