Name: Ernesto Domingues [2015-03-28] Advanced
Country: Brazil Exchange
Offer: Brasil carimbados , USA carimbados, Hungria , Romenia

Name: Arie Noorland [2015-03-27] Confirmed
Country: Netherlands Exchange
Want: Stamps from your country
Offer: Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, Finland, Norway
Note: 100- 300 per swap

Name: Yves Theriault [2015-03-27] Advanced
Country: Canada Exchange Buy
Want: MNH Canada on my wantlist
Note: I"m looking to find some that of Canada on my wantlist (Unitrade) from 1990 to date. I need around 450 stamps.

Name: Drazen Kladar [2015-03-27] Advanced
Country: Bosnia & Herzegovina Exchange
Want: Mint/FDC-India, Malaysia, HK, Thailand, UK, USA, Canada, Taiwan, China, Egypt, Algeria, Israel, Sri Lanka, Korea, Papua NG, NZ etc.
Offer: WW Mint/FDC-Butterflies, Birds, WWF, Fish, Lighthouses, Fauna, Football, Europe cept, Olympics, Pope, Xmas, Ships, Aircraft etc..

Name: Ralf Kollmann [2015-03-27] Advanced
Country: Germany Exchange Buy
Want: South African Homelands MNH and commercially used covers. Kenya, Tanzania, SAPOA countries MNH/cover
Offer: motives, Jersey, Guernsey, Asia, Germany

Name: Tadeusz Giwerski [2015-03-27] Advanced
Country: Poland Exchange Sell
Want: worldwide mint, thematic stamps:fauna, transport, Pope IJ II, Europa-CEPT
Offer: Poland, Russland, Germany, ex-Jugoslavia, Europa-CEPT

Name: Han Qing [2015-03-26] Confirmed
Country: Malaysia Exchange
Want: Mint stamps from Singapore, Taiwan, England, Canada, USA, Germany, New Zealand, Macau.
Offer: Mint stamps from Malaysia
Note: No wantlist

Name: Gustavo Romanelli [2015-03-26] Confirmed
Country: Argentina Exchange
Want: all countries
Offer: argentine

Name: Christos Petrou [2015-03-25] Advanced
Country: Cyprus Exchange
Want: Malta, Pakistan, Oman, Sri Lanka
Offer: Canada, Switzerland, Soviet Union and some USA, Belgium, Spain
Note: I don"t have stamps of Cyprus

Name: Paramasivan Surendran [2015-03-25] Expert
Country: India Exchange
Want: Australia, England swiss stamps
Offer: india used or mint

Name: Aivars Atholds [2015-03-25] Advanced
Country: Latvia Exchange
Want: ww stamps elephants, penguins, used/mint ww before 1950
Offer: ww stamps

Name: Mujeeb ul Rehman [2015-03-25] Advanced
Country: Pakistan Exchange
Want: A postal cover(not registered) with nice stamps pasted on it, addressed to me.
Offer: A nice letter(not registered) with nice stamps pasted on it from me.
Note: only serious cover collectors wanted. send your address I shall send first

Name: Marco Sciberras [2015-03-25] Confirmed
Country: Malta Exchange
Want: 50 used of a single country.
Offer: 50 Malta used
Note: No CTO"s want list or scans.

Name: Sivam Pattnaik. [2015-03-25] Confirmed
Country: India Exchange
Want: Complete set of MNH Stamps on the themes: Ships, Trains, Airplanes, Cars, Flora & Fauna.
Offer: Complete set of MNH Stamps on different themes from India and Sri Lanka. (2010 to 2015). I will reply all mails.
Note: Send the letters by Registered Post only and I will be donig the same for you.

