Name: Janet Hampton stamp site [2014-04-23] Expert
Country: UK No-Exchange Buy Sell
Want: Mint GB stamps
Offer: Mint GB stamps

Name: Tom Bean [2014-04-22] Confirmed
Country: Canada Exchange
Want: World used
Offer: World used, Canada &USA
Note: Older Brazil used 1960",

Name: Marian Dabrowski [2014-04-22] Advanced
Country: Poland Exchange
Want: Israel,Turkey,Greece,Czec
Offer: DDR,CSRR,ZSRR, Poland,Japan,Israel, Australia,Canada,USA
Note: swapping 100

Name: Alf Lambetsen [2014-04-22] Advanced
Country: France Exchange
Want: used stamps from USA 2005-2014
Offer: used stamps from France
Note: used wantlist

Name: Yuri Hakopian [2014-04-22] Advanced
Country: Armenia Exchange
Want: MNH stamps in perfect condition on Fossils, Dinosaurs, Prehistoric men, Rock painting
Offer: MNH stamps Armenia (1992-2014), USSR, Russia (1994) and WW stamps on different topics
Note: Only serious collectors. Only registered letters.

Name: Katrina Duchesse [2014-04-22] Advanced
Country: Argentina Exchange
Want: used by list need from denmark,norway,spain,italy,iceland,ireland,monaco,san marino until 2006 and theme europa.
Offer: used from my country argentina by list need.
Note: basis value catalogue michel or yvert.

Name: Helge Skau [2014-04-22] Confirmed
Country: Denmark Exchange
Want: Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Haiti...&other Latin America after 1980 postally used-also China, Macau, Hong Kong & Africa
Offer: European countries & Australia
Note: Better for better-prefer 100 or more per letter

Name: Djeghri Memdouh [2014-04-22] Advanced
Country: Algeria Exchange
Want: CHESS , TRAINS and MUSIC mint Stamps in Complete sets
Offer: Chess , Fauna , Flora and Sports mint Stamps in Complete sets
Note: Sending is by registred letter exchange by 1/1

Name: Chris Christo [2014-04-22] Advanced
Country: Canada Exchange
Want: Used Egypt 1981-2013 Turkey 1996-2013
Offer: Australia
Note: I can trade in large numbers also. You send first.

Name: Khawaja Asad [2014-04-22] Beginner
Country: Pakistan Exchange
Want: Asian,Afrian,& Worldwide Snall Islands Stamps
Offer: European,African Countries Stamps.
Note: I will Not Send You First.

Name: Dave Hartnell [2014-04-22] Expert
Country: New Zealand No-Exchange
Want: world wide covers ONLY address to me
Offer: covers ONLY address to you from new zealand

Name: Minhaz Leon [2014-04-21] Confirmed
Country: Sweden Exchange
Want: WW used stamps with duplicate
Offer: Sweden, New Zealand,Argentina,Brazil,other EU countries
Note: No want list, send picture of the stamps, 150-150 or 200-200 basis.

Name: John Samuel stamp site [2014-04-21] Advanced
Country: Sri Lanka No-Exchange Sell

Name: Markus Soja [2014-04-21] Confirmed
Country: Germany Exchange
Want: 100, 200 or more stamps from all over the world
Offer: 100, 200 or more german used stamps = BRD

Name: Edouard Vorontsov [2014-04-21] Advanced
Country: Russia Exchange
Want: Mint complete sets FAUNA(except home animals)
Offer: Mint complete sets 1.WWF,FAUNA,other topics - different countries. 2.RUSSIA 1992 - 2014 - any topics.
Note: Exchange to base MICHEL catalog. Only registered letters.

Name: Lindsey Nechelput [2014-04-21] Advanced
Country: Belgium Exchange
Want: Africa, South and Latin American, Asia, Tropical islands, Antarctic territories,Island, Aland
Offer: World wide, Send me message.
Note: I can work with scans

Name: Marko Simonic [2014-04-21] Confirmed
Country: Slovenia Exchange
Want: used w.w.stamps from tiny, exotic islands/countries
Offer: used w.w.stamps--no special themes,wantlist
Note: I reply 100%! Welcome are pals from out of Europe.

Name: Sven Elfving [2014-04-21] Confirmed
Country: Sweden Exchange Sell
Want: banknotes,perfins, recent lots from any country)
Offer: Recent sweden or scandinavia.
Note: Any wantlists welcome. Have mint 1950-1990 for trade/sale

Name: Marc Ramon stamp site [2014-04-20] Advanced
Country: Spain Exchange
Want: 100 diferent used stamps your country (No CTO) in good conditions
Offer: 20 tickets Spanish lottery
Note: I don"t send first

Name: Klemen Cernic [2014-04-20] Confirmed
Country: Slovenia Exchange
Want: Pen-friend like correspodence with Montenegro. You send me a letter with nice stamps on envelope and I will send you
Offer: back a letter with nice Montenegrin stamps. More info on my mail.

Name: Lech Stanislaw Jasiak [2014-04-20] Confirmed
Country: Finland Exchange
Want: EUROPA 2014 and older
Offer: Europa 2014 from Finland, Poland and Aland Isl. Mint and on envelope.
Note: Remember on May mostly are coming Europa theme stamps.

Name: John Nicholls [2014-04-20] Confirmed
Country: UK Exchange
Want: 100;usa,germany,netherland ,used
Offer: 100:100 GB used
Note: exchange 100:100 used

Name: Rajesh Khubchandani [2014-04-20] Beginner
Country: India No-Exchange Sell
Offer: india, indonesia, kenya, uganda, tanzania, sultanate of oman, canada, ceylon, japan, china, bahrain, dominica, ceskoslovensko, gibraltar, europa, ghana,grenada,cuba, dubai,kuwait hong kong, fiji,ddr
Note: Hello, I have a great collection of stamps which are more than 5 decades old and from around the world.

Name: Willy Constant [2014-04-20] Advanced
Country: Netherlands Exchange
Want: ww used or mint, stamps,sheets,FDC
Offer: ww used or mint, stamps,sheets,FDC

Name: Venir Gianfranco [2014-04-20] Confirmed
Country: Italy No-Exchange
Want: Only serious collectors and no time wasters.
Offer: I organize since 2003 exchange of addresses of ww. collectors with circuits to collect nice covers or/ and stamps.

Name: Gerda Crols [2014-04-20] Confirmed
Country: Belgium Exchange
Want: used stamps from France,Portugal,Spain,Italy and Greece
Offer: Belgium stamps
Note: France ( wantlist yvert ) portugal ( wantlist afinsa ) the other country"s michel .Only complete series or simple stamps

Name: Stefano Angelelli stamp site [2014-04-20] Advanced
Country: Italy Exchange
Want: Italy,Australia,New Zealand
Offer: Worldwide (on scan)
Note: I like swap only by scan, visit my album on gogle+

Name: Gag Jean-charles [2014-04-20] Confirmed
Country: France Exchange Buy
Want: used worldwide with wantlists or scans
Offer: used worldwide
Note: I work with the Scott, Michel, Stanley Gibbons and Yvert catalogues.

Name: Frank Garmon [2014-04-20] Confirmed
Country: USA Exchange
Want: Used Worldwide (no CTO, damaged stamps, or definitives please)
Offer: Used USA, Canada
Note: I do not have recent stamps from USA or Canada

Name: Cedric Kuntz stamp site [2014-04-19] Confirmed
Country: France Exchange
Want: Worldwide stamps especially Africa, Asia and South America
Note: 1x1 exchange with scans only, thank you

Name: Ianto Williams [2014-04-19] Advanced
Country: UK Exchange
Want: pre decimal gb stamps (Please say which ones)
Offer: 2 Gb stamps (declaired) for every 1.

Name: Walter Kraehenmann [2014-04-19] Confirmed
Country: Switzerland Exchange
Want: Austria used (current stamps inclused)
Offer: Switzerland and Liechtenstein
Note: current stamps ad valuta, other used stamps Michel

Name: Carsten Spanke [2014-04-18] Confirmed
Country: Germany Exchange
Want: 100 x different, used stamps of your country
Offer: 100 x different, used stamps of germany
Note: Prefer mostly Austria, Brazil, Canada, but everybody from every country can change with me

Name: Joseph Transylvania [2014-04-18] Advanced
Country: Romania Exchange
Want: banknotes and postcards(according to my topics).
Offer: large w.w. stock of used and mint stamps before 1960s
Note: If interested drop a line with your proposal.

Name: Frank Brady [2014-04-18] Confirmed
Country: Ireland Exchange
Want: 50 commemoratives
Offer: 50 commemoratives
Note: This is a simple exchange . You send 50 I will send you 50

Name: Jim Martin [2014-04-18] Beginner
Country: Canada Exchange
Want: Stamps with Maps, UK, USA, Kenya, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Western Europe,
Offer: Canada, US, UK, Australia NZ some European
Note: 1 for 1 comm for comm def for def, exchange scans of stamps first

Name: Yuan Wen [2014-04-17] Advanced
Country: China Exchange Buy Sell
Want: Seek the agent right of stamps. Looking for business cooperation with stamp dealers worldwide.
Offer: need long term cooperation.

Name: Sunil Mathew [2014-04-17] Confirmed
Country: India Exchange Sell
Want: All South American, All African, Israel
Offer: India

Name: Ya Dong Miao [2014-04-17] Advanced
Country: China Exchange Buy Sell
Want: Thematic mint stamps, S/S, minisheets, booklets, postal stationery, postcards, covers, banknotes and coins etc from world wide.
Offer: Stamps, S/S, minisheets, booklets, FDC, postal stationery, postcards, covers, banknotes and coins etc from China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and many countries.

Name: Wang Jing [2014-04-17] Advanced
Country: China Exchange Buy Sell
Want: worldwide mnh stamps and ms/ss in full sets.
Offer: mnh stamps and ms/ss of prchina,hongkong,macao,taiwan and worldwdie. Huge stamps of WWF,fauna,etc .
Note: use face value,Michel or Scott. No send first.No 1:1.

Name: Juan Sala [2014-04-16] Advanced
Country: Spain Exchange
Want: Used recent stamps of South America countries
Offer: Used stamps Spain and world wide

Name: Johnny Lowis stamp site [2014-04-16] Advanced
Country: Singapore Exchange
Want: Thematic stamps on Horses, Goat and AirMail labels from your country. Please browse
Offer: I can offer 50 used stamps from Asian countries.

Name: Mikhail Liaskovich [2014-04-16] Confirmed
Country: Belarus Exchange
Want: used ww
Offer: used ww
Note: 50:50 or 100:100


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