Name: Geoff Cosson [2014-10-24] Advanced
Country: Cyprus Exchange
Want: Stamps from IRELAND
Offer: Used stamps from Cyprus, Greece, France, Australia, GB & others
Note: I can use want lists or scans for exchanges

Name: Boris Shafir [2014-10-23] Advanced
Country: USA Exchange Sell
Want: MNH ** stamps of BAT, France, FSAT, Falkland Is, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Vatican, Papua NG, S. Georgia
Offer: MNH stamps of that countries, also Caribbean Is, Oceania, Canada , USA, topic fauna, flora, scouts, space, sport.
Note: Exchanges by want and/ or offer list Scott or Michel based

Name: Tom Bean [2014-10-23] Confirmed
Country: Canada Exchange
Want: Used world
Offer: Used world
Note: 100 : 100

Name: Lior Eilon [2014-10-23] Advanced
Country: Israel Exchange
Want: recent commemorative stamps from all over the world
Offer: recent commemorative stamps from all over the world

Name: Janet Hampton stamp site [2014-10-23] Expert
Country: UK No-Exchange Buy Sell
Want: uk United Kigdom
Offer: UK United Kingdom
Note: Wish to buy and sell unmounted mint stamps

Name: Valeryi Mucha [2014-10-23] Confirmed
Country: Ukraine Exchange
Want: гашеные марки всего мира полные серии без манколиста
Offer: гашеные марки разных стран мира
Note: желательно обмен за раз 200-500марок

Name: Julio Ferrer [2014-10-23] Confirmed
Country: Spain Exchange
Want: Japan, Andorra, Spanish colonies, Spain before 1955 and.... WW stamps.
Offer: WW stamps, most of them from Spain and France.
Note: I porefer to trade with SCANS. If not we can check other options.

Name: Nikolay Kolev [2014-10-22] Confirmed
Country: Bulgaria Exchange
Want: Recent years used stamps from Malta
Offer: WW used stamps - mix or by countries (mostly from West Europe)
Note: prefer by Michel / Stampworld catalogues value

Name: Renato Volonte [2014-10-22] Beginner
Country: Italy Exchange Sell
Offer: COLLEZIONE cssr-completa al 99% nuovi

Name: Ignaz Brunner [2014-10-22] Advanced
Country: Germany Exchange
Want: Germany mint/used, GDR mint, many countries West Europe mint, also used for other partners,
Offer: the same, Reich; blocks, sheets, topics, worldwide...
Note: only per want lists (Michel) only partners in Europe

Name: Mahdi Falahi [2014-10-22] Confirmed
Country: Iran Exchange
Want: mint stamp or sheet from geology & oil & gas and mining from all of the world
Offer: on basies 1:1

Name: Sebastien Falcor [2014-10-21] Confirmed
Country: France Exchange
Want: commemorative stamps of the world used or new , + banknotes
Offer: commemorative stamps of france and world
Note: 1 for 1

Name: Laurent Bossard [2014-10-21] Advanced
Country: France Exchange
Want: used Italy
Offer: used France
Note: by wantlist based on Yvert & Tellier

Name: Steve Unger [2014-10-21] Advanced
Country: USA Exchange Buy
Want: I want to buy USED Chile stamps that I need to complete my
Offer: collection. I will pay full Scott catalog value for select items In
Note: very fine condition. Please contact me direct for my want list.

Name: Nolan Monje [2014-10-21] Expert
Country: Cuba Exchange Sell
Want: all the countries of america, europe, asia
Offer: cuba, used or mint
Note: contesto 100% Answer 100 %

Name: Vorok Kiranti [2014-10-21] Advanced
Country: Nepal Exchange
Want: Mint stamps - Sports, Flora-Fauna Worldwide.
Offer: Mint/used Worldwide.
Note: Exchnage by want list. I don"t send first.

Name: Yurij Danilov [2014-10-21] Advanced
Country: Ukraine Exchange
Want: mint stamps (MNH) from Finland, Sweden
Offer: mint stamps from Ukraine

Name: Slim Ben Jrad [2014-10-21] Confirmed
Country: Tunisia Exchange
Want: stamps from norway italy canada LARGE SIZE and any old banknotes
Note: 1/1 only large no CTO and 30 stamps for 1 banknote

Name: Sathish Kumar Gopalsamy [2014-10-21] Confirmed
Country: India No-Exchange
Offer: painting, sports, flora, fauna, ancient

Name: Victor Iljin [2014-10-21] Advanced
Country: Russia Exchange
Want: Mint stamps fauna, fauna. Also ww used stamps.
Offer: Mint and used stamps fro Russia, USSR, Chehoslovakia and etc.

Name: Andy Brittain [2014-10-21] Advanced
Country: Australia Exchange
Want: GB, South Africa, USA. Canada, Channel Is, Germany, NZ, used
Offer: Australia, NZ, South Africa, Canada, GB.
Note: Exchange on 1:1 basis by wish list only.