Name: Victor Makarenko stamp site [2015-03-25] Confirmed
Country: Ukraine Exchange Buy Sell
Want: mint thematic stamps
Offer: mint stamps
Note: Michel Ywert

Name: Jacques Behin [2015-03-24] Confirmed
Country: France Exchange
Want: used commemorative of your country
Offer: used stamps of France, Europa, australia, Africa etc...
Note: 1x1

Name: Martin Berka [2015-03-24] Confirmed
Country: Czech Republic Exchange
Want: USED-Great Britain, Gibraltar, Jersey, Guernsey
Offer: USED- Great Britain, Czech Republic
Note: exchanges with scans!!!!

Name: Murad Qadir [2015-03-24] Confirmed
Country: Pakistan Exchange
Want: Australia, Great Britan, Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man, Malta, Thailand, Iran, Lady Diana, Churchil
Offer: Pakistan, Iran, Australia, Germany, Malta and WW

Name: Antoine Goethals [2015-03-23] Confirmed
Country: Belgium Exchange
Want: Perfins stamps from Great Britain
Offer: Used stamps from Europe, Asia, Africa, America, + thematic (Bird, Fish, Animals, Butterfly)

Name: Gerhard Ottenhoff [2015-03-23] Advanced
Country: Netherlands Exchange
Want: WW before 1900
Offer: WW for 10 different stamps before 1900, 100 diifferent stamps WW

Name: Roger Woithe [2015-03-22] Confirmed
Country: Germany Exchange
Want: Europa until 1950
Offer: Europa until 1950

Name: Arsene Metayer [2015-03-22] Advanced
Country: France Exchange
Want: Send me a nice letter from your country with several stamps on it.
Offer: I give you 5O used stamps collection france

Name: M. Yusuf Fulwala [2015-03-22] Confirmed
Country: India Exchange Sell

Name: Thangkamani Selladurai [2015-03-22] Beginner
Country: Malaysia Exchange
Want: Worldwide
Offer: Malaysia

Name: Martin Hetzel [2015-03-22] Expert
Country: Germany Exchange Buy Sell
Want: Modern Baltic Countires, former USSR countries, Russia
Offer: German, DDR, Berlin, former USSR countries, USSR

Name: Alain Pierron [2015-03-22] Advanced
Country: France No-Exchange Sell
Offer: France mint & used stamps, FDC, perfins, booklets, blocks, quantity packets
Note: Cool price

Name: Helen Damine stamp site [2015-03-22] Advanced
Country: USA Exchange Buy Sell

Name: Herman Alvarez stamp site [2015-03-21] Advanced
Country: Spain Exchange
Want: used stamps world of wildlife, lighthouses, actors and actresses
Offer: thousands of worldwide stamps with images and sorted by countries
Note: I usually change 1x1

Name: Marc Morin [2015-03-21] Advanced
Country: Canada Exchange
Want: Stamps listed on Scott 1-2-3, Countries beginning by letter A up to letter I. Preference for used, but I take NH also. Some topics: Disney, Royal family, JF Kennedy, Europa and Olympics.
Offer: Stamps from around the world (used, H and NH). I have offer list and want list available. Many SS.
Note: No CTO please. I use Scott catalogue for world and Unitrade for Canada

Name: Manea Mirel [2015-03-21] Advanced
Country: Romania Exchange Sell
Want: France, Portugal, Austria , Germany , Spain ...
Offer: mint and used Romania , Moldova

Name: Kazuo Noguchi [2015-03-21] Advanced
Country: Japan Exchange
Want: recent used Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech, Lithuania, Belarus, Cyprus, Guernsey, Jersey and other small countries
Offer: recent used WW
Note: 50-300 stamps(1:1) a letter. no scan & want list

Name: Drouet Philatelie stamp site [2015-03-21] Expert
Country: France Exchange
Want: world packets
Offer: packets banknotes kiloware
Note: looking for packets and banknotes from any countries

Name: Dave Hartnell [2015-03-21] Expert
Country: New Zealand No-Exchange
Want: philatelic covers address to me from around the world
Offer: philatelic covers address to you from new zealand
Note: no stamps swap


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