Name: Mohammed Al-shirwani stamp site [2017-09-20] Advanced
Country: Iraq Exchange Buy Sell
Want: Germany, Switzerland, France, Lichtenstein, Denmark, Norway, Finland, CEPT Europe & Greece
Offer: Iraq
Note: I may also offer from my other stamps stock

Name: Davor Gradinski [2017-09-19] Confirmed
Country: Croatia Exchange
Want: West Europa countries including Ex YU countries, Turkey, Cyprus, Malta....
Offer: Croatia (inc.very recent cancelled stamps), Bosnia(all three)...West Europa, Australia, Canada.
Note: Swapping through wantlists please

Name: Rade Skaro stamp site [2017-09-19] Advanced
Country: Croatia Exchange
Want: Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, DDR, USSR, Poland and Yugoslavia Stamps mint or used, FDCs and BLOCKS, all until 1990.
Offer: The same, plus stamps mainly from West Europa and USA. From modern human liberal capitalism countries.
Note: Michel catalog or scans or you can suggest something. Happy collecting.

Name: Shiu Fai Tang [2017-09-19] Confirmed
Country: Canada Exchange
Want: Used stamps from West Europe countries, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, British Commonwealth, Asia and Far East
Offer: Worldwide in good condition
Note: Prefer to trade 225-450 per letter no CTO wantlist and scan

Name: Ismail Toksabay [2017-09-19] Advanced
Country: Turkey Exchange Buy Sell
Want: recent stamps of western european countries
Offer: recent stamps of western europe countries
Note: i exchange on Michel cat for all europe countries except for france i use yvert.

Name: Eldrin Daniels [2017-09-19] Confirmed
Country: India No-Exchange Sell
Offer: 1100 stamps of around 50 countries
Note: offers/ quotations would not bind or oblige us (sellers) as to any commitment in any way whatsoever

Name: Ricardo Kamerling [2017-09-18] Confirmed
Country: Argentina Exchange
Want: mint (mnh) by want lists from Belgium, Caribean Is., jugoslavia and Spain.
Offer: mint (mnh) from Argentina.
Note: Only by registered letters.

Name: Thomas Menter [2017-09-18] Advanced
Country: Germany Exchange
Want: Used stamps from Argentina, Chile, South Africa
Offer: Used stamps from Germany (BRD up to 2017, DDR, Berlin), Austria and Switzerland (up to 2010)
Note: I prefer to exchange by catalogue-based wantlist (Argentina South Africa) for Chile 1x1 would be possible

Name: Carlos A Reis [2017-09-17] Confirmed
Country: Brazil Exchange
Want: South Africa Mint stamps 2010-2017
Offer: Brazil and WW topical
Note: want serious exchange

Name: Herman Alvarez stamp site [2017-09-17] Advanced
Country: Spain Exchange
Want: Used Wildlife Ww Stamps, Lighthouses & Film Actors
Offer: Thousands of ww stamps ordered by countries and with images
Note: change 1x1 with images

Name: Olexandre Myxap [2017-09-17] Advanced
Country: Ukraine Exchange
Want: mint thematics Europe, Asia, America, Africa, Oceania, look for friends-collectors in any countries
Offer: mint Ukraine 2015-2017 and some other countries
Note: exchange by Michel-catalogue

Name: Ludmila Smirnova [2017-09-17] Advanced
Country: United Kingdom Exchange
Want: 50 stamps from Scandinavian Countries, Greece, Baltic, Bosnia, some other countries by agreement. from 2010 - to current Please no CTO, FDC. 80 Christmas stamps from your country 2000 till current
Offer: 100 stamps from GB up 2000. 80 Christmas stamps till current.

Name: Winifred Kwan [2017-09-17] Confirmed
Country: Hong Kong Exchange
Want: Finland, Sweden, Macau, Portugal, Germany
Offer: Finland, Germany, Australia
Note: i like to get used stamps no wantlist

Name: Nikos Gousgounis [2017-09-17] Advanced
Country: Greece Exchange
Want: Sports, labor, education, medicine, military, cars, ships, trains, fauna
Offer: Recent Greek stamps after the year 2000
Note: Exchange in 100/100 basis. No wantlists possible scans

Name: Aldo Lo Giudice [2017-09-16] Confirmed
Country: Italy Exchange
Want: 150 head queen GB definitives
Offer: 50 LARGE commemorative ITALY

Name: Adriano Bearzatto [2017-09-16] Beginner
Country: Italy No-Exchange Sell
Want: 25 euro
Offer: 1000 used italy stamps
Note: only sell

Name: Robert Delacroix [2017-09-16] Confirmed
Country: France Exchange
Want: 100 Used large stamps from South America
Offer: 100 Used large stamps from Western Europe
Note: No CTO PLease. No Wantlist. Only large stamps. Thanks.

Name: Juan Schnyder [2017-09-16] Beginner
Country: Uruguay Exchange
Want: World wide, 100 or 200
Offer: World wide, 100 or 200
Note: No wantlista no catalogues no tematic

Name: John Samuel stamp site [2017-09-15] Advanced
Country: Sri Lanka No-Exchange Sell
Note: ALL ITEMS OFFERED AT A REASONABLE PRICE (Dealers Pl contact me for special discounts on latest issues)

Name: Cristin Ballad [2017-09-15] Beginner
Country: Philippines No-Exchange Sell
Want: Philippines
Offer: More stamp
Note: I have more stamp and i want to sell it .if your interrested just message me in my fb acount . Thank you . Cristinballad

Name: Tharanga Wanigaarachchi [2017-09-15] Beginner
Country: Sri Lanka No-Exchange Sell
Want: sell
Offer: used sri lanka stamps
Note: 50 stamps = 5 USD

Name: Joseph Koebel [2017-09-15] Confirmed
Country: USA Exchange
Want: South america, China, Japan, World Wide
Offer: USA, Germany, Russia, World wide
Note: Prefer to trade 100 or 200 per trade.


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