Name: Lech Jasiak [2014-10-21] Confirmed
Country: Finland Exchange Buy
Want: EUROPA-CEPT theme mint:stamps, sets, m/sheets, booklets, maxi-cards, stationery
Offer: Finland 2009 - 2014 mint , Aland almost all yrs.
Note: I can take also new issues from European countries. Exchange on face value.

Name: Peter Hall [2014-10-20] Confirmed
Country: UK Exchange
Want: 50 Worldwide stamps
Offer: 100 definitives from different countries

Name: Cedric Kuntz [2014-10-20] Confirmed
Country: France No-Exchange
Want: Almost worldwide countries, especially Asia, Africa and South America (used or mint)
Offer: France and WW, you can find my duplicate here:
Note: Only 1x1 exchange with scans/photos please

Name: Dominique Delval [2014-10-20] Confirmed
Country: Belgium Exchange
Want: 100 different large used www stamps( or from your country)
Offer: 100 different used european stamps
Note: Not small stamps and in good quality

Name: John Bean [2014-10-19] Confirmed
Country: Australia Exchange

Name: Jozef Barčák [2014-10-19] Advanced
Country: Slovakia Exchange
Want: Used postage stamps from your country.
Offer: Used stamps Slovakia.
Note: Exchange of 50:50 no wantlist.

Name: Sanath Amaratunge [2014-10-19] Beginner
Country: Sri Lanka Exchange
Want: Ceylon/Srilanka Mint and Used before 2008
Offer: Srilanka Mint after 2010.
Note: Only commemorative STAMPS. Exchange only. No Damages Pls.1 to 1 exchange basis

Name: Mirko Armbrust [2014-10-19] Confirmed
Country: Croatia Exchange Sell
Want: used:western Europian countries, Scandinavia, Australia, USA / mint:thematic stamps
Offer: used:same as above / mint:thematic stamps
Note: use Michel katalog can send phonecards lottery tickets match boxes labels pocket calendars.....

Name: Willy constant [2014-10-19] Advanced
Country: Netherlands Exchange
Want: worldwide used/mint stamps/sheets FDC
Offer: worldwide used or mint stamps/sheets/FDC

Name: Konon Pankratovich [2014-10-19] Confirmed
Country: Ukraine Exchange
Want: Turkey
Offer: Ukraine stamps + former USSR

Name: Calin Iosif [2014-10-18] Advanced
Country: Romania Exchange
Want: postcards on certain topics.maybe coins or banknotes.
Offer: w.w. coins, stamps and postcards. Also some banknotes
Note: If interested drop a line with your proposal.

Name: Petri Haapala [2014-10-18] Beginner
Country: Finland Exchange
Want: 5 different worldwide coins
Offer: 100 different used stamps from Finland

Name: Brandon Beeman [2014-10-18] Beginner
Country: USA Exchange
Want: 10 mint world wide stamps or 5 souvenir sheets
Offer: in exchange for 100 used worldwide stamp

Name: Ute Stewert [2014-10-18] Beginner
Country: Germany Exchange
Want: Stamps from island, Monaco, Vatican, San Marino, different shaped stamps, used only
Offer: stamps from Germany and Canada, worldwide airmail labels, old ones from the 80s also, banknotes and postcards
Note: no scan please

Name: Heinz Schindler [2014-10-18] Advanced
Country: Germany Exchange
Want: European and South America 1900-2010 used and commemorative
Offer: European, and any WW used.
Note: Not damaged not catalog and scans. In letter 100-100 stamps

Name: Janusz Placzek [2014-10-17] Expert
Country: Poland Exchange
Want: Mint complete issues: John Paul II, fauna, orchids, fire brigade, trains, Chopin, Copernic, Curie.
Offer: Mint NH:Poland, Russia, Ukraina, Belarus, Lithuania, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, North Korea, Mongolia, China.
Note: Base of exchange catalogue Michel or agreement.

Name: Jonas Prielaida [2014-10-17] Advanced
Country: Lithuania Exchange

Name: Maxim Rosario [2014-10-17] Confirmed
Country: France Exchange
Want: stamps of world (new or used )
Offer: stamps of my country and world
Note: 50 or 150 stamps

Name: Frank Brady [2014-10-17] Beginner
Country: Ireland Exchange
Want: iceland , liechtenstein, monaco, andorra,
Offer: i have a long list of countries on offer . i will e-mail these to all who are interested. mostly used stamps
Note: all my countries on offer list have 50 stamps so i would like 50 from the country that you have on offer

Name: Sivam Pattnaik [2014-10-17] Confirmed
Country: India Exchange
Want: Mint stamps and miniature sheets on Ships and Boats, Flora & Fauna, Sports, Space.
Offer: Mint stamps and Miniature sheets on Flora & Fauna, Sports, Cinema & Music.
Note: Send only By Registered Post.


